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There’s a fun trend nowadays of taking a celebratory photo of your baby each month throughout their first year of life. It’s a fantastic way to document how much they’ve grown and changed in that short, but monumental year. Here are seven creative and easy photography ideas for commemorating your baby’s first twelve months of life.

1. With A Special Toy

Grab baby’s first teddy bear or another cute toy of sentimental value and snap a photo of your baby with it each month. This is a great way to look back and really see how much your baby grew during that crazy first year.

Photo Credit: Bunny & Dolly

2. Embellish The Photo With Fun Facts

Take a photo with your baby off to one side and then use a photo editing program to add text with key milestones and memorable moments from that month. With all of the awesome (and FREE!) photo editing programs available today, this is an easy way to not only trend your baby’s growth over the first year, but also their development!

In need of a free photo editor? Check out web-based editor, PicMonkey, or the free downloadable program, GIMP.

Photo Credit: Our Holly Days

3. In The Same Pair of Pajamas

Here’s a funny and clever idea for you: put your little one in the same pair of pajamas for every monthly photo! This will make for some entertaining photos that really show how much your newborn grew during that first year. You may want to start with an outfit that is bigger than newborn size, though!

Photo Credit: Erica’s Bloggity Blog


This is such a fun, easy idea! Buy one of those large desktop calendars (like this one from Blueline) and lay your baby down on the current month with “I’m # Months” written on the date they turn that age. At the end of the year, you can put together a collage of photos that look particularly appealing in black and white.

Photo Credit: The Pursuit of Happiness

5. With a Chalk Board

Everything chalk seems to be all the rage these days and the use of a chalk board and a creative hand make for some adorable monthly baby photos! Take a photo of your baby each month in front of a chalk board wall or next to a stand-alone chalk board with their current age, stats, and/or fun facts written on it.

Photo Credit: Mommy’s Little Sunshine

6. Spell Out Their Age

Snap a photo of baby each month with their current age spelled out in felt letters or alphabet blocks next to them. We are loving the adorable and well-made felt letters and numbers from LadybugOnChamomile on Etsy.

Photo Credit: Famille Summerbelle


With monthly baby photos all the rage these days, there a wide variety of adorable onesie stickers for sale. These stickers are especially made for taking monthly photos of your baby and look great stuck on a plain white onesie. Put one on baby each month and take a photo of them wherever you choose. These stickers could also be incorporated into any of the above ideas as well! We highly recommend the Super Duper Stickers by Picky Sticky (featured below).

Photo Credit: Dreams To Do

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