Woolable by Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug

Every room needs a focal piece and so often that statement item is one that brings your style and spirit into the room. It draws the eye of your guests immediately upon entering and tells them more about yourself than you may know; it should also be a piece of comfort, one that easily pulls together your decor and makes the room a pleasant place for your body, mind, and spirit to enter and enjoy. In many rooms of the home, the living room, the den or family room, the dining room, and even often the bedroom, area rugs are this piece. Rugs bring comfort, coziness, softness, and zen to a room. They pull together all the other decor, position the furniture, and give you a soft space for work and play.

Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug
Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug

Families with children especially all know there will be more time spent on the floor at play than anywhere else in the home. From baby’s first tummy time to relaxing with a good book, the rugs in our homes experience all the wear and tear that goes along with our busy lives, and they need to last! Rugs need to be durable, versatile, and forgiving, after all, they are meant to be lived on. Most of all, machine washable rugs are the best. Fortunately, for interior designers, couples, and families everywhere, Lorena Canals knows this and has devoted her time and energy to creating beautiful pieces that will withstand the test of time, even in busy, bustling homes full of sticky fingers, tiny toes, and lots of love and laughter.

Woolable Machine Washable Rugs by Lorena Canals

Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug

Woolable by Lorena Canals is the first collection of machine washable rugs of its kind. Handcrafted by expert artisans in India, the new Woolable collection is crafted using natural wool fibers, safe and eco-friendly materials, sustainable practices, and natural, non-toxic dyes. With up to 10 artisans working to craft each gorgeous piece, no two rugs are exactly the same. Durable, available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, each and every rug is also machine washable ensuring that small spills and muddy footprints won’t ruin your rugs.

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Known for her cotton machine washable rugs collections, Lorena Canals expanded her reach in October of 2019 with Woolable, the first wool machine washable rugs, allowing families to opt for larger and more traditional material rugs without sacrificing the ability to easily clean these pieces. With four collections available, including rugs in five different sizes, each design is unique and incorporates a special meaning to inspire and evoke emotions, sensations, and feelings of peace, love, and mysticism in all things. Lorena Canals knows our home decor speaks to who we are and the new Woolable Collection allows us to do just that.

Collections Include:
  • Hopi: Neutral colors, hippy style, the Hopi Collection has a soul and is inspired by the Hopi people, the oldest Native American Tribe on the continent.
  • Free Your Soul: The 12 rugs in this collection use colors to free your soul, transmit sensations and awaken emotions in the five senses.
  • Fields: Inspired by the tea plantations of the country, the Fields Collections showcases the beauty of Sri Lanka’s green landscapes.
  • Bohemian Classics: This most Bohemian Collection features a soft palette of neutral colors that can be easily included in any room or decor in the house. The varied textures and handcrafted, detailed finishes bring natural beauty and comfort to each piece.

Lakota Night

Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug

Part of the Bohemian Classics collection, we love the Lakota Night Rug for its warm, neutral tones, varied textures, and incredible softness and warmth. Featuring hand-knotted fringe, varied thread height, and a plush consistency throughout, this beautiful rug brings a sense of peacefulness and calm to the room.

Lightweight enough to wash, but heavy and durable enough to withstand the constant roughhousing of 4 young boys, the Lakota Night Rug draws the eye and provides the room a warm and cozy feel. Incredibly soft and plush to walk and play upon, this rug also washes nicely, maintaining its shape, style, and form after drying. The Lakota Night design brings the beauty of the earth, the sky, and the natural elements into the room.

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Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug

About Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals knows life happens and wants to give families the opportunity to spend their time enjoying days spent in the home together without fretting over spills, stains or the general messes that come with kids. Because of this, Lorena Canals has been crafting sustainable, eco-friendly textiles for over 20 years, giving families beautiful, washable pieces to add to their homes.

From designing the baby’s first nursery to decorating (or redecorating) the living room of your forever home, Lorena Canals wants to help you make your house feel like a home. Using natural fibers, aesthetically pleasing designs, and washable materials, Lorena Canals is determined to create beautiful products that will become a part of your life story.

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Designed to be lightweight and practical, able to easily fit into your home washing machine, Lorena Canals machine washable rugs and accessories are stylish and modern, yet soft and enjoyable too. Forget sacrificing personal comfort for style, with Lorena Canals families can create a space that can actually be both beautiful and functional. Further, Lorena Canals is devoted to using sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices to keep both your loved ones and the environment safe.

Collections Include:
  • Cotton Machine Washable Rugs
  • Woolable Machine Washable Rugs
  • Poufs
  • Cushions
  • Garlands & Wall Decor
  • Baskets
  • Blankets

Woolable Rug Lakota Night
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Whether you are shopping for a spring update, designing your new baby’s nursery, or decorating your forever home, Lorena Canals has something to make every room in your house a home. The machine washable rugs and other home decor pieces available in all of her collections can be paired together or mixed and matched to create just the look you desire. Find your style, create your space, and enjoy a life well lived in a space and place full of light, love, and laughter.

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Woolable By Lorena Canals: The Washable Wool Rug



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