The Best Gifts to Send Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day looks a bit different this year, and all of us moms are trying to figure out just how to celebrate Mother’s Day when we can’t do our favorite activities. As military spouses, we are used to having to mail or send gifts to our mothers and mothers-in-law for Mother’s Day but our favorite gifts like a day at the spa or a gift card for a pedicure have gone out the window.

Here are a few gifts to send mom for Mother’s Day this year that she will love, despite not being able to leave her house. These are also great gift ideas for yourself (send this list to your spouse, hint hint) since you can’t do what all moms want to do on Mother’s Day, which is spend time alone.

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Gifts to Send to Mom for Mother’s Day


Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

One of the best gifts you can send mom for Mother’s Day is a subscription box. This subscription box by Decocrated is a great way to give mom something to look forward to every few months, especially since decorating our homes is low on the priority list of essential items. We are spending more time in our homes than ever before, but with Decocrated she can get some of the season’s trendiest items for the home that will spruce up her home’s style without having to step foot into a store.

Browsing for our favorite home items is out of the question nowadays, but with Decocrated you can have new home decor items delivered right to your home. Each box is filled with things like decorative votive holders, pillow covers, pictures, chalkboard signs, and more. A subscription to Decocrated is a great way to help her brighten up her home, especially when things seem so bleak in the real world.

Bravery Band

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

You can send a little love to your mom, your mother-in-law, or even a fellow military spouse with Bravery Bands. As military spouses we all know what it is like to love someone in the military or to miss someone deeply. Bravery Bands is a great way to show the mom in your life or a special friend that they are brave and they are supported, no matter what they are going through. You can get a simple “Brave” band in silver, gold, or rose gold, or a Glory Band Glory which is etched with the American flag. No matter which you chose, it will be a special gift for someone who loves someone in the military.

Peace and Pages

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Another wonderful subscription box option, especially for book lovers, is the Peace and Pages subscription box. This subscription box is delivered monthly or every other month, and comes with a paperback book in a category of your choice, a full size bath or body product and a full-size aromatherapy product. There are two box options, The Deluxe and the Basic, with the deluxe adding some additional accessories and a gourmet treat or snack. If the mom in your life is a bookworm, she will so appreciate being able to cuddle up a new book and enjoy a few additional goodies each and every month.

Bevara Skin

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

There is nothing quite like giving your mom a spa day for Mother’s Day. But since this year she can’t actually go into a spa, you can at least send her some products that will give her a spa-like experience. Bevara Skin is modern luxury skincare that offers CBD-infused skincare lines. CBD is beneficial in so many ways, especially for the skin to help decrease inflammation and reduce fine lines. To set mom up for a spa day at home, send her Bevara Skin’s Essentials Kit which includes their CBD infused exfoliating cleanser and moisturizer. Both are formulated with essential nutrients and botanicals like hibiscus, snow algae, and bamboo as well as broad spectrum CBD oil to give her reduced inflammation and less fine lines. All is packaged in a gorgeous gift bag, which makes it perfect for Mother’s Day.


Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

One thing mom really doesn’t want to do on Mother’s Day? Cook. BistroMD is one way you can give the mom in your life simple, easy meals that she can whip up in no time so she feels less like she’s spending her days in her kitchen and more time relaxing. All of BistroMD meals are made according to any special dietary needs she may have and provide her with healthy, delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner so she can quickly cook and then get on her way homeschooling, working, or just taking advantage of quarantine days. There are heart healthy options as well as options for gluten-free and even menopause. BistroMD can help the mom in your life lose the weight she has been wanting to get rid of or simply help her make healthier daily choices.

Block Islands Organics Skincare

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Summer is just around the corner and moms are looking to make their skin fresh and flawless. Block Islands Organic Skincare offers a line of completely organic, paraben-free, non-toxic, and natural skincare for all skin types. From the first stages of cleansing your skin to daily moisturizers, all the way to revitalizing serums and sunscreen for the whole family. The mom in your life will love the Revitalizing Night Cream which will help boost collagen levels, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It has avocado, rosehip, lotus bean, and Vitamins C and E to help give skin a flawless and even look. And with all natural ingredients and no parabens, gluten, PABA, ulfates, phthalates, dyes, silicone, or fragrance this vegan night cream is good for her and good for the environment.

A Unique Heart Subscription Box

The Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

There is nothing more that we want to give the moms in our life than to show them how much we love them and care about them. A box from A Unique Heart has several little gifts that show mom how much you love her and cherish her. Things like a beautiful silver heart necklace, a candle, and a book on self-care and self-love will help make her spirits sore even if she can’t see you this Mother’s Day.

Self-Care Bucket List Cards from FlowJo

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Moms are notorious for taking care of others before they take care of themselves, but we all know how important it is to make sure you are taken care of so that you don’t “pour from an empty cup.” This Self-Care Bucket List Card set from FlowJo reminds moms that self-care is within reach and can be done in several different ways. She can choose from 100 self-love and self-care cards to do something good for herself, even if that something is as small as making her favorite comfort meal or being productive like ridding her closet of clothing that doens’t make her feel good. Sometimes moms simply need a little reminder or a little push to take care of themselves in addition to taking care of others, and these cards are a great way to do just that.

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Paromi Tea

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Is your mom a tea lover? A great way to show her you recognize all her hard work and love is to give her a new blend of tea, reminding her to take a second to slow down and take care of herself. Paromi Tea has several different blends of amazing teas like Chamomile Lavendar, Vanilla Bourbon, Palace Green Tea, Hibiscus Berry, Sleep with Me, and Detox with Me. For Mother’s Day, this gorgeous gift set that includes a new “Me Time” mug with her favorite blend of tea (or a new one to try) is a great gift to remind mom to take some time for herself. Its a great gift for your mom, your spouse’s mom, or even a friend.

Joshua Tree Desert Rose Candles

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Candles are another wonderful and classic gift for moms, and a new scent can make her feel refreshed and revitalized even if she has been stuck in quarantine for awhile. These handmade candles by Joshua Tree Desert Rose are hand-poured and come in scents like Summer Sunset, Sandalwood and Smoke, Leather and Brandy, and On the Rocks. They come in a gorgeous gift bag, ready to be gifted right out of the box which makes it a perfect gift to send to your loved one this Mother’s Day even if you can’t be with them.

Urban Leaf

Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Gardening seems to be one of those quarantine activities that everyone seems to be taking up as they are stuck at home. If your mom is interested in starting her own indoor herb garden, Urban Leaf offers simple and easy herbs to grow right from her window sill. The windowsill starter kits come with seed packets, starter soil, and easy to follow directions to grow he first herbs using reusable bottles. You can choose several different options like Culinary Classics (basil, dill, and parsley), Edible Flowers (marigold, zinnia, and cosmos), Exotic Basils (Thai basil, lime basil, and purple basil), or Hint of Citrus (lemon basil, lime basil, and lemon balm). No matter which options you chose, she will love having fresh herbs in her kitchen.


Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother'S Day Daily Mom Military

Safe and natural skincare products are important to moms of all ages, and Cleure offers a line of clean, hypoallergenic skin care that are safe enough for even the most sensitive places. Their Repair and Correct Eye Cream is a great option even for those with the most sensitive skin as their products are clean and pure. It iss paraben-, salicyclate-, fragrance-, gluten-, petroleum-, formaldehyde-, phthatlate-, and alcohol-free and is made with peptides and CoQ10 to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark under eye circles. It also contains natural Mango Seed Butter which helps fight free radicals naturally. This eye repair cream is perfect for the tired and exhausted new mom who just wants to look her best.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but with these ideas you can send the mom in your life something she will absolutley love even if you can’t see her or you can’t send her to her favorite place for some self-care. Whether the mom is your own, your mother-in-law, another familiy member, or just a sweet friend you can be sure to show all the moms in your life how much they mean to you with a gift from the list above. (Pro-Tip- you can also share this with your spouse to remind them that Mother’s Day is coming and the kids won’t be coming home with a handmade gift from school!)

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The Best Gifts To Send Mom For Mother’s Day



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