One of the most difficult things as a parent who is traveling with their kids is trying to get them to fall asleep comfortably on a plane. Luckily, there are a few things that can help make it a little more comfortable for everyone. The Fly-Tot is an inflatable pillow that can be placed on the floor in front of your child’ seat, creating a little bed for them to stretch out and sleep.

No more laying on top of mom or dad, or wiggling around uncomfortably. The Fly-Tot easily inflates to create a fluffy cushion that kids can use to lay down. Its durable material will ensure that it won’t pop or get holes in it even with frequent use. You won’t disturb the people in front of you either- even when it is fully inflated, the Fly Tot still allows for the seat back in front of you to fully recline.

The Fly Tot is a rectangular shape so it can fit in different spaces– economy, economy plus, and bulk head seats all will accommodate the Fly Tot. Its quick release valves make for easy deflating so you can get off your plane easily when it’s time to go. Kids are able to get some rest on long flights all while still staying safely buckled in their seats. Mom and dad will no longer have little bodies spread over theirs for those cross-country or international flights- the Fly Tot creates a little bed so everyone can get some rest.


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