The Ups & Downs of Being a Working Mom

The Ups and Downs of Being a Working Mom

Many women do not have a choice when it comes to returning to work after having a baby. Financial obligations and professional commitments can make working an absolute necessity for certain women.

However, some of us are privileged enough to be in a position to stop working and dedicate our time exclusively to raising our children. Sometimes this position can be the toughest of all to be in! At times having two options available can be more frustrating than only having one because it involves having to make a decision that will likely have lasting effects.

Decision making is tough! And even tougher when it involves the most important little person in your life! Perhaps you are torn between the suit-wearing and diaper-changing lifestyle. With that in mind, today we share the advantages and disadvantages of being a working mom. 

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3 Ways to Avoid Being Late…with KIDS!

3 Ways to Avoid Being Late With Kids 

We all know how difficult it can be to balance all of the demands of raising a family. From waking the kids up to go to school in the morning, to getting ready for bed, the hours in-between can feel as if you’re running a race. Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves over-committed and falling behind. 

As a result, most moms are constantly running late. We hope to change that with today’s 3 simple tips. 

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Dinner Prep Made Easy with Little Partners


It’s 5 o’clock and maybe you are walking in the door from a long day at work or maybe you are winding down from a long day of errands and play dates. One thing is for certain, come this time of day it is time to start what seems like the marathon of preparing dinner, feeding dinner, bath time and bedtime. Needless to say, dinnertime can be a tough time of day, especially with kids afoot. Keeping your little ones from hanging on your leg while you are prepping dinner is nothing shy of a miracle. Not to worry! With a few clever tips and tricks and a lot of help from our friends over at Little Partners it is possible to get a healthy meal prepared and on the table, sans child hanging on your leg.

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Little Yogis: Bond with Your Baby

After giving birth, the last thing most of us are thinking about is exercise. And, for good reason: your body has been through the ringer the last nine months — not to mention the marathon of labor and the exhausting nature of life with a newborn!

But after you’ve healed (and been cleared for exercise by your OB!), a gentle workout routine may be just what you need to begin to refresh, strengthen and re-energize! But, with a newborn, leaving for a date at the gym is not really a feasible option. So, you need something you can either do during nap time, or with your baby.

Baby (and Mommy) yoga is the perfect postnatal workout, combining a series of stretches for baby, strength moves for mom — and bonding for both. Here’s what you’ll need to get started!

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10 Tips to Help People Feel Comfortable Being Photographed

10 Tips to Help People Feel Comfortable Being Photographed

Family portraits. Whether this is an annual event for your family or something that happens once in a blue moon, they have a tendency to stress people out, especially mom. From coordinating outfits to making sure all the kids are behaving, to convincing your husband that even taking a picture together is a good idea, and then getting to your session on time; no wonder that so many people look tense in their photos. 

Whether you’re the the one being photographed or you’re the photographer, helping people to relax and feel comfortable being in front of the camera isn’t always easy. However, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that should make this portrait season a lot easier.  

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Road Tripping in Style with Toyota and Diono

road tripping in style with toyota and diono

Setting off on a road trip with a family can be totally daunting between having to stop to nurse your babies, or give your preschooler 45 potty breaks. However, there are many things available on the market today that can help you along your journey. We recently had the opportunity to test drive some posh new vehicles from Toyota along with some carseats and accessories from Diono, and are excited to report our findings to you.

We can’t guarantee a stress-less trip, however, we can give you some solutions for safety and convenience items that will ease your mind and help you focus more on the road ahead.

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10 Tips & Tricks for the Sports Mom

If you have kids in sports (or multiple kids, in multiple sports) then you know how fun and also stressful it can be. Running this way and that from one field to another can be challenging but it’s also so rewarding to see your kids enjoying themselves playing whatever their chosen sport is. As your kids get older and more competitive then their time commitments increase, and so do yours. These seasons can get quite stressful if you are not prepared, but you are in luck because we have polled all of our sports moms and narrowed down the ten best tips and tricks to help you survive this season, and all of those to come.

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Tabata With Your Toddler

Tabata with Your Toddler

Time is of the essence when you are a mom of a tiny, toddling on-the-go human that doesn’t quite yet understand the simple bliss of just sitting still for one moment. Getting in a workout, let alone getting dressed for the day, almost seems like an impossible task on the daily to do underneath the loads of laundry and mounds of dirty dishes. Discovering new and exciting ways to interact and play with your child, while accomplishing some of those daily to do’s are a great way to not only cross off the tasks on your list faster, but also help your child grow and develop into a fabulous, well-adjusted, and in this case, a very fit little one. A beginner’s tabata style workout with your toddler is the perfect way to leave you both glistening in sweat and full of giggles.

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Stroller Guide: Activ3 Jogging Stroller by Chicco

Keeping active with young children can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. That said, if you hope to continue any sort of outdoor exercise, having all-terrain gear is an absolute necessity. There are a number of “jogging strollers” on the market, but Chicco’s Activ3 Jogging Stroller with its exclusive Control Console puts all-terrain mobility right at your fingertips! 

Today we’ll discover why parents (and babysitters) who enjoy an active lifestyle will enjoy this stylish everyday stroller and fitness jogger.

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DIY: Nut Butters

If you’re like us, you’re crazy for nut butters! Creamy, crunchy, flavored, unflavored, in smoothies, on fruit, or by the spoonful — nut butters make the perfect addition to any snack.

But what we don’t like about nut butters are the additives, preservatives, and price tag — a jar of organic almond butter can easily set you back $10! And when you’re adding the delicious spread to everything, this habit can get quite expensive.

The solution? Make it yourself! With a few kitchen supplies, ingredients, and time, you can easily whip up your very own nut butters, customized exactly to your tastes and preferences!

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High Tech Spring Cleaning Acccessories

High Tech Spring Cleaning Accessories -Recovered

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. With the nicer weather in full swing you may be feeling the urge to get a good deep cleaning done around your house. Here at Daily Mom we certainly are! Sometimes spray bottles, paper towels and the handy old broom and dustpan just aren’t going to cut it. When you really want your deep cleaning to be effective sometimes you need to turn to the use of cutting edge high-tech cleaning accessories. Today, we have rounded up some of the essential and amazing pieces of machinery that will help you take this spring to the next level!

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Best Free Apps for the Fitness-Minded Mom

With just the swipe of your finger, a personal trainer awaits to help get you into tip-top shape! It sounds like a dream for busy moms with maybe too little time or too little extra funds to spend at the gym each day, but thanks to technology, the prospect of having a free personal trainer working with you twenty-four-seven and an at-home gym are now within a thumb’s reach. Read on for a list of the five best FREE fitness apps that range in not only ability, but also flexibility, strength, flavor and endurance.

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Get Fit Initiative

The New Year and your New Year’s resolutions may have already become a thing of the past but the good news is that Spring has more than sprung and Summer is on the horizon. The better news? Daily Mom is launching our Get Fit Initiative.

With the nicer weather in full swing, we want to help you get up, get out and get moving. All of us here at Daily Mom will be right alongside you , doing the same thing and offering encouragement. Be sure you keep up with our initiative for some great tips, recipes, ideas, activewear fashion (because it’s crucial to look good while getting in shape), family fun activities and inspiration on getting fit and being healthy. Remember,this is Daily Mom so we understand the responsibilities that come with having children and family as top priorities. We are here to help you work getting fit and healthy into your everyday life.

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On-Trend Makeup: Three For Spring

Spring is upon us and most of the recent beauty buzz has been about how to best update makeup basics with fresh Spring color and texture. So, what’s on trend for Spring? Fresh dewy skin, a pop-of-color eye, and an exciting juicy lip color! See how to tie together the “Three for Spring” below.

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Baby Monitor Guide: Ovia Video Monitor by Levana

When it comes to baby gear and the essentials, many of us moms find that a quality video monitor is one piece of gear that truly makes a difference in our day (and night!). We want something that’s easy to setup and use, offers a clear view of our child day and night, is reliable, and has all the extra features that make life easier. The new Ovia monitor by Levana is sure to fit the bill! The Ovia is a video monitor system with an LCD screen, pan/tilt/zoom functions, the ability to expand up to 4 cameras, and many more great features to love. Read on for a look at all of the great features of this wireless video monitor by Levana.

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