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10 Ways to Master the School Carpool Line

When your child heads to elementary school, you have two choices when it comes to transportation: the big yellow school bus OR the family school bus, also known as YOU. We’re going to guess that you’ve decided to drive your child to school, but why do we discuss ways to master the carpool line now with only a few weeks until summer break?

Well, if you’re like many moms, your child is about to graduate preschool and will be going to kindergarten for the first time. While you may be an expert when it comes to stocking up on new clothes and fulfilling a school supply list, chances are that you have little to no practice when it comes to dropping off your kid at the curb. Furthermore, if your child attends a year-round school, you only have a few weeks off until the new year, and there are things you need to know before school starts. Which is why now is a perfect time to give you 10 brilliant ways to help you avoid dirty looks from other parents at your child’s school.

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Car Seat Guide: Combi Coccoro

Pin for Combi Coccoro

The Combi Coccoro is the lightweight and compact car seat that you’ve been looking for if you are searching for a seat that will fit 3 little ones in a second row of seats! While not the only convertible seat you will ever need, the Combi Coccoro is a great option for parents who wish to skip the infant seat. This seat offers the convenience and features of a larger seat, but in a more compact design that is sure to delight babies and parents alike.

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Stroller Guide: Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller

When you go from one to two kids, one fact that eases your mind is that you already own most of the gear! One of the more difficult parts of the transition, however, comes when you start to imagine getting out and about with two. Luckily, double strollers were invented–allowing a safe way for parents to keep their kids contained and comfortable. With the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller, getting around town with two young kids is easily managed. Keep reading for more stroller specs and reasons this might be the perfect solution to your traveling with two worries.

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Car Seat Guide: Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat

Car Seat Guide Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat
Once your child outgrows the height or weight limit on the five-point harness convertible car seat, you will need to transition to a booster seat to keep them safe in the car.   The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat is a comfortable, stylish, high back booster that provides both the best in safety and comfort in an affordable way! The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat is for children ages 3 and up, from 33-120 pounds, and from 33 to 57 inches tall. However, we recommend that you keep your child rear facing in a convertible seat, and then forward facing in the same seat until they outgrow the limits before switching them to a booster.

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