Arizona is a magical place, full of desert beauty, snow capped peaks, canyon lakes, and magnificent wildlife. It’s a state where you can view dusty, sandy grounds dotted with cacti as towering mountains blanketed with snow serve as a backdrop, all in one scene. Wild horses and cattle roam the landscapes, while one lane roads stretch for miles between sky high striped rocky cliffs. Where world famous landmarks lay as people from all over the Earth come to photograph and honor their longevity. It’s a place where the views that are set before your eyes seem unreal, as something flawlessly painted by an artist, a priceless piece of art. Even though it’s impossible to capture on a screen what these views look like in real time, we still tried to portray the power of nature and faith in these images, from the north to the south of Arizona. Savor each image, and please add them to your traveling bucket list, as each is truly a sight to behold.

1. Antelope Canyon

  • A slot canyon located on the Navajo land east of Page, Arizona
  • Formed by erosion of sandstone
  • Can only visit through guided tours due to flash flood danger

2. Lake Powell

  • Reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border of Arizona and Utah
  • Second largest man-made lake in the USA
  • Was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam

3. Grand Canyon

  • Carved by the Colorado River
  • 277 miles long / 18 miles wide / over 1 mile deep
  • Has some of the cleanest air in the USA

4. Horseshoe Bend

  • Meander of the Colorado River near Page, Arizona
  • Lookout point is accessible via a 1.5 mile round-trip hike from US Route 89
  • From the lookout point, it is a 1,000 foot drop

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Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography


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