Daily Mom Spotlight: Ditch the Mascara with Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

A woman’s staple makeup product is mascara; every makeup bag has one, and if you’re playing by the rules, you’re buying a new tube every three months. Even if you’re forgoing a full face morning makeup application – who are you really trying to impress in the carpool lane anyways? – we can betcha that a quick swipe of mascara subconsciously makes its way across your lashes. Let’s face it ladies, we all want Twiggy looking eyes, that pop and shine, with lush lashes a mile long.

Although wanting the lusted after celebrity windows to your soul, we probably would prefer going a more natural route instead of sticky fakes and extensions, and lord knows what other pricey and exotic treatments they are using these days. Well, for us regular ‘ol ladies who prefer au naturale with little to no maintenance or work – we’re not lazy, we’re moms, c’mon – Rodan + Fields has come to our rescue with their life changing – no, we’re not being dramatic, it’s our EYES we’re talking about here! – new Lash Boost serum, that easily and gradually – because good things come to those who wait – gives your lashes more length, thickness, and darkness.

The Miracle Workers at Rodan + Fields

We’re pretty confident most of you are familiar with Rodan + Fields – does Proactiv ring a bell? Or at least bring back horrible memories of our pubescent faces covered in acne? Ok, good. Years ago, dermatologists Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields introduced the world’s pimply faces to the magnificent Proactiv acne treatment, and since then, this woman duo power team has been taking the skincare world by storm.

Starting as a department store brand, Rodan + Fields has since evolved into a business model of empowering entrepreneurs – Independent Consultants – through social commerce and direct selling. You probably know of at least one friend whose life has been positively changed by the opportunity to provide for herself and her family through selling Rodan + Fields. Not only does this company give women the chance to fulfill business ownership dreams, but they offer superior skincare products that benefit everyone who uses them, especially the new miracle eyelash booster that makes our stubby, sparse lashes turn into the thick, plush down of angel wings – again, not dramatic.

Enhance those Smokey Wonders

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here… the who, what, where, when, and how… you want the lowdown on Lash Boost, so you can finally roll out of bed in the morning looking like a million bucks, at least in the middle to upper horizontal portion of your face – hey, you gotta start somewhere!


Easy – anyone with eyelashes! Whether you have barely there ones or are blessed with baby-like eyes and just want to make the less fortunate lash bearers even more jealous, Lash Boost shows no bias and should work for everyone. If you wear contacts, of course it’s good to take extra precaution and apply the serum with your contacts out.


Lash Boost is a clear, eyelash conditioning serum loaded with biotin and keratin that are proven to help increase hair growth and thickness. Their unique proprietary formula targets your lash line and gives your lashes the extra water, sunlight, and love they need to grow thicker, longer, and happier. It comes in a slim tube – similar to mascara – with a small, fine tipped brush on the end.

The proof is in the pudding – but really, the real life Before & Afters and the clinical results! Here are our photos showing our progress thus far:

BEFORE: November 8, 2016 : 1st application

AFTER: January 25, 2017 : 11 weeks later

BEFORE: November 8, 2016 : 1st application

AFTER: January 25, 2017 : 11 weeks later

Based on an 8-week independent study with 41 participants using Lash Boost…

  • 90% noticed fuller-looking lashes
  • 85% noticed longer-looking lashes
  • 63% noticed darker-looking lashes


Simply apply Lash Boost to your upper lash line, one swipe per eye. It’s easier and quicker than any mascara application, ever!


Lash Boost is recommended to be used at night, every night. Consistency is key! You can start to notice results within 4 weeks, but it’s way better to keep using it for at least 8 weeks. Then just keep going to maintain those luscious lashes. You can expect one tube to last you 2-3 months.


Before you start dreaming of trash cans filled with mascara and eyelashes you can braid, wash your face and eyes thoroughly. Don’t apply eye cream or any other products to your eye lids. You want a squeaky clean base for application. Then dip the brush in, and swipe as though you’re applying eye liner to each lash line. Wait 90 seconds or until the serum is dry before hitting the bed or applying any products to that area, and definitely don’t wash your face or eyes again for the night.

Get ready to ditch the mascara and wake up every morning to eyelashes you’ve only ever dreamed of! Thank goodness Rodan + Fields helped us busy moms take one more chore off our morning to-do list. Now we can confidently and beautifully go about our days sans mascara if we want, and bat our new, still 100% natural lashes at everyone who passes by. Another covergirl for Rodan + Fields in the book!

Shop Lash Boost using the link below, or better yet, find a local Independent Consultant near you! #RFLashBoost

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Our resident beauty expert, Kristen, gives us the low down on all things eyelash related! So, if you’re not ready to ditch the mascara quite yet, or just want to boost those gorgeous lashes even more, check out 5 Mistakes You’re Making with your Mascara!

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