Preparing for the Holidays with the Perfect Gallery Wall by Framebridge

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start preparing. Gifts have to be bought, houses have to be cleaned; you want everything to be perfect down to the last detail. It is possible that you have stood in the center of your house looking around and thinking of all the nooks and crannies you thought you would have gotten around to decorating this year. Well, you are in luck. It is not too late, and it is actually almost as easy to orchestrate as it is to make your own pumpkin pie. For a lovely addition to your home or even the perfect and sentimental gift this special season, look no further than Framebridge.


Likely, you have seen them pop up on at least one of your social media news feeds, and if you frequent Pinterest it is almost impossible that you haven’t stumbled upon Framebridge. They are a custom framing company located in Washington, DC that takes your art and precious memories and designs frames around them to make them uniquely yours. This company has been praised in The Washington Post, Glamour, and Vogue (just to name a few) as hassle-free and sophisticated with great customer service.

Susan Tynan, the founder and CEO, started the company after spending an arm and a leg getting some special prints framed. “I started Framebridge… to make custom framing easy on you and your wallet,” says Tynan, “Our mission is to make it easy for you to tell your story by framing the things you love. We hope you have a home or office that is personal to you and reflects the things that make you happy.”

The Beauty of a Gallery Wall

Families everywhere know the importance of capturing the special moments of their growing families and children. The spirit of the holidays creates the perfect environment for not only remembering but also cherishing those moments that seem to go all too fast. A gallery wall is a great addition to your home decor and can be used as a simple yet elegant focal point in your home to showcase some of life’s most special moments. You can capture the true personality of your family and showcase it for all to see. And the best part? If photos aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other things you can frame.

Consider framing:

  • Artwork
  • Children’s Art
  • Old or current jerseys
  • Postcards
  • Old wedding photos
  • A collection of photo strips from past events or weddings
  • Matchbooks
  • Maps
  • Architectural prints
  • Sketches


At Framebridge, you truly can frame just about anything, from your most recent Instagram post to your favorite team’s jersey. If you don’t have a picture online you can ship one to them (for free) and they will build the frame around your existing print. You get to choose from dozens of beautiful mats and frames that vary in shape, size, and color so you can get exactly what you want.

If you have no clue where to start, you can work with a designer for free! All you have to do is answer a few questions about your design style (i.e. wood color and classic or modern design) and they will show you their framing choice. If you don’t like it, you can always start over! Plus you don’t have to worry about shipping; every order ships free, no matter how large or how far it’s going.

The Perfect Gift

Surely a gallery wall would be a great addition to your home before you begin hosting guests for the holidays. However, framed photos also make the perfect gift. There is hardly anything that evokes more feelings than seeing special moments or pieces framed to be hung and cherished. If you are shopping for someone who seems difficult to gift you can NEVER go wrong with custom framing. Everyone from parents to grandparents, siblings to friends are all the perfect candidate for the perfect framed piece. Think about what they love and frame it up for them to be displayed for years to come. Afraid that you just can’t choose? You don’t even have to pick a frame for them – if you want them to make their own unique piece you can gift them a frame or a gift certificate.

One of the many amazing things about Framebridge is their wide selection of frames. They offer something for everyone from their antiqued silver frame known as The Newport to the warm wood of The Sonoma. Two of our favorites here at Daily Mom are The Concord mixed with The Bolton. While The Bolton offers more of a masculine and industrial feel it lends itself to being pretty universal and truly stands out and becomes slightly more feminine when paired with The Bolton and its orange undertones.

With the holidays just around the corner you want to start getting your house ready now. Your guests would surely gush over any of the gorgeous work from Framebridge. Anything that you get will be sure to stand out to everyone.

And if you need a gift idea, look no further! You’ll be the best gift giver of the season by giving your family and friends a custom frame surrounding their favorite memory or artwork.

Nowadays, it seems that framing companies are flooding the market. This holiday season you can rest assured that Framebridge isn’t just another company trying to make a quick buck. They are here to help you bring your memories to life with quality work that you can actually afford. Their custom made frames not only look beautiful, but they protect your artwork as well so you can enjoy it for years to come.

If you cannot wait any longer to start on the gallery wall of your dreams, then you are in luck! For Daily Mom Readers only: 15% off your first Framebridge purchase with code DAILYMOM15


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