Professional Styling with Wee Blessing

Parents know that shopping for clothing for your children can be fun…when you have the time. Going into a store and shopping for clothes is exhausting with little ones, even when you love fashion. Online shopping has made this easier, but sometimes even that can be stressful. The options are endless and it can be hard to sift through each page. With the rise of online clothing subscription boxes for adults, it’s a wonder that there isn’t something like it for kids. For busy parents on the go, a professional children’s styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle can be a lifesaver. Wee Blessing is just that! They help you and your kids feel and look your best while giving you back what matters most…your time!

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Welcome to our new video segment: Daily Kids Review Toys

We are excited to announce our new video series that will star our kids. Our Daily Moms have worked really hard to bring you all the best content and finds and now our kids will do the same for your kids.
So sit back and relax while YOUR kids watch OUR kids talk about their favorite products! Today we have a fingerlings review done by a 5 year old.

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Tea at The Ritz for Make-A-Wish South Florida

If you are in the southwest Florida area, there is a wonderful event just around the corner that will get you and your children in the Christmas spirit in more ways than one. A holiday tea is a classic way to celebrate this festive season, and on December 9th at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida, a fabulous one will be held.  This event is sure to be an afternoon full of making holiday memories with loved ones, all while supporting an amazing organization that is all about creating memories for special families, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

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2017 Holiday Shipping Deadlines to Military Addresses

Let’s all go ahead and admit that we have the same question when it comes to mailing holiday packages: “What is the absolute latest date I can mail this package and still have it delivered in time?” Last-minute shopper by nature, or intimidated by the long and winding holiday lines at the post office, procrastination is something of a holiday tradition when it comes to mailing packages. This is especially true for those with family and friends serving in the military. We want to be sure that their gifts reach their destination on time and intact. These holiday shipping deadlines will help you be able to plan to get your gifts to everyone in your family- even the ones that are missing the holidays. 

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Holiday Travel: Grabbing Healthy Snacks While On the Go

The holiday season is a busy time. There are so many moving parts that it can be hard to continue healthy eating habits, especially while traveling. We have all been there: we are driving to a family member’s house for the holidays and we need to stop for gas. The kids are hungry, you’re hungry, and everyone is about to turn from Santa’s elves into the Grinch if they don’t eat soon. Typically, when walking into a convenience store, you’re faced with the option of junk or…junk. But that isn’t the case any longer. All across the country, convenience stores have started an initiative to provide healthy snacks and meals instead of just candy bars, chips, and soda. 

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Give the Gift of Sleep with HALO

Ask most parents what they want this holiday season and they will all announce, with a hint of exhaustion in their voice, that they want sleep. Sleep means the most to parents of new babies who are in the throes of sleepless nights. Parents will do anything to figure out how to get their baby to sleep longer at night and they will be forever grateful to anyone who can unlock that secret for them. Nothing means more to new parents then when their baby starts sleeping for longer stretches at night. And although you might not have the answer to the ultimate secret of baby sleep you have some products that can help- like the ones from HALO. 

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When Your Baby Has a Fever: What To Know and What To Do

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories. The opinions and text are all mine.

When your little one spikes a fever, it can be scary for the entire family. As parents, it is hard to feel hopeful in moments of hopelessness. Nothing leaves one feeling more helpless than watching a young child in pain, wishing something could be done to help them. Fevers, although a sign that one’s body is fighting off infection, can be terrifying. 

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Making Business Travel More Fun

This is a story of how we found a way to make business travel work for us.

As working professionals, my boyfriend and I travel a lot. Whether it is to visit a client or go to a trade show, all this business travel can add up, overwhelm, exhaust and make you feel like all you see is the inside of the airport. Fortunately, we are in the travel journalist industry which means we get to travel for work like we would for leisure. But when you think of an average corporate traveler, that is definitely not the case.

Anyone who has lived a business travel life can attest to the fact that it is a weekly shuffle of uber, airport, inside boardrooms, back to uber and airport. So we set out to figure out how we can break the cycle of #realtravel and make it SURREAL.

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Start Your New Year Off Right with Meals from Personal Trainer Foods

The holidays are filled with over-indulgence, especially when it comes to food. The Christmas cookies, the big meals, holiday parties- they all make it difficult to stick to your healthy eating habits. If a goal of yours, or someone you know, is to lose weight for the New Year, then a subscription to meal plans from Personal Trainer Food is a great gift this holiday season.

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Holiday Decor, Florida Style

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bealls Stores for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is time to decorate for the holidays! Holiday decor is probably the most fun decor of all and we are busting at the seams to show off all our holiday cheer in our homes. There are lots of ways to decorate. We all celebrate different holidays and some of us keep it totally secular. Depending on where you live, your style for your home may reflect your natural surroundings. Holiday decorations tend to be all snowflakes, plaid, wintergreen trees, and reindeer. But what if you live somewhere tropical? If you are a Floridian can you decorate your home in a way that still makes sense? Filling your home with snowmen and reindeer can seem weird when you see palm tress outside your window. Most Florida families prefer the sunshine to snow and wind. However, you will want to add some seasonal touches to your decor. You can celebrate the holidays, Florida style and here is how to do so…

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Cups For Kids – Is Silicone Dominating Plastic?

Is it the new “plastic”? Hardly! Think silicone, safe, and then switch to these cups for kids because that is exactly what parents should be doing. 100% safe, dishwasher friendly, and ready to travel, you won’t believe these cups for kids are simply silicone. If you are on the go, even in your own home (because really, we don’t have time for spills), the Silikids tableware is replacing the plastics in the kitchen – FAST! 

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