13 Adorable School Outfits for Kids of All Ages

It’s almost that time again – back to school! And you know what that means… Time to go shopping for new school outfits! Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest fall fashion styles, comfy school uniforms in classic colors, on-trend accessories, or just some new pajamas to rock in virtual school, we’ve rounded up some of the best choices. So read on, and then let’s go shopping for some school outfits!

School Outfits to Kick Off Back to School Season Right

Cozy Earth

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

As back to school time approaches, we think a girls’ night in is in order! Grab your favorite gal pal, along with a mud mask, bottle of nail polish, popcorn and a movie, or whatever else you need to celebrate the end of summer in style. Definitely don’t forget your new favorite pajamas from Cozy Earth!

With seriously soft and cooling bamboo fabric, the Women’s Short Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set may be the comfiest pajamas you’ve ever worn. They’re great for lounging, sleeping, and snuggling! Available in gray, navy, ivory, black, and blush, there’s always a perfect color choice. We love the length, drawstring waist, and pockets, too. Really though, what’s not to love? 

Need to throw on a quick coverup? Keep a Women’s Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe robe handy at all times. This beauty is great for a little added weight on a crisp fall morning, bringing your cup of coffee out to enjoy on the porch, or whipping up a special breakfast following a sleepover. It comes in classic colors like grey, ivory, and black, and pairs well with all of Cozy Earth’s other sleepwear and loungewear.

With glamorous new PJs from Cozy Earth, you’ll be snuggly, styling, and ready to take on anything that the back to school (or work!) season has to throw at you! 

Women’s Short Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set | Women’s Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe
Cozy Earth | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Super Smalls

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages
Products are from SuperSmalls.com

Celebrate the start of a new school year this year with Super Smalls! For kids who love their bling, Super Smalls will gladly assist in bringing out their sparkle with their fancy gems made for everyday wear. Our little girl had a blast picking out her favorites (a bit more than picking out her school outfits and supplies) and we’re absolutely certain that your kids will enjoy it just as much. Let’s dive in!

Today may be sunny, but rain has never stopped school from being in session. On even the dreariest of days, the Silver Linings Umbrella is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten anyone’s day. This rainbow-covered umbrella was made for puddle jumping, so make sure your kiddo has their rain boots on!

The rain is gone, and here comes the sun, so it’s time for her to put on her Drive-In Movie Sunglasses! These sunglasses provide the perfect retro cat-eye in a Super summery popsicle red and – of course – a little razzle-dazzle to those school outfits. We all know that those hot temperatures are going to stick around for a few more months. Nonetheless, she’s going to look so cool!

Now let’s light up the night sky with the Stargazing Hair Snap Clip Set! This set includes three jewel-covered contour clips—two rainbow and one pink. Wear just one, or pop on all three with those school outfits for an extra sparkly statement. They snap on-and-off to make keeping hair out of your eyes easy-peasy while shining super bright. It’s like wearing a shooting star, but better!

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages
Products are from SuperSmalls.com

For a more grown up look, we love the Fashion Week Headband. In fact, you’re going to want to snag a front row seat to the fashion show that is sure to come when she puts on this sparkly headband. This extra padded, black velvet headband is as comfy as it is stylish; and oversized floral gemstones in vibrant colors give a high-fashion pop to any outfit.

But the fashionista is only getting started. Make sure she’s got the Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Bracelets and Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Necklace (included in the Rainbow Rave Bundle)! Sure you can add more, but these two pieces are all you really need to get the party started. Stretchy, coily, and jam-packed with sparkle, these jewels are comfortable, easy to take on and off, and designed for fun. She’ll want to wear them with every outfit she owns.

Alternatively, if you really want to turn up the party, give the kids the Night Out Gem Makeup face stickers. This set includes Mermaid, Fairy Princess, and Unicorn face gems for kids, or they can get creative and turn them into their own creatures. Each “makeup” section is one big sticker for super easy application. Come bedtime, these stickers easily peel off and stick back in the booklet, where they’ll be ready for next time!

Finally, let’s not forget that most kids are not vaccinated so masks will still be required in most states during school hours. Rather than lose your mask, keep it handily around your neck with the Out and About Mask & Sunglasses Chain. This playful beaded chain, featuring pearls, daisies, and colorful gems with lobster claw clasps that conveniently attach to any mask also doubles as a sunglass croakie. We may not love wearing masks, but we love this chain!

Silver Linings Umbrella | Drive-In Movie Sunglasses | Stargazing Hair Snap Clip Set | Fashion Week Headband | Rainbow Rave Bundle | Night Out Gem Makeup | Out and About Mask & Sunglasses Chain
Super Smalls | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Kyte Baby

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

For those babes headed back to preschool or an afterschool playdate, dress your little one in cuteness with a pop of color. The Short All In Flamingo has convenient closures at the bottom and neck for a quick change and off they go. The soft, moisture-wicking fabric keeps them dry and comfortable no matter what season they’re in.

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Get your next little in the twin version, the Short All in Monarch, and you’re pretty much set with the die-hard adorable award. And pockets…don’t even let your little one get started!

Oh, those chunky arms! Show them off and squish those babies into the Zipper Sleeveless Romper in Midnight during the warm nights your babe wants to romp and play. The super-comfortable bamboo rayon will become your baby’s favorite outfit; it’s oh, so perfect! 

Mom, we didn’t forget about you. Whether you need to do a quick drop and go at the school or you feel like homeschooling your ultra-comfortable PJs, we’re certainly not here to judge! Because once you slip into the Women’s Long-Sleeved Pajama Set in Bubblegum, why leave the comfort of luxury? Doesn’t quite make sense, does it? It’s literally, just another “I deserve it” reason to look forward to those long lounge days around the house.

It’s the signature bamboo fabric that is incredibly buttery-soft and lightweight that makes this a go-to for any parent. It’s all about making your regular routine more comfortable with after-school outfits from Kyte Baby.

Zipper Sleeveless Romper in Midnight | Women’s Long-Sleeved Pajama Set in Bubblegum | Short All In Flamingo | Short All in Monarch
Kyte Baby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Feltman Brothers

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Feltman Brothers gives your babe a timeless and sophisticated look that is adorable, clean, neat, and proper. This school season, whether you are attending school or showing up for homeschool, or a playdate, the Boys Pointelle Ribbed Set and the Pastel Ribbed Set are the perfect additions to your new wardrobe of school outfits. Perfect for a warm afternoon or a cool fall playdate, they are comfortable, stretchy, and stylish. 

For any school events or get-togethers, try on the 2-Piece Suspender Short Set with detailed fagoting around the collar and cuffs, your little man will look just that, a little gentleman in the making. The handsome bottoms hold the suspenders in place making your little prince a classic masterpiece in the flesh for all to enjoy his presence.

This year, remember the classics, the sophistication, and the vintage look that never goes out of style with Feltman Brothers. They have all of the school outfits you need for all the seasons your babe plays through! 

Boys Pointelle Ribbed Set | 2-Piece Suspender Short Set |  Pastel Ribbed Set
Feltman Brothers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Are the kids ready for back to school yet? Are you? First things first, you’re going to need some new school outfits for your little ones. These OshKosh classics are the perfect wardrobe staples to start the school year off right! 

If you are looking for a comfy collared shirt, then the Uniform Pique Polo (not just for uniform-wearers!) is the way to go. Choose from a full spectrum of color choices. Your little dude will love how comfy it is, and you’ll love its extreme durability and washability, too. 

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Pair his polo with the Pull-On Stretch Canvas Shorts (also available as a 2-Pack, because we all know that you’ll need more!) Made to play, these cotton canvas shorts have just the right amount of stretch, plus an adjustable tie on the waistband for a secure fit for growing kids. 

With a huge variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, you’ll meet school day, uniform, picture day, and Sunday best needs – all with just a few simple school outfits.

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

When the weather cools off, add a comfortable and reliable pair of denim into the mix. The Classic Jeans (Slim Fit) in Rail Tie True Blue Wash are just what he’ll need on a crisp fall day. The slim fit and ability to cinch the waist until the waistband fits are a must-have in our book, and the cool style and 5-pocket-design certainly don’t hurt either!

Quite possibly our favorite OshKosh wardrobe addition this season though is the 4-In-1 System Jacket. The reversible inner jacket has a windbreaker side and a fleece side for different preferences and weather needs. If it’s a little too cold for comfort, simply wear the heavier outer parka jacket alone. And when the weather outside is frightful, layer on both and combine it all together as one heavy, fully lined coat, for just the right amount of warmth and toastiness.

For the basics and beyond when it comes to back to school outfits, OshKosh has everything you need and more!

Uniform Pique Polo | Pull-On Stretch Canvas Shorts (2-Pack) | Classic Jeans (Slim Fit) | 4-In-1 System Jacket
OshKosh | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter


13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

For your young son on his way back to school, send him dressed well and comfortably. UNTUCKit’s Ultrasoft Tee is made from polyester and cotton, made to be untucked and stylish. The simple, classic tee-shirt look is upgraded with its sharp colors and sleek, comfortable design. For a more streamlined design, Ultrasoft V-Neck Tee is a solid, classic black and, of course, ultra-soft. This t-shirt is the perfect length to leave untucked and is made from cotton and polyester for a lightweight design.

For those warm summer and cool fall days, Performance Tee is the perfect tee for teenage boys. Wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, and able to stretch when needed, this tee is perfect for sports or gym time. Made from polyester and spandex, this Performance Tee is lightweight and airy. This tee is a comfortable and non-restrictive fit without being too tight and form-fitting. 

Allow your man-child to stay sharp, looking chic, and well put together with UNTUCKit school outfits, because after all, looking good isn’t just for the ladies this school year!

Ultrasoft V-Neck Tee  | Performance Tee | Ultrasoft Tee
UNTUCKit | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Bonnie Jean

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Bonnie Jean and back-to-school fashion are an ideal pairing. With so many gorgeous prints and patterns to choose from, your scholar will easily have the best school outfits this fall. Wearing Bonnie Jean knit dresses will have your girl ready to learn, lead and grow into the powerful, independent young lady she was born to be.

If your angel is as pretty as a flower, look for Bonnie Jean’s Gianna Floral Dress with Scrunchies. The Gianna Floral Dress with Scrunchies is a comfortable knit dress that showcases a three-quarter bell sleeve that is absolutely adorable. This gorgeous outfit is accessorized with a beautiful necklace and charming scrunchies that your daughter will love. Your kiddo will be ready for the school day or school event in her Bonnie Jean Gianna Floral Dress.

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Your girl will be too cool for school wearing the Hailee Stripe Dress with Necklace. Bonnie Jean delivers perfection with this three-quarter novelty sleeve striped tiered knit dress. The Hailee Stripe Dress with Necklace is as cute as it is comfortable. The fashionable necklace adds the right amount of flare to take this outfit to the next level. Your mini-me will be all smiles when she heads back into the classroom.

Bonnie Jean will have your girl ready to take on school while looking fierce in the Gracie Cheetah Dress with Scrunchie. A stunning three-quarter-sleeved knit dress made of polyester and spandex and includes two matching hair ties and a necklace that adds a little bling. The Gracie Cheetah Dress with Scrunchie is a great way to show off a little sass and personality this school year. This dress is perfect for the first day of school as it sets the tone for the whole school year.

Your princess will look adorable in the Rachel Ruffle Jumpsuit by Bonnie Jean. The Rachel Ruffle Jumpsuit features a flutter sleeve and a ruffled front that will have her crushing back-to-school kids’ fashion. The Rachel Ruffle Jumpsuit is made of polyester and spandex, which makes it breathable and ideal for long school days. This outfit will easily be a favorite and a regular in her back-to-school fashion rotation. Bonnie Jean fashions make back-to-school shopping simple this year.

Hailee Stripe Dress with Necklace | Gianna Floral Dress with Scrunchies | Gracie Cheetah Dress with Scrunchie | Rachel Ruffle Jumpsuit
Bonnie Jean | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Princess Awesome

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Back-to-school clothes shopping is a time for your kids to let their unique personalities shine! But for some of our kids, finding clothes that match their style, but are also high quality and fun, can be difficult. Luckily, Princess Awesome has an entire line that is so unique your kids will be eager to show them off to their classmates and teachers.

Is your kid’s favorite subject science? Do they someday dream of going to the moon? Then the Solar System Busy Dress is right up their alley! This dress features all of the planets (yes, even Pluto!) with your little one being the center of the solar system. This dress has a cute detail of a comet streaming off the shoulder, as well as a rocket ship and astronaut sash. The Solar System Busy Dress is guaranteed to have your little one prancing down the hallways to her favorite class.

Is your little one obsessed with fairytales? Maybe instead of saving the princess, she’d rather ride a dragon? Let them show off their spunk with the “Ice and Fury” Dragons Sleeveless Play Dress with Pockets! This colorful dress is covered in ferocious dragons that breathe pink fire, guaranteed to make your kids smile. This dress is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making it comfortable no matter where your adventurous child flies off to. The best part? It has pockets!

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

While the fourth of July has passed, your little firecracker can still be patriotic the entire school year with the Fireworks Short Sleeve Super Twirler Play Dress with Pockets! Covered in fun sayings like “BOOM”, “POP”, and “BANG”, your kids can twirl around the playground after school and have room for everything she needs in her pockets.

Solar System Busy Dress | “Ice and Fury” Dragons Sleeveless Play Dress with Pockets | Fireworks Short Sleeve Super Twirler Play Dress with Pockets
Princess Awesome | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

This fall, as your young daughter heads back to school, send her back to class in style. The Girls Cali Stripe Short is a lightweight pair of shorts that is easily paired with a blouse for those warmer fall days. This pair of shorts are lightweight, with a relaxed fit, and a sweetly colored soft pink.

When the weather is cool and your daughter wants to blend in, the Girl Camo French Terry Jogger and matching Girl Printed French Terry Hoodie is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and warmth. The Girl Camo French Terry Jogger has a drawstring, banded waist, and ankles for a snug, custom fit. This pair of casual and comfortable joggers are patterned in Dusty Olive Camo and fitted with usable pockets.

The Girl Printed French Terry Hoodie is a soft, comfortable kids hoodie patterned as well in Dusty Olive Camo for a stylish, yet classic look. This hoodie is equipped with a zipper and pockets. The waist and wrists are banded for a secure and comfortable fit. Paired with Girl Camo French Terry Jogger, this combo is cute, comfortable, and one of the perfect school outfits for the coming new school year. 

Girl Printed French Terry Hoodie | Girl Camo French Terry Jogger | Girls Cali Stripe Short 
Splendid | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Sandra Aris

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Is your preschooler still a knee-crawler and isn’t quite comfortable on their feet yet? No worries! When you drop off your little one, dress them in one of the best crawling, walking, (and butt squashing) Pants With Knee Pads & Butt Pad for Babies & Toddlers. Sandra Aris specially designed padded pants (yes, we said padded) that comfort and protect knees, are super stretchy, yet breathable, and of course, are machine washable and dryer friendly.

Get your new preschooler up and moving with more confidence because even if they have a little tumble, they’ll be just fine, butt and knees too!

Pants With Knee Pads & Butt Pad for Babies & Toddlers
Sandra Aris | Facebook | Instagram

Feather Bear Forever

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

The best part about back-to-school shopping is the new school outfits. All kids want the latest trends when they start school, and many parents want affordable clothes. Feather Bear Forever is a Native American Iraq War Veteran-owned baby and children’s clothing brand that believes children deserve tools to learn about cultures outside of their own so they can live satisfying and connected lives.

The 100% soft jersey cotton Native Snowflake Pink t-shirt features various symbols of Native cultures in a symmetrical pattern. It’s a beautiful representation of the historical lifestyle of the Plains Indians. Imagine that the star shape in the middle of the design is a warm fire inviting people to gather together in the center of the village. Around the calming fire, family, friends, and neighbors move about doing chores while children and dogs run around playing. The arrows around the design represent this movement around the village. They also represent the circle of life that indigenous people greatly respect.

This shirt comes in two color options, either pink and purple or blue and red. If you are looking for high-quality school outfits that encourage children to see the similarities in others rather than the differences, Feather Bear Forever is perfect for you.

Native Snowflake Pink – Youth (Girls)
Feather Bear Forever| Facebook | Instagram


13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Before your children head out the door with their brand new backpacks and sneakers, make sure they have their locks loaded with style and durability with scünci.

From Bright Hair Elastics that will look like she’s wearing a rainbow in her hair to the No-Slip Grip Elastics that will keep her pony in check during PE class, scünci has just what your little girls need to keep their hair looking gorgeous and out of her face. These elastics are gentle on her hair so they won’t promote breakage, and after a summer filled with sunshine and chlorine, her hair will thank you!

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

For the times she is feeling extra fabulous and needs an extra sparkle, the Gemstone Barrettes will certainly fill that role. These lightweight barrettes boast a combination of all her favorite hues-from pink, light blue, opaque versions of these colors…these barrettes will not only make her feel sparkly and confident, but they will complement any color scheme and school outfits. Parents know the struggle of the hair barrettes from the ’80s and ’90s (hello hair snagging!) but these barrettes are gentle on the hair, staying in place without added discomfort.

13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

Finally, a girl’s haircare arsenal isn’t complete without a fabulous headband. scünci offers a wide array of headbands that suit every taste, and we especially love the Velvet Headband because it slips on smoothly and stays put without the uncomfortable squeezing and pinching that some headbands can create. No more midday headaches, ladies! This headband is gentle and will keep your hair in place.

scünci is your one-stop shop for all your hair accessory needs this school year. From their hair care items to the accessories we all love, there is no better way to style your coif than scünci.

Bright Hair Elastics | Gemstone Barrettes | No-Slip Grip Elastics | Velvet Headbands
scünci | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages

In high schools with pools and other swimming facilities, swim teams are often one of the most popular school sports. With school starting back in session, it’s essential to have unique, stylish, and affordable school outfits that will make you stand out. PatPat carries a wide variety of fashionable, quality swim attire for the whole family.

PatPat’s Mosaic Off-shoulder Flounce Leaf Print Matching Swimsuits and Tankini Green Leaf Print Pink Matching Swimsuits feature stylish bathing suit sets that the whole family can enjoy. Each set features four bathing suits, one for Mom, Dad, son, and daughter. So not only can you get swimsuits for the kids, but you can also get one for Mom and Dad without spending a fortune!

The women’s and girl’s Mosaic Off-shoulder Flounce Leaf Print Matching Swimsuits are a slim fit, have stretchy fabric, machine washable, made of 84% polyester, 16% spandex, and the women’s bathing suit has removable round pads. The men’s and boy’s Mosaic Off-shoulder Flounce Leaf Print Matching Swimsuits have a soft mesh lining, two side pockets, are regular fit, machine washable, made of 84% polyester and 16% spandex.

The women’s and girl’s Tankini Green Leaf Print Pink Matching Swimsuits are a slim fit, have stretchy fabric, are machine washable, made of 90% polyester, 10% spandex, and the women’s bathing suit has removable round pads.

The men’s and boy’s Tankini Green Leaf Print Pink Matching Swimsuits are a regular fit, have soft mesh lining, elasticated waistband, are machine washable, made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. These stylish and affordable bathing suits are perfect for your whole family and also work well for school swim teams. Shopping with PatPat is easy with their convenient award-winning shopping app that works anywhere! Happy shopping!

Mosaic Off-shoulder Flounce Leaf Print Matching Swimsuits| Tankini Green Leaf Print Pink Matching Swimsuits
PatPat | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

After the crazy school year we all had last year, your little one could definitely use a wardrobe refresh to help start this new school year off right. These fantastic school outfits will help your child feel stylish, comfortable, and confident heading into fall. From the classroom to the playground and everywhere in between, they’ll be more ready than ever for that first day of school to arrive!

OK parents, you’ve got their school outfits ordered and they’re ready, but are you? If not, check out A Parent’s Guide to Starting the School Year off Right.

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13 Adorable School Outfits For Kids Of All Ages



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