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The Benefits of Building Toys

Kids are curious little creatures, they love to explore the world around them. They are constantly touching, evaluating, guessing what is this, why does this happen, how do I do that? And the all time favorite- “but why?” questions. This curiosity and zeal for life can be curated to build natural learners – kids that love learning and want to know more about everything.  Building toys, such as Magformers , helps kids to cultivate this curiosity by hands on learning.  

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Easter Essentials for Kids 2017

Easter is a special time for kids. The magic of the Easter bunny, hunting for Easter eggs, and the beginning of warm weather can make for some special times. However, it can be difficult to find gifts and items for your kids for this occasion, especially after the Christmas and holiday season. Daily Mom has you covered though, with unique gift ideas for the Easter holiday. We have everything – toys, books, treats, and more! Check out the best gifts for kids this Easter in our 2017 Easter Essentials Guide for kids.

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15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys For A Rainy Day

15 More Quiet Indoor Toys For Rainy Days2

The other day we brought you 15 Quiet Indoor Toys for Rainy Days. Here at Daily Mom, it is always our goal to bring you the best, most unique selection of items and when we went to unearth the best quiet toys for a rainy day we found more than we could share in just one day. So, today we are bringing you 15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys for a Rainy Day. After all, keeping your kids occupied when you they are stuck inside can be difficult. The more “tools” you can keep in hand, the more fun the whole family can have.

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Preschool Easter Basket Gift Guide

Looking for exciting new ideas for your preschooler’s Easter basket that isn’t candy? Then you are in the right place! We have looked high and low to bring you some amazing options for those little balls of energy in your life. We agree that sweet treats are great, but in moderation. So this year think about filling their basket up with goodies that will last much longer then the snacks. Consider gifts that appeal to their developing minds!

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Gifts for Teens And Tweens

Ah, the tweens and teens in our lives. Those hard to buy for, ultra-picky, always changing their mind, 8-12 year olds and 13+ kids who drive us crazy every holiday season! Instead of (or in addition to) the usual high-priced trendy tech gadget that most of these kids want, give them something different this year. We have rounded up some unique and beautiful items that your tween and teen will be happy to show off to all their friends. Not to mention a few items that are not only fun and hip, but actually incorporate learning and encourage creativity. It’s a win-win!   

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