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Newborns and Postpartum Care Guide

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Congratulations on being a Mom! Being a parent is wonderful, but it is overwhelming and challenging at times (who are we kidding – MANY times). You think you are prepared, until that new little bundle of joy is here. We have been there! We understand your concerns and hope that we can help you navigate through these first couple months.

Hot Topics

Lifestyle Changes

New baby, new life! With time, it will seem as if your family wasn’t complete without this beautiful baby. But, right now, it is difficult to take this transition and change in everyone’s schedule (are we ever going to sleep again?). Decisions need to be made in a lot of different areas. Take time to figure out what makes sense for YOUR family. Congratulations on being a family plus one!

Newborn Necessities

You thought you bought (or were gifted) everything you needed for your little guy or gal, but you quickly realize that you need items that may not have been on your registry. We are here to make your life with a newborn a little easier with some wonderful products and advice for the new mom!

Deciphering Baby Cues

Every mom wishes they knew exactly what that little mind was thinking. The crying and fussing can get overwhelming for a new parent. Well many of us at Daily Mom have been through exactly what you are going through right now and have some valuable posts in the subject of deciphering baby language. We hope that we can help you along this new journey of discovering what makes your baby tick!

Postnatal Questions & Concerns

Am I supposed to have this ache and pain? When will my body feel normal again? When will I feel normal again? These are all very valid questions that you may have after having a baby. Your body went through incredible physical and emotional stress so give yourself time to get back to feeling normal again. We have some incredible posts about recovery and what to expect. Your body created an amazing little person; take this time to relax and recover.

Paging Dr. Mom

We don’t blame you for having the pediatrician on speed dial, especially if this is your first baby. It is really intimidating having this little person relying on you when you have never done this before. It is definitely a learning experience, and nothing is scarier than not knowing what is wrong with your baby or how to soothe their painful cries. Here at Daily Mom, we have posts that may help during this stressful time. Whether your child is dealing with skin concerns or you are looking for help with acid reflux, we have some pointers to help you in the first few months!

The Crafty Mom

We all want to be the mom that scours Pinterest and is able to recreate every adorable and beautiful baby project. But sometimes, you are lucky if you can just keep up with the baby books. Find some creative and crafty ways to memorialize your child’s firsts!

Returning to Work

For working moms, the most difficult time period is right before you head back to work and the first few weeks in the workplace. Let us help you with pumping issues and just general information about how to get back (hopefully without stress)!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby! There is a lot to learn about this new little bundle, but you will. Take your time, and enjoy these moments with your newborn. They will go by WAY too quickly. Enjoy them!

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