17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Fresh paper, new erasers, and the smell of freshly-sharpened pencils make those of us who loved school absolutely swoon. Generally, shopping can be a chore, but when you need cool supplies for school, shopping just seems more exciting.

Cool supplies for school doesn’t stop with pencils and crayons, but it can include downtime materials for after a long day, neat new writing tools, or even personalized writing tablets! We are living in the twenty-first century and boy, things are really starting to get exciting.

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We have put together our list of favorites for you to take a peek at and we can promise you that these cool supplies for school will inspire your little ones to get up with the birds and head out the door before you even take a sip of your morning coffee.

Yoto Player

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

The Yoto Player continues to be a family favorite and is at the top of our list for cool supplies for school when going back to school this fall, especially with the addition of the entire Ramona Quimby Collection by Beverly Cleary.

Inspired by Montessori values, Yoto Player is a screen-free audio speaker designed to safely give children full control over their listening, by entertaining and educating them while reducing screen-time. Yoto Player enables children to safely choose what they want to listen to, without the distraction of a screen, freeing their hands and minds for creative and imaginative play. Yoto Player is controlled using physical cards that are inserted into the Player which plays audio content, but we also love that you can connect the Yoto Player to your phone which allows you to play your cards over Bluetooth which is great for long car rides.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Additionally, we love the addition of the silicone Adventure Jacket that fits snugly over your Yoto Player, protecting it from smalls bumps and making it easier to carry from place to place. Available in six eye-catching colors, you still have access to all of Yoto Player’s features including the nightlight, buttons, charger, and headphone port, but you have a little peace of mind that your kids won’t destroy their Yoto Player if it gets taken on an adventure.

Ramona Quimby Collection | Adventure Jacket
Yoto | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Erin Condren

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Heading back into the office or classroom may seem daunting after the year we’ve spent at home, but this year prepare yourself for going back to school or work with a few awesome supplies and desk accessories from erin condren. Forget the heavy cherry, oak, and metal decor of old and brighten up your desk or classroom this season with any of the gorgeous planners, desk pads, calendars, and more from erin condren. From paisley to pastels, flowers, rainbows, tie-dyes, or metallics, there is something for everyone to bring positive vibes and a fresh outlook to the new school year ahead.

From the teacher’s classroom to the professional’s desk, a few light and airy favorites we love this year include:

Metallic Monthly Deskpad: This stylish desk calendar will add flair to any desk this season. Beautifully designed and dated, crafted of thick, premium paper, this calendar is accented with colorful metallic foil for each month and includes stickers to mark important dates or simply add to your calendar’s look. Never miss another important date, organize your monthly schedule, and keep your workspace looking sleek and sophisticated with this premium deskpad.

Layers List Pad, 2 pack: Ditch the random post-its or scraps of paper and add the Layers List Pad to your desk or countertop this year. Perfect for taking notes on the go, jotting down your grocery list, and more, the Layer List Pad is available lined, dotted, or blank, and can be personalized. Take your note-taking to the next level this school year with the Layers List Pad, keeping your desk neat and yourself organized this season.

Mega Tools Writing Bundle: We all get tired of black and blue ink pens only; this season make sure to pick up plenty of colorful pens, stickers, markers, and other writing tools you can use to accentuate and accent your notes, calendar, and planner. The Mega Tools Writing Bundle will keep you inspired to keep track of all your important events, in color, this new school year.

Colorful Ruler: Finally, pick up a colorful school ruler to add to your pencil case or desk this school year. Functional and fashionable, this acrylic ruler is a must add to your cool school supplies this season.

Metallic Monthly Deskpad | Layers List Pad, 2 pack | Mega Tools Writing Bundle | Colorful Ruler
erin condren | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

When it comes to heading back to school, cool school supplies are a must when heading back to the classroom and art supplies always top that list! This school year let Derwent be your one-stop shop for all things art. Whether you have an elementary-age child or older teen heading for high school, Derwent has the durable, long-lasting, tried, and true art supplies you need. Everyone knows that inexpensive crayons, markers, and paints are simply a waste of time and money. Investing in quality art supplies gives your child the chance to excel in their art class of choice this school year. Whether they prefer watercolors or colored pencils, charcoal, or oil pastels, Derwent provides long-lasting color, high-quality products, and delivers the rainbow when it comes to variety and selections this season.

A few of our favorites include:

Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks, Set of 6: These extra wide, water-soluble charcoal blocks are amazing for shading and achieving broad strokes, and blending, smudging, and adding texture and effect to all of your student’s amazing artwork.

Derwent Chromaflow Pencils, Set of 24: For the best and boldest colors around, the Derwent Chromaflow Pencils deliver vibrant, smooth color with long-lasting, dramatic effects.

Derwent Inktense Blocks, Set of 36: These blocks deliver intense, vivid colors that are permanent when dry. Water-soluble and highly blendable, these blocks are perfect for use on a variety of surfaces creating lasting and durable color.

Derwent Paint Pen Palette: Fun and easy to use, the opaque paint pens from Derwent are a great creative drawing tool perfect for fine lines, layering, and detailing. Permanent when dry, but able to be blended when wet, these pens are a great alternative to traditional paint in the classroom.

Derwent Inktense Paper Pad: Professional quality, acid-free, 100% cotton paper, the Derwent Intense Paper Pad is perfect for holding bright and vibrant colors long term. Textured and perfect for use with all the Derwent coloring products, from paints to pencils, you will love the exceptional perp quality that will last for years to come.

When it comes to cool school supplies for back to school don’t skimp on the art supplies, which you know your child will love, and give the gift of quality colors from Derwent.

Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks, Set of 6 | Derwent Chromaflow Pencils, Set of 24 | Derwent Inktense Blocks, Set of 36 | Derwent Paint Pen Palette | Derwent Inktense Paper Pad
Derwent | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Let’s not kid ourselves, going back to school can be stressful. Whether it’s your own anxiety or a little apprehension from the little one, Soothe can help with a few squeezes. That’s right, just squeeze, relax, and repeat. Their stress-relief therapy dough was made just for those who may get a little nervous about the unknown. Whether or not they need to fidget and move about to sit still and process any new surroundings, Soothe can help and is a top choice when looking at cool supplies for school.

Choose from a variety 2-Pack or single picks like Cinnamon, Sandalwood, or Peppermint, to suit your unique preferences and needs. Great for all ages, Soothe definitely lives up to its name.

We all enjoy different earthy scents. Whether it is the sweet smell of lavender or the hardy smell of sandalwood. Soothe Therapy Dough-Sandalwood is the perfect combination of aromatherapy and stress ball. The rich, deep woodsy scent of sandalwood is perfect for grounding the mind and reducing stress while your fidget your stress away one squeeze at a time. Soothe Therapy Dough-Sandalwood is about the size of a stress ball when balled up, making it the perfect size to squeeze, squish and pinch while on the go. 

If your child loves the sweet, minty scent of peppermint, Soothe Therapy Dough-Peppermint is the perfect bundle of stress relief and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. The powerful aromatherapy scent of peppermint awakens the mind and enhances mental performance and feelings of happiness. The soft, squishy feel of the dough acts as a stress ball, so not only is your child’s mind being awakened by the natural scent of peppermint, they are able to reduce stress by fidgeting. 

School starting typically means fall is coming, and with fall, the cold. Soothe Therapy Dough-Cinnamon gives off a warm and woodsy scent making it perfect for the cold. The warm, almost spicy scent of cinnamon is perfect for stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation, and lowering stress. The soft, squishy feel of the dough is the perfect texture for squeezing and fiddling and the powerful aromatherapy helps reduce stress and ease your mind.

Go ahead, this year, it’s encouraged to reduce any anxiousness and thoughts to give your mind a rest so it stops racing. As you squeeze with Soothe, and, yes, squishing is totally allowed as well, knead the therapeutic dough to your will and notice the gentle sense of calm wash over you like a fresh, ocean breeze breath of pure calm. 

2-Pack Soothe Playdoh | Cinnamon | Sandalwood | Peppermint
Soothe | Facebook | Instagram

Ivory Paper Co

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Let’s face it, if Mom isn’t organized, the family will be in utter chaos. The Ivory Paper Co is here to rescue the family with their All-In-One Planners. Organizing life will be easier with the convenient daily, weekly, monthly layout used by Ivory Paper Co. Effortlessly plan daily to-dos or weekly events in the Rainbow All-In-One Planner.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

The Ivory Paper Co knows how women of today wear many hats in their day-to-day life. Whether it is balancing a career, parenting, school, or relationships, it’s important to have a place to write down important notes, and adding tools to your list of cool supplies for school is a MUST. The Rainbow Notebook addition to the Rainbow All-In-One Planner gives mom a great place to create lists, jot down thoughts, or scribble reminders. Adding a Notebook is essential to your planning and organizing needs.

Ivory Paper Co offers sticker kits, scripts, and icons to help maintain order in your Rainbow All-In-One Planner. These sticker offerings are designed to perfectly fit your Rainbow All-In-One Planner. Sticker Scripts are printed on premium glossy clear sticker paper and are easily removed and placed into your planner. Sticker Scripts like Payday, Work, and Exam help Mom organize the days, weeks, and months more efficiently. Planning and organization have never been easier, or more stylish, than with Ivory Paper Co.

All-In-One Planner – Rainbow | Notebook – Rainbow | Work Script Sticker Sheet | Payday Script Sticker Sheet | Exam Script Sticker Sheet
Ivory Paper Co | Facebook | Instagram

Plum Paper

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

An important part of back-to-school prep is getting organized. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though! With Plum Paper, you can create a completely customized student, mom, or teacher planner and help your kids start the year off right.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

The Mini Planner (A5 – 5.8” x 8.3”) is exactly what they need to keep track of classes, homework assignments, reading, tests after school activities, and more. The best part is, they choose the cover design and text, page style, colors, and options. You can even select the exact subjects they’re taking and designate sections for making notes about each. There’s no excuse for missing a homework assignment or not knowing that a quiz is happening now! Plus, they can add fun accessories like book bands and decorative and seasonal stickers.

With Plum Paper, you’ll have just what you need to enter the 2021-2022 school year poised, organized, and ready to take on the world! Make this item #1 on your cool supplies for school shopping list now to have it delivered before the first day arrives!

Mini Planner (A5 – 5.8” x 8.3”)
Plum Paper | Facebook | Instagram


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

The older kids in the house need cool supplies for school, too! Get the high schoolers or college-bound teenagers/young adults in your family ready for school with Casio calculators. No school supply list is complete without the graphing Casio FX-9750GII calculator. The innovative calculator is recommended for students taking Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Physics, and Business & Finance.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

The intuitive software design facilitates a student’s grasp of mathematical concepts by encouraging student engagement with mathematics rather than memorizing keys to promote student success effectively. Its icon-based menu is easy to navigate, and the soft-menus makes it easy to access functionality for everyday tasks. Be prepared to head back to school and shop only at Casio for all your school supply needs!

Casio FX-9750GII
Casio | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Art 2 the Extreme

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

School is almost back in session and there are going to be projects galore! Every artist needs their tools to create their masterpieces and Art 2 the Extreme has the perfect personalized Kids NAME Crayons. Littles will love drawing, coloring, and making art come to life with these unique sets of crayons. Your refrigerator will be covered from top to bottom in precious artwork.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Art 2 the Extreme’s personalized Kids NAME Crayons make perfect gifts for family, friends, events, weddings, or any special occasion. As the kiddos head back to in-person learning this school year, send them with a set of personalized Kids NAME Crayons that they will be proud to display. Art 2 the Extreme will help your scholar stand out with a special set of personalized crayons. Plus, all moms know kids love having those cool supplies for school when the new year begins.

Kids NAME Crayons
Art 2 the Extreme | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Etsy


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

If your child is heading back to school soon, the chances are that you’ll need a dependable pair of the BuddyPhones® headphones to get your child through the school year. The wireless BuddyPhones® Play+ has 3 set SafeAudio™ levels. In addition, the patented voice enhancing StudyMode® helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying. The headphones come in various colors and can be wireless or wired, meaning no interruptions if the battery runs low.

When it comes to studying, the BuddyPhones® feature a 20-hour battery life, 20m wireless range, built-in microphone, an answer/playback button, and these colorful headphones also have an adjustable headband size. When choosing the best headphones for school and studying, always trust BuddyPhones® for all your cool supplies for school.

BuddyPhones Play+
BuddyPhones®| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

When you’re looking for essential cool supplies for school, skip the plastic sandwich bags! Why waste money and fill our landfill with something that gets thrown away after one use, and instead choose reusable bags from Bumkins! Whether you’re looking to pack a sandwich or a small treat, Bumkins has you covered with sizes and designs!

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love
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The Love, Mickey Reusable Snack Bag is the perfect trio for all your Disney lover’s back-to-school needs. With two smaller snack bags and one sandwich bag, you’ll be able to pack your kid’s lunch every day without waste! All of Bumkins snack bags are machine washable and dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. These reusable bags have a durable zipper and are waterproof, so can store anything from snacks or even electronics in them!

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

No matter what design your kids choose, whether it’s the Jungle & Animal Prints Reusable Snack Bag, the Floral & Lace Reusable Snack Bag, or the ever so adorable Ocean Life & Whale Tail Reusable Snack Bag, you will end up saving time, money and the environment by going with Bumkins!

Love, Mickey Reusable Snack Bag | Jungle & Animal Prints Reusable Snack Bag | Floral & Lace Reusable Snack Bag | Ocean Life & Whale Tail Reusable Snack Bag
Bumkins | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Buddha Board

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Long, busy, and stressful days at work and school mean everyone in the family needs a way to unwind and relax after getting home. Instead of turning straight to the t.v. to unwind pull out your Buddha Board, with The Orginal Buddha Board you paint with water and watch your creation come to life.

Slowly the water magically disappears, which leaves you with a clean slate as well. Letting you create over and over again, with no need to clean the board, just give it a few minutes to dry and start again. Stress relief is vital when planning your list of cool supplies for school.

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The Buddha Board Mini is the perfect size for kids to keep in their room, backpack, or even the car to take out whenever they need a little zen. Say no to screen time after school and encourager their creativity or a place to practice their writing. The Enso Infinite Art-Enso (en-so) comes from the Japanese word ‘circle’, with simple brushstrokes that represent infinity and the flow of life. While stress relief isn’t typically on our list, it should definitely be considered when choosing cool supplies for school.

Let your stress go from the day as you “paint” with this environmentally friendly product that only uses water – no ink, paint, or chemicals, it can last for years!

The Orginal Buddha Board| Enso Infinite Art | Buddha Board Mini
Buddha Board | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

 Denali Home

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

School movie nights are fun for everyone. They create a great sense of community, and students enjoy bringing their families to experience their school during non-school time. When you’re planning a movie night at school, there are many things to consider so your event can excite your kids and bring local families together.

Having a pillow and Sea of Dreams Blanket by Denali Home Collection makes the movie experience even more memorable and relaxing. The super-soft micro plush fabric is like wrapping yourself with a cloud.

This luxurious blanket is made in the USA and is two blankets hand-sewn together for luxury you can feel and durability on which you can depend. The ultra-light Sea of Dreams Blanket regulates temperature using innovative fiber technology, keeping you comfortable during your movie night. Before you start planning the theme and promoting your school’s movie night, make sure your child is comfy and cozy. Add these luxurious and soft blankets by Denali Home Collection to your list of cool supplies for school and you will not be disappointed!

Sea of Dreams Blanket
 Denali Home Collection| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

One of the best ways to succeed in high school and college is to have a complete set of study items on hand. Not only will you be prepared for just about every assignment with these cool supplies for school, but it also keeps you organized. NOTIQ is an impact-focused, global lifestyle brand that celebrates and empowers ambitious women with elegant organizational and productivity tools, including personal planners, agendas, organizers, pencil case’s and notebooks. Work is a busy woman’s best friend.

The beautiful yet super functional BLAQ Lizard Pen & Pencil Case is made of vegan lizard leather, making it a stylish yet animal-free pencil case. This pencil case features a moderately shiny glare, gold NOTIQ logo on front center, gold zipper, gold NOTIQ branding on zipper pull, and comes with a variety of cool colors. Who says that stationary/supplies have to be boring. Whether you’re heading to high school or college, NOTIQ has the right cool supplies for school to get you started on a path of success.

BLAQ Lizard Pen & Pencil Case
NOTIQ | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Before you know, it’s back to school time, and it’s time to get cool supplies for school from Ooly. Kids love to use their imagination and create new adventures when they draw and paint. Ooly designs creative and colorful rainbow art supplies for schools and offices. If your kids are a fan of markers, then the Chroma Blends™ Creative Sketch Pack is the perfect set of watercolor brush markers to bring out your child’s creativity.

There are 18 blendable colored markers to choose from, and with a simple splash of water, kids can blend their way into any color imaginable with these cool supplies for school. Creative license makes cool supplies for school even cooler. This out of the world set features:

  • Brush tips made with synthetic bristles for an authentic brush feel
  • Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper Pad is a high-quality product for water coloring and other water-soluble art media
  • 15 Sheets of 8” x 10” heavyweight acid-free 350 gsm watercolor paper

Chroma Blends™ Creative Sketch set will illuminate your child’s writing and other creative adventures! For all your cool supplies for school, always think of Ooly. The industry leader of creative supplies.

Chroma Blends™ Creative Sketch Pack
Ooly | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Yoobi has teamed up with Marvel this year for back to school supplies with inspiring superheroes and we are living for it! The collection includes 78 products, such as pencil cases, notebooks, lunch bags, and water bottles-all the cool supplies for school they want.

In particular, we LOVE the Marvel Avengers School Bus Pencil Case. This cute pencil case from Marvel is designed to look like a school bus with kawaii character images of Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man hollering at you from the windows. The durable material case is perhaps one of our favorite cool supplies for school because it has a wide base and can stand on your desk like it’s driving.

The single zipper closure opens to a large space that fits standard pens and No. 2 pencils. Our pencil case includes a pack of 6 multi-color Marvel Avengers Gel Pens with Charms that include interchangeable silicone charms of Spider-Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man.

We also included a Black Panther Mini Supply Kit in our pencil case. This kit includes everything you might need when it comes to cool supplies for school or office supplies, whether you’re at your desk or on the go including a stapler, staples, a staple remover, a tape dispenser, hole punch, tape, scissors, and a pencil sharpener, all with the Black Panther design influence.

Finally, are your Spidey Senses tingling and telling you to drink more water? This translucent blue water bottle from Marvel has a Spider-Man mask on one side with a “Spidey Sense” text bubble explosion, and a black spill-proof lid with flip straw to keep your water inside the bottle, even when you’re doing the craziest web swings.

But the best thing about buying cool supplies for school from Yoobi is that for every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item will be donated to a child in need, right here in the U.S.

Marvel Avengers School Bus Pencil Case | Marvel Avengers Gel Pens with Charms | Black Panther Mini Supply Kit | Spider-Man Water Bottle
Yoobi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Little Navy

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Parents, put the permanent markers aside because Little Navy is taking the labeling game to a whole new level with their adorable My Own Stickers collection. Has it been a long time since your children have stepped inside a classroom environment? If so, sharing their space with others may take some getting used to, no matter how many cool supplies for school they have.

Seeing a familiar face, their favorite color, and even a pattern they chose can make them feel right at home! These eco-friendly My Own Stickers labels are fun to make and fun to use. Offering a variety of sizes for clothing, lunch boxes, and water bottles, these stickers are so handy when it comes to your little ones getting used to being around other children again while making their cool supplies for school something unique to them.

My Own Stickers
Little Navy | Facebook | Instagram


17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

Hooray! It’s back to school time. Finally, parents are ready to send the kiddos back to in-person classes instead of online. For all your back-to-school needs and wants, always trust MINISO. They carry a wide variety of colorful stationery, backpacks, lunch bags, and much more. Decorate your room and keep your desktop clean and tidy with personal hygiene products such as the adorable We Bare Bears Waste Bin. The durable mini trash is made of premium PP material, anti-impact, and is very creative and practical without taking up too much space. The waste bin comes in three different characters: polar bear, panda, and a cute bear. Collect all three!

The We Bare Bears New York Subway Design Wirebound Diary Journal features a cute ice bear from We Bare Bears series and the New York City subway map as the cover. This wire-bound book also has ivory ink-proof paper that is thick enough to avoid ink-bleeding and ghosting, which will also protect your eyes. The unique journal is ideal for writing, drawing, sketching, and doodling.

The super colorful Rainbow Pencil Pouch Zipper Document Bag is the perfect pencil case to store pens, pencils, and other small school supplies. The waterproof case features a zipper closure which ensures the stationery is kept safe and secure. In addition, it’s large enough to house all your kid’s school supplies keeping them organized and ready for school. No back-to-school list is complete without adorable yet functional products from MINISO.

17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love

We Bare Bears Waste Bin| We Bare Bears New York Subway Design Wirebound Diary Journal |Rainbow Pencil Pouch Zipper Document Bag
MINISO | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Finding cool supplies for school can be fun and exciting, and when your children are involved with choosing the things that will guide them through this school year, the cooler the better. Parents, we have all treated ourselves in one way or another as we acknowledge the stresses added to our lives over the past year. It’s time to give our children the same level of treatment and allow them to find cool supplies for school that will get them excited and ready to succeed!

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17 Cool Supplies For School Kids & Teachers Will Love



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