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Family Photo Outfits for Under $200


It’s easy to fall into the matching outfit slump when dressing up for your family photos. We have all seen it, or maybe even done it. All white shirts, all khaki pants. All wearing shades of blue, no patterns. You don’t have to be scared to inject a bit of personality, color and pattern into your outfits and you do not have to match!

You also do not have to spend a ton of money to create a great family look! Going through your closets and pulling out some of your favorite outfits and laying them out together is a great way to start. If you find that you need to get some new things in order to coordinate better for a photo that pops, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Cobalt, Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue and Tan


powder blue cobalt yellow

Shades of sky and cobalt blue with pops of yellow throughout the group make for a great spring photo. Dad could add a yellow bowtie if he is so inclined! Mixing a few patterns in keeps things interesting and gives personality to the look.

  1. Sunburst Yellow Girls Top at Target $10
  2. Blue Ink Jegging by Almost Famous on Amazon $18
  3. Girls Leopard Flats at Target $15
  4. Boys Striped Long Sleeve Knit Tee at Target $15
  5. Boys Denim (similar) on Amazon $15
  6. Fit Flop Kids Sneaker in Sunflower on Amazon $37
  7. Womens Knockout Aqua Peplum Dress at Target $28
  8. Mens Gingham Shirt at Target $23
  9. Yellow Bubble Necklace by Enya Jewelry on Amazon $7
  10. Womens Taupe Pumps at Target $30
Family Total: $198


Mint, Grey, Butter and Metallic Gold

Affordable Family Photo Outfits - mint yellow grey goldSoft mint and yellow create a refreshing, light look that are balanced out with shades of grey. Metallic gold accessories pop off of the soft palette! Creating a family look like this is easiest if you start with a multi-colored piece (in this case, Mom’s dress) and then look for single color pieces to match it!

  1. Boys Grey Gingham Shirt at Target $13
  2. Boys Dark Grey Denim at Target $22
  3. Womens Mint Jersey Dress at Target $28
  4. Womens Gold Sequin Flats at Target $14
  5. Mens V-Neck Sweater at Target $23
  6. Mens Plaid at Target $23
  7. Mens Grey Denim at Target $30
  8. Girls Yellow Dress at Target $20
  9. Girls Gold Flats at Target $17
Family Total: $190

Warm Tones & White

affordable family outfits - warm tones
Mixing warm shades, even though all different colors, gives an overall cohesive color palette that is rich and bright. Choosing from wine tones, red, orange, coral and pink gives lots of options so that everyone is wearing a different color. Avoid choosing colors that are too similar (like two reds) because they may clash. Add in dark brown for a rich neutral and mix white throughout.

  1. Sweet Heart Rose dress on Amazon $20
  2. Maternity Lace Dress at ASOS $30
  3. City Classified flats on Amazon $11
  4. Sweet Heart Rose outfit on Amazon $24
  5. Stride Rite Joanna sandal on Amazon $17
  6. US Polo Assn red polo on Amazon $25
  7. Steve Madden Oxfords on Amazon $55
Family Total: $199
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Megan V.

Megan is a fashion industry drop-out turned stay-at-home-mom to a baby girl named Luna. Her days are filled with creative endeavors such as embroidery, calligraphy and photography in between changing diapers and nursing sessions. She has a passion for all things handmade, eco-friendly, unique and modern. You can peek more into her life and projects at her blog, Lilac Saloon, and follow her on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

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    A lot of them aren’t avaialble or are totally different prices than what you have here very disappointing.


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      Megan V.


      As time passes, the items for sale will become unavailable unfortunately. The prices should all be accurate unless the seller themselves has changed the price since the post has been written. I hope that you can at least take inspiration from the outfit collections and create your own versions within your budget for your family!


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    especially the amazon outfits


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