Dealing With PMS Pain – What Helps Cramps?

Dealing with PMS Pain | What helps cramps

If you’re one of the unlucky girls that really struggles with period pain, know that you aren’t alone in the world. Many of us women are cuddled up on the couch for a few days each month, moaning slash screaming into the dark abyss and cursing our ovaries. If you’re wondering what helps cramps, or other menstrual type pain, we are here to share with you some tried and true tips and tricks, that will hopefully leave you with a bit of relief during your PMS time.

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Allergies and NAET Testing…Is It Right for You?

Allergies are on the rise, autoimmune diseases are running rampant, and our children’s quality of life is suffering as a result. As parents trying to raise our kids to the best of our abilities, and within a reasonable budget, it sometimes feels as though we are constantly at war with fate maneuvering the battleground that is our children’s health. The questions when it comes to these allergies and autoimmune illnesses are why the numbers are significantly increasing and what can we, as modern-day moms and dads, do about it? Do we limit our children’s diets, pay for expensive medications or try a more natural approach? With education and information being our greatest resource, here are some facts to help you make informed decisions for your family.

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12 Treats to Eat While Cheering for Team USA

Thanks to the time change between South Korea and the United States, families can enjoy Olympic coverage all day long. From watching luge competitors barrel down the track at 80 miles per hour to holding your breath wondering if the freestyle snowboarders are going to stick the landing, there is no shortage of excitement throughout the three weeks of athleticism and competition.

While most of us are not planning on competing in any Olympic sports in the near future, you can show your fervor for Team USA by indulging in some patriotic treats throughout the games. Whip up some of these snacks and enjoy your arm chair coaching alongside Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, no bedazzled microphone required.

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10 Edible Flowers (and Recipes You Can Try)

Spring is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming of warmer weather, flowers blooming, and iced anything instead of foods meant to keep us warm. One of the most unlikely places to get your boost of flavor and color when it comes to springtime meals is flowers. That’s right, those colorful things you have in your garden? Some of them you can eat. Maybe your two year old was on to something when he tried to scarf down that handful of dirt (just kidding, don’t do that). Below is a list of ten flowers you can actually eat, and delicious spring-time recipes to try. 

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Please Stop Stereotyping My Sons

From the minute my oldest son was born, the threats began…veiled and in a joking manner mind you, but offensive nonetheless. Friends of ours, fathers with baby girls, were so quick to “joke” about how we better keep our son away from their daughters. As time went on and we had 2 more boys, the comments were always the same, made in jest but not the least bit amusing to the parent of all boys. As a woman, a mother to 3 boys and a sister to 4 grown men, I honestly have to say I am frequently offended and disheartened by the way we treat young boys in our society. My plea to other parents, teachers, and everyone else out there is to stop stereotyping my sons.

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Intention Setting vs. Resolutions

Nearly one month into 2018 and chances are if you resolved to make a change in the new year, you’ve already failed. On average only 8 percent of resolutions are kept throughout the year. Not to be all doom and gloom, there is hope if you are ready to make a change for the better.

Created at the start of the new year, resolutions are typically formed from a negative standpoint, starting at looking at ways to correct perceived shortcomings. Relationship Coach Jonathan Bennett believes this is why the failure rate for resolutions is so high.

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Adventurous Belize Vacation for Couples

When deciding where to go and what to do for your vacation, one has a lot of options in front of them. You can go on vacation to relax. You can go on vacation to sight see. You can go on vacation just to get a change of pace. You can go on vacation for adventure. Belize is an amazing destination for all these types of vacations. If you are  interested in an adventurous Belize vacation, Hamanasi Resort is the place for you. This all inclusive resort in the rainforest gives you a luxurious, relaxing, change of pace in a unique location but adventure is also available. In fact, Hamanasi calls itself an adventure resort. There are a ton of options for excitement in this magical part of the world. Check out all the adventure waiting for you at Hamanasi Resort!

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The Importance of Play: Thwarting Gun Violence at a Young Age

*This article was completed just minutes before the news of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on February 14, 2018. It has been updated to include details about the shooter that coincide with the premise of this article.*

At the time this article is being written (February 2018), there have been eighteen school shootings. On eighteen different occasions, parents sent their children to school without a second thought. They packed lunches, made sure coats were zipped, and put them on the bus to a place where we are supposed to trust that our children will be safe and happy. Despite the lockdown drills that are now practiced for grades as young as kindergarten, no parent, no matter how old their child is, believes that their child’s school will be the one that experiences such a tragic and terrifying event such as a school shooting. It begs the question: Why are we seeing such an uptick in gun violence and mass shootings, especially at our schools?

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Meet Andi – Mother of 9, No Doubt She’s A Daily Mom

I never imagined that I’d be a minority statistic – like ever. Hi there! Check out a wee little part of my life as a mom of nine children, a minority woman, AND married to another race. Let’s just say life is colorful! I’m Andi LaBrune, a Daily Mom photographer and writer, and of course…a mom. I’ll admit, I never did quite like the slogan, “she wears many hats” to describe a mom, simply because, I really don’t look good in hats. So, I’ll leave these virtual hat-labels hung up and do what I do best – be me…extended.

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana and Parenting

Medical Marijuana is a hot topic everywhere these days, from social media and college campuses to politics and doctors’ offices. Many states have legalized the medicinal use of Marijuana for certain illnesses, some have legalized it recreationally and others have just voted on this very issue. Controversy surrounds this topic as it would with any political hot button issue and the pendulum seems to swing both ways, with those for legalization and those in opposition never seeming to come to any sort of middle ground.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Acts of Heart

This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of BIOLIFE4D. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This Valentine’s Day, as you are preparing the perfect treats for your kids to take to school, filling out cards for grandparents, and making dinner reservations for the perfect romantic night out, stop and reflect on what love means for your family. Romantic love is exciting but what about a more meaningful and all encompassing love that you can share with everyone you meet? What about love that can be expressed in little, creative ways that can brighten a stranger’s day or make the world a better place for us all? Isn’t that love worthy of some of our attention during this season of love? Wouldn’t shift to a focus on love like that change our perspective and be a more valuable use of our energy. This Valentine’s Day, we want to challenge you to think about ways to model this kind of love for your children so we send our kids out into the world with a heart for others instead of a heart for just themselves. It is easier than you think to do this and we want to share with you how we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with Acts of Heart!

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Change Your Diaper Buying Habits

This blog post has been sponsored by Luvs

Many parents get in a diaper rut and don’t realize that their initial choice in diapers might not have been the best. Someone gifts you big boxes of a certain brand at your baby shower and you just stick with that brand for consistency’s sake. You are on a tight budget and automatically assume a store brand is the best way to save money. If there is a quality diaper on the store shelves that can save you money and keep your kid dry and prevent leaks, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Change your diaper buying habits and you will be pleasantly surprised how much cash you will keep in your wallet and how great the new diapers perform.

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How to Get Perfect Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Red is the perfect lipstick shade to wear on Valentine’s Day; it’s bold, classic, sexy, and gives a sense of confidence that a sweet pink lip just won’t.  We’re teaching you all the tricks when it comes to choosing the right shade of red for your complexion, lining and applying it like a pro, and how to make it last all night. Read on to see how to get perfect, kissable red lips this Valentine’s Day.

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