5 Furniture & Decor Options for Your Kid’s Bedroom Update

Deciding when to do a kid’s bedroom update can be a challenge; do you want to keep their nursery decor and simply add a toddler bed? Do you want to do a full makeover and get them ready for the elementary and tween years now? The key to updating your child’s bedroom decor is to find versatile items that can be reused, repurposed, and rearranged no matter their age or style. With versatility and durability in mind, we have rounded up several items that are simply a must when doing a kid’s bedroom update, from the toddler to the teen years, these items are sure to grow with your child rather than be outgrown.

5 Bedroom Ideas for Designing Your Child’s Space

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Maxtrix Kids

Now is the perfect time to redecorate your kid’s bedrooms and get them ready for their new school year. When looking for kids’ furniture, look for top-quality products that can sustain a lot of abuse because you never know how your kids are really going to use their new furniture or for how long. When you shop for your kids, you want durability. You want safe. You want Maxtrix Kids. Designing your child’s bedroom with Maxtrix Kids is simple. Here are a few of our favorite selections for your kid’s bedroom update:

Twin High Corner Loft with Straight Ladders on Ends

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Do your kids share a bedroom? Do they constantly fight over who gets to sleep on the top bunk? Are you tired of refereeing every night? Trade that battleground, bunk bed in with the Twin High Corner Loft Bed instead! This loft bed is two twin-sized beds in an L-shape. Now, neither of your kids will fight over whose turn it is to sleep on top.

Corner Desk

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Give your young readers a space where they can read independently. Send them upstairs to use the Corner Desk that was designed to fit underneath their brand-new loft bed. The desk attaches to the frame of the loft bed and its sturdy construction is perfect for long study sessions.

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

6-Drawer Dresser

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or an older child, Maxtrix Kids has exactly what you need. Check out their 6-Drawer Dresser. It’s just shy of 32” in height, making it the perfect height for younger children. They won’t have to use a stool or stand on their tippy-toes to reach the top drawer. It was designed to fit underneath loft beds but it will also work as a stand-alone piece.

5-Shelf Bookcase

Maxtrix Kids has a 5-Shelf Bookcase that was designed specifically to go underneath one of their high loft beds, like the Twin High Corner Loft Bed. The bookshelf is 51.75” high and has shelves that are 13” deep. Save space by putting it underneath the loft bed or leave it as a stand-alone piece.

Tray & Beverage Holder

For kids who can’t go to bed without their favorite toy, book, or flashlight, and then can’t go to bed because their favorite bedtime companion got lost in the sheets, get them the Tray & Beverage Holder. It attaches to the guardrail of the Twin High Corner Loft Bed and can be used for drinks, books, nightlights, favorite toys, and more.

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Maxtrix Kids wants you and your kids to love how their bedrooms look and feel. We know you’ll love whatever look you choose and configure exactly to your specifications!

Twin Corner Loft with Ladders | Corner Desk | 6-Drawer Dresser | 5-Shelf Bookcase | Tray & Beverage Holder
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5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Did you know purple makes a kid’s mattress that is just as ergonomically friendly for your little ones as their adult mattresses? Do you dream of sleeping on the purple grid and would love for your kids to do the same? With the kid’s purple mattress your kids get the benefits of purple’s adaptive support with a softer feel, perfect for little bodies.

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The kid’s purple mattress features a 2″ Purple GelFlex Grid, dual layer comfort foam, and a machine washable cover that keeps little bodies cool and offers premium breathability. With their patented No-Pressure Support system your child will receive optimal support for their head, neck, shoulders, and hips as they sleep while the mattress responds to their every movement. Made in the USA, Purple’s kid’s mattress is also hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and Clean Air GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified.

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update
5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Add to that a set of Purple’s absolutely fantastic, uber-soft stretchy sheets that are simply divine to curl up in every night! Crafted of a bamboo-blend fabric, these soft and cuddly sheets are moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping little ones cool, dry and comfy all night long. Available in 3 colors, Purple’s sheet set is ideal for all ages and stages as the soft, smooth sheet set does not pill or shrink, and the stretchy material adjusts with your mattress allowing you to simply sink in for a great night’s sleep.

Kid’s Purple Mattress | Kid’s Sheets
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Lorena Canals

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Lorena Canals designs fabulously soft, gorgeous rugs of all shapes and sizes for every room in your home. Whether you are searching for a statement piece for your living room, a fun and colorful rug for your kid’s room, or a runner for your hallway or entryway, Lorena Canals has tons of prints, patterns, solids, and neutrals to choose from. Design your space to fit your life with Lorena Canals.

For our children’s rooms (and all high-traffic areas) in particular, Lorena Canals designs the very best rugs out there! From their soft cotton rugs to their designer wool rugs, Lorena Canals’ rugs are washable, soft, cozy, and add just the right touch of style to any room. Whether you choose to toss throw rugs around the room, layer rugs and runners or select one large piece for the center of your space, Lorena Canals has the rugs you need for every room in your home.

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5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

This season we are loving the boho look for our kid’s bedroom update. Lorena Canal’s new Reversible Washable Rug Duetto Sage Runner is a perfect addition with its simple yet versatile design. With double touseled fringes and embroidered edges the plush, double-sided rug sports neutral shapes of beige, greens, and burnt orange while the center stripe gives a bit of contrasting color. We love it paired with the kid’s Washable Vintage Map Rug for a layered style featuring muted colors and a super soft, snuggly feel.

Add the Pouf in Chill Natural as an ottoman or seat for small bottoms when adding cozy textiles to your space. This round pouf provides just the right amount of softness while still being firm enough to stack. Whether your little ones are using it as a footrest, to read, or in a wild game of the floor is lava, this cozy and functional piece is extremely versatile looking just as great in your living room as in your kid’s bedroom for all seasons.

Reversible Washable Rug Duetto Sage Runner | Washable Rug Vintage Map | Pouf Chill Natural
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5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Fun, functional, and made to play, the Figgy is a great addition to any children’s bedroom space. Perfect for both rowdy roughhousing and relaxing reading time, the Figgy is a multi-functional piece that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

Ideal for playrooms, living rooms, and even under loft beds, the Figgy is anything and everything you want it to be! With 4 base cushions, 2 rectangle cushions, and a triangular wedge cushion, the Figgy play couch is perfect for everything from imaginative playtime to snuggle time before bed. This kid-sized couch is great for tiny humans as it is just their size, does not contain any hard corners or sharp edges, and features removable, machine-washable covers for easy breezy clean-up of those inevitable spills or messes.

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5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Whether your little ones are playing their own game of dungeons and dragons, building a house, sailing the high seas, relaxing with their tablet, or reading before bed, the Figgy offers them a comfy, cozy space of their very own!

The Figgy
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Mod Wood Co.

5 Furniture & Decor Options For Your Kid’S Bedroom Update

Designing your children’s rooms should be all about personalizing their space; even in a shared room this is possible with Mod Wood Co. Whether you are decorating your first baby’s nursery or designing a tween room for your older kids, Mod Wood Co. offers gorgeous individualized designs that will fit in with or become the centerpiece of any space.

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Mod Wood Co.’s personalized 3D wooden name signs are available in a variety of fonts, sizes, colors, and styles. Perfect for both boy’s and girl’s rooms, Mod Wood Co.’s wooden name signs give a personal touch to your child’s space making it their own. Crafted of real wood, these designs may features variations based on the woodgrain alone, but showcase the beautiful, natural elements even when stained or painted to match one’s room or decor.

Mod Wood Co.’s freestanding wooden name signs were the perfect addition to our kid’s bedroom update. Adding their name over each of their beds gave the shared bedroom just the personal touch it needed. These solid wood name signs are beautifully carved and so simple to hang. With the ability to add accents and additional details to your wooden name sign, Mod Wood Co. is perfect for bedroom updates, nurseries, baby shower gifts and more!

Freestanding Wooden Name Sign
Mod Wood Co. | Facebook | Instagram

Designing your child’s bedroom does not have to be difficult. Finding the best bedroom ideas and decor options out there is just the first step. After that setup is simple when it comes to creating a sanctuary your kids will love! From fun and carefree spaces for imaginative play to serious study space and bookshelves for all the books, trinkets, and treasures we know little ones love to collect, we have found the best brands for creating a versatile, durable, comfy, cozy space that your children will love to call their own now and for many, many years to come.

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