12 Things for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ever

If you are lucky enough to have your service member home with you this Valentine’s Day, then you might be getting ready to plan the most romantic Valentine’s Day date. Daily Mom Military found the perfect items to create the best Valentine’s Day date for you and your spouse — the dress, the jewelry, the makeup, and even some fun ideas for when you get home (wink, wink). Check it all out below.

The Outfit

No matter what you have planned for your special night out, you will want to create the perfect look. We have some of our favorite looks for your romantic Valentine’s Day date, including a sexy and sophisticated dress and the perfect accessories to go along with it.

The Dress with Maraley

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of a week this year, there’s no need to make a quick change at the house before your fancy dinner date. Instead, make an entrance coming straight from the office in this regal, Maraley forest green dress.
12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever
The Queen Anne neckline is sure to turn heads. With criss­cross embroidery flattering every curve, this dress will make you shine out on the town and maintain authority and confidence in the workplace.

Buy Maraley’s Regally Right Forest Green Dress for $199.

The Bag with Ora Delphine

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

If there is anything true about every woman out there, it’s that she loves a good bag. The new Cora Satchel in rose by Ora Delphine is perfect for Valentine’s Day and the separate compartments make it easy to keep everything organized (think: one side for mom life and another side for adult life). It can be carried as a tote or as a cross-body bag with the convertible straps, and the luxurious and soft leather is the perfect way to say, “You deserve this,” this Valentine’s Day.

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

The Cora Ora Delphine satchel is perfect for both every day use and a spicy night out. It is big enough to hold snacks for the kids, but also luxurious enough to take out on those ever-elusive date nights. Nothing will make you feel more special than a brand new luxury bag this Valentine’s Day. Because — let’s face it — military spouses are worthy of something amazing.

Buy the Cora Ora Delphine Satchel in Rose for $349.

The Earrings with Luca + Danni12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Everyone will take notice of your sparkle in these stunning drop earrings from American jewelers, Luca + Danni. These lovely pieces would accent both a ball gown and mom uniform alike! They come in several colors, but we love light rose for Valentine’s Day. Each earring is handcrafted in .925 sterling silver and made with custom coated Swarovski crystals. They even come in a signature ready-for-gifting box, which makes these beauties an obvious choice when shopping for those special ladies in your life or to get for yourself for the perfect night out.12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Buy the Sterling Silver Willow Earrings from Luca + Danni for $88.

Getting Ready

You’ve got your entire outfit ready, and the day has finally come for your romantic Valentine’s Day date. We have just what you need to get yourself looking and feeling your best before you head out the door.

Your Skin with Bel Essence Beauty

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

The skin is our largest organ, and it requires the right nutrition to function properly. Bel Essence skincare builds each of its products with this goal at the forefront. Their hydrating creams and renewing treatments are based on the science that whole, natural ingredients are what’s best for skin health. Each product combines a unique blend of natural plant oils (up to 13 in one formulation) which supercharges the skin’s natural ability to rebuild and recover from the effects of environmental damage and aging. Bel Essence is committed to delivering the highest performance hydration and rejuvenation without the use of animal testing, parabens, or sulfates.

Buy the Bel Essence skincare line starting at $38.

Your Hair with Number 4 Hair Care12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

This stunning set of salon-quality products from Number 4 Hair Care are a must-have for the jet-setting babe in your life. They are a major upgrade from the sad little travel products you are used to seeing. The shampoo and conditioner are highly concentrated, which make these compact cuties last way longer than you’d imagine. The body lotion is a lovely pick-me-up for the skin. Floral and patchouli notes accent all three, which makes for an indulgent shower experience, and the combination is perfect for getting you looking and feeling your best before your romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Buy Number 4 Hair Care I (Heart) Hydrate Hair system for $20.

Your Makeup with Dawes Custom Cosmetics

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

You have the dress and the jewelry. Your hair looks fly and your skin is glowing like a Greek goddess. Now you need something to get your makeup on point. What is better than getting custom shades of lipgloss and lipstick that are perfect for your skin tone and your romantic date night out? Dawes Custom Cosmetics offers custom or ready-made cosmetics to create the perfect shade just for you. With a variety of base colors and your choice of sheen and finish, you will have the look you want in a matter of minutes. What an amazing way to top off the perfect look to your romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Create your custom lip color with Dawes Custom Cosmetics starting at $37.

Keep it Going at Home

You looked fabulous throughout your romantic Valentine’s Day date. Your dress was perfect, you sparkled in your accessories, and your beauty products had you feeling like your best self. Now it’s time to go home and unwind, but the party doesn’t have to stop there. Check out some of our favorite things to do at home with your partner on this special night of love. 

Get Comfy with a Robe from Luxor Linens

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Luxor Linens brings the luxury of the spa right to your home. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with an elegant, lightweight bathrobe! Choose from 100 percent Egyptian cotton or plush microfiber. The Rebecca Kimono is perfect for when you are just coming home after a fun-filled date night to snuggle up and get comfy while you enjoy some extra time with your partner. Custom monogramming is available, too.

Buy the Rebecca Kimono for $79.

Break Out the Treats with Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

There’s nothing more romantic after a fun night out than getting him something that will make him laugh and show just how well you know him. Allow us to introduce the Crazy for You Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings! Your valentine definitely won’t expect it, but he will absolutely love it (and possibly share it with you). With your choice of dark or milk chocolate, your pizza comes topped with toffee and heart-shaped candies and arrives in a custom pizza box. Pair that with the perfectly balanced salty and sweet ruffle chips covered in peanut butter and your choice of chocolate, and you’re sure to have a winner!

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Customize your order from Chocolate Pizza for $33.90.

Play a Fun Game with Bundle

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

To commemorate how far you have come through the ups and downs of marriage, Bundle is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This personalized game allows you to surprise your significant other with a game that is all about your relationship. Choose the couple bundle and complete the bundle blueprint questionnaire to personalize your game with questions detailing your favorite memories. Bundle is a sweet, reminiscent gift that will leave you laughing for years.

Buy a personalized Bundle for $60.

Spice Things Up with Spicy Lingerie

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Would it really be Valentine’s Day with no mention of sexy lingerie? We think not. Spicy Lingerie offers sexy, risqué, and even some more conservative lingerie options for this Valentine’s Day. Whether your valentine is buying it for you or you’re buying it as a gift from you to your valentine, no Valentine’s Day is really complete without a little lovemaking. This Red High Waisted Bra set is sexy yet subtle. The satin push up bra gives the girls a little lift while the on-trend high waisted garter belt and matching panty complete the look. Spice things up this Valentine’s Day with a little something you can (and will want to) throw on the floor.

Buy the Red High Waisted Bra set from Spicy Lingerie for $31.95.

Get Touchy Feely with Sun God Medicinals CBD Massage Oils

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

If you could put sleep in a box and gift it, we would scale mountains for it. Make that dream a reality this Valentine’s Day with Sun God Medicinals CBD oils. These 100-percent natural hemp oils are infused with various essentials oils to help relieve ailments. Use the Hypnos Massage Oil to improve sleep or the Hercules Massage Oil to ease muscle tension. At the end of your romantic Valentine’s Day date, simply swap bottles with your spouse, open, massage, and…well, you can probably figure it out from there!

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever

Buy the Hypnos Sleep Hemp Massage Oil for $30 or the Hercules Muscle Ease Hemp Massage Oil for $30.

The Morning After with the EasyR Home Pour Over Brewer

12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date EverAs a parent, caffeine is oftentimes necessary for function, so giving a coffeemaker for gourmet coffee at home is a loving gesture. The EasyR Home Pour Over Brewer allows for pour-over coffee at home to help you feel revived after your romantic Valentine’s Day date. Using a reusable stainless-steel filter, the coffeemaker allows you to make 14 ounces of coffee. The black neoprene custom cover protects the glass pitcher and your hands from getting burned, while the 3-millimeter-thick glass makes the carafe sturdy. Quick, flavorful coffee within minutes — this is the ideal gift for the coffee lover, the sleep-deprived, and the caffeine fiend.

Buy the EasyR Home Pour-Over Coffee Maker for $26.97.


In this crazy military life, we know we need to take advantage of those spicy date nights when we can. If you can spend February 14th together this year, take advantage and make it romantic. And, you know what? Even if you can’t be together on February 14th, you can decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day on any of the other 364 days of the year.

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12 Things For The Most Romantic Valentine’S Day Date Ever



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