11 Travel Must-Haves for the Family Wanderlusts

Summer is approaching and that means more families are headed out their doors to go and explore the world around them. Whether you are a solo traveler, a #couplesgoals duo travel team, or travel with several little humans tagging along, you will need things to make the time getting to your destination a little bit easier as well as things for when you’re exploring. The Daily Mom team is full of wanderlust souls, and we have come up with some of our favorite things travel must-haves that make traveling a bit easier and smoother.

Heys Travel Luggage

Any sort of travel isn’t do-able without a durable luggage set. For all your travels you need something that will withstand the banging around between flights and the rough handling of baggage handlers. You need something that won’t rip on the first trip on the belly of the plane or when smooshed in the overhead compartments. You need assurance that you won’t be left in a foreign country with no luggage because yours broke apart.

Heys Luggage is made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate composite. This means that not only is your luggage safe from dents, bangs, and tears but it also is light enough that it won’t add unnecessary weight to your already limited amount. The 360 degree spinner wheels make it easy for you to trek through the airport, train station, or European-styled cobblestone walkways. The interior is designed with a styled pattern, several pockets, and straps to keep everything organized and in place. And you always need room for more stuff to take home – that’s why Heys provides an expansion zipper on every suitcase

With several styles, designs, and sizes to choose from Heys Luggage is sure to have something that matches your personality. The Paris collection comes with all three sizes: large (30”), medium (26”), and small (21”). The smallest size easily fits in even the most strictest overhead compartment specs, and each one is designed with a bright and bold Parisian scenery artist Riccardo Guasco that will help your luggage stand out from the rest on the carousel.

Shootout Backpack by Tenba

Exploring the world is amazing. You will see and experience so many different things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do if you stayed home. If you are a momtographer or dadtographer, you know you need your camera with you to document all your travels. The Shootout Backpack by Tenba is a photographer and traveler’s dream backpack.

Designed to be lightweight but carefully carry all your precious cargo, the Shootout Backpack by Tenba is perfect for travel photographers or for taking family photos while on your adventures for your memories. With the Shootout Backpack 32L you are able to carry 2 DSLRs, 5 to 8 lenses, a flash, and other accessories you may need. You can even carry a 17” laptop for all your on-the-go editing. It offers an internal aluminum frame that helps to balance weight. The Pivot Fit™ straps adjust for different shoulder shapes and are covered with moisture-wicking lycra that keeps you cool and dry even when moving mountains (literally and figuratively).

Made with nylon, the Shootout Backpack 32L is strong, durable, moisture-wicking, and water repellent which is perfect for all your travel adventures. It is lightweight too, weighing only 6 lbs ( 5 lbs without the internal dividers). Take the Shootout Backpack 32L wherever you go – its dimensions meet even the strictest international travel carry-on requirements.

The Shootout Backpack 32L is the perfect travel photographer’s backpack. Lightweight with a large capacity for all your shooting needs, this backpack can go where you go and withstand all that your adventures take you.


Shootout Backpack 32L


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PAPAYA! Art Travel Accessories

Traveling is an art form. PAPAYA! Art has travel accessories that speak to a wanderlust’s soul. Their creative and art-inspired designs are made with love, spreading that feeling through the universe as your travel the world. Their travel accessories will make you feel stylish, fun, and flirty while you make your way around the world.

Travel Clutch

Every traveler needs their passport, and PAPAYA!’s Travel Clutch can double as a passport holder for all your traveling needs. It can also hold additional documents and up to 11 cards so you have everything you need- from your passport to your travel tickets- close by for a moment’s notice. The clear protected ID holder allows you to quickly show and access your ID if ever you should need it. Each travel clutch is hand sewn with love with an oilcloth-like material, giving it a soft and luxurious feel. The bright colors give you a bold and fun look with your travel game, too.

Travel Organizer

Being organized is key to successful travel. A good travel organizer, like this one from PAPAYA! helps you keep everything in place instead of shifting around in your luggage. The foldable organizer opens up, revealing four clear, zippered pockets for you to carry your jewelry, small toiletries, receipts, or other travel items in one place. It easily folds into itself making it small and compact, so it takes up as little precious space as possible. And when you get to where you need to go, you can hang up your travel organizer with the loop attached at the top for easy access to all your things.

Luggage Tag

These cute, vibrant luggage tag from PAPAYA! you will easily be able to see your suitcase as it comes around the baggage carousel. And if, heaven forbid, your luggage gets lost the PAPAYA! Luggage Tag durable won’t rip off like those paper ones they give you at the counter giving you a better chance of (eventually) getting your belongings back.

7 A.M. Enfant Backpacks

You need a place to put all your treasures while adventuring. Backpacks by 7 A.M. Enfant are a great go-to on-the-go bag for your family travels. There are bags for everyone in the family – including the kids – so everyone has their own space and their own personal items to take along with them whether it’s activities for the plane ride or shopping around town for souvenirs.

The 7 A.M. Enfant backpage in Heather Grey Stars is a full size backpack that doubles as a diaper bag. With seven interior pockets, two exterior pockets, and a changing pad this backpack offers plenty of room for thing for the baby and things for you no matter where you are headed. The stroller straps make it easy to attach to your stroller so you have easy access to everything you need while walking around, and the padded straps make it comfortable to wear all day long.

Even the kids can get in on the action. The kids MINI backpacks are the perfect size for your mini me to hold the things they need during travel and for all those special treasures they find. There are several different designs to choose from to meet your child’s personal style. Each one comes with a large interior pocket, two exterior pockets, and mesh compartments along with easy to grab handles and soft, padded straps for added comfort.

Do you only have a little to bit to carry but want to keep your hands free? The MINI backpacks offer the same conviniece as 7 A.M. Enfant’s regular size backpacks but at a smaller size. This is perfect for those quick treks around the city or mini outings to a cafe or bakery where you don’t need a ton of stuff but want to keep your hands free, keeping you more comfortable compared to carrying a traditional purse.

Lonely Planet Travel Books for Kids

Help foster the love of learning of your future traveler with one of the best forms of learning (especially on the go) through travel books made just for kids. A search on Amazon can bring about a ton of options to feed your mini wanderlust. Here are some of our favorites from Lonely Planet and Lonely Planet Kids:

  • Beautiful World– See the beauty of the world through the eyes of the travelers of Lonely Planet with some of the most amazing images captured by the top travel publisher.
  • My Family Travel Map– This interactive poster map allows you and your family to fill in all your travels and adventures around the world. Stickers tell your friends where you are going and where you have been, giving the family a way to see their travels all at once.
  • Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life– This world atlas gives all the most amazing features of countries around the world, along with facts and figures that bring the world around them to life.
  • The Big Earth Book– Earth, air, fire, and water- The Big Earth Book describes how all those elements brought together life on this planet, showing them how amazing the world really is around them.
  • 1000 Ultimate Adventures– Trying to figure out where to go next and what to do on your next travel adventure? 1000 Ultimate Adventures gives you some of the most exciting adventures around the world from some of the best travel experts.
  • Not for Parents Europe: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know– Headed to Europe? This kids travel book will tell them all the coolest, not-for-parents stories about  the history of Europe.
  • My Travel Journal– Give your little explorer a place to write down all their travel stories, memories, and feelings in their very own travel journal. With topic ideas, lists to complete, and prompts to help get their writing going, this book will be fun for them to document their adventures and eventually turn into a memory book for them as they grow older.
  • Doodle Spots– See something neat? Find it in your Doodle Spots book to record all that you see along the way! This interactive book is great for your long travel days to keep the kids engaged and occupied during the car ride, flight, or train travel.

Adventure is to be had for kids, and fostering their love for travel is a great way to fill their hearts and minds with the thirst and knowledge to get to know the world around them. Lonely Planet is the leading publisher in travel information books, and Lonely Planet for Kids brings your youngest adventurers in on the action.

1st Class Kids Travel Pillow

Nothing is worse than traveling with grumpy and overtired kids. Whether you are flying, driving, or traveling by train it can be hard to comfortably get some rest in those tiny seats. The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow helps to solve that issue by creating a cushion for the tiny leg space between seats. 

When the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow is inflated, it creates a seamless seat for your child to stretch out and rest their legs. Travel is now smooth and comfortable. Not only is it great for sleeping, but it is also good for a general leg rest so your child’s legs aren’t constantly dangling, as well as provides a table-like space to play during long flights or train rides.

The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow is easy to inflate and deflate, making it easy for those quick transitions. It can be stored easily in a backpack or small bag so taking it with you while traveling is simple. Now you and your kids can get some much-needed rest while traveling because everyone is finally comfortable – which makes for happier travelers. 

1 Voice Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask

Trying to sleep while traveling is difficult. Whether you are en route trying to get some shut eye on the plane, train, or car or you are adjusting to a new time zone, there are countless things that can keep you awake. The 1 Voice Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask not only blocks out the light but it also allows you to listen to music, white noise, or other soothing sounds to block out the noise, too.

The eye mask of the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask is made with memory foam and a soft velvet covering so it is comfortable and barely noticeable. The headphones are padded with an extra layer of memory foam so you can’t even feel them within the band of the eye mask.

The 1 Voice Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask can be used with any phone or MP3 player so you can listen to the music, white noise, or soothing sounds of your choice. The band is machine washable, too- just remove the headphones and throw it in the wash. Get your much needed rest- between jet-lag, busy city streets, and noise during your travels the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask allows you to get some shut eye.

Chi Top by Athleta

Trying to find comfortable yet stylish clothing for travel isn’t an easy feat, especially if you are changing climates. You need something that is cooling yet will keep you warm for those chilly flights. Something that is easy to wear without needing to shift and rearrange but also looks put together for when you step off the plane.

The Chi Top by Athlete is a soft, comfortable long sleeve athletic style tee that will help adjust your body temperature so you stay comfortable no matter which climate you are in. Its high-low style gives you coverage where you need it (because trying to get into those tiny airplane seats isn’t for the faint of heart). The thumb holes keep sleeves in place when you are slipping on a coat or sweater over top or while you’re moving around.

The Chi Top is also great for all those days spent out exploring. It’s slim fit will make you feel confident and comfortable. It’s made to move, so no matter if you are walking, hiking, climbing, or zip-lining through the forest, it will move with you. It comes in black, white, cassis, abyss, cyclamen, and pink elephant so get one in each color for all your adventures!


Chi Top


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MiFold Booster

Every parent who travels knows what a pain it can be to have to cart around car seat with you. But there is a solution for the older kids. The MiFold Booster is a travel booster that is perfect for parents on the go. It is thin, compact, and folds up for easy storage so that it can be put inside a suitcase, diaper bag, or even a purse.

The MiFold is deceptively small but it is just as safe as traditional boosters. Traditional boosters lift your child up so the seat belt fits them properly. The MiFold does the opposite- it brings the seat belt down so it sits along your child’s chest properly and safely.

The MiFold can fit ages 4 to 12. It is great for the older kids too- now you can keep them safe without the bulky, embarrassing booster. You don’t even notice it’s there! The MiFold is compact, portable, and easy to store making it a dream for traveling families.

Not Parent Approved Game

Love Cards Against Humanity? Us too. But we all know that that card game isn’t one we can play with the kids! Pass the time during long flights or train rides with a fun game from the makers of Cards Against Humanity made just for kids called Not Parent Approved.

Not Parent Approved is the card game that kids can relate to and will have everyone rolling in laughter. No more Go Fish and say goodbye to Old Maid. This card game is fun for the entire family.

Your family will love playing this game together even when not traveling! Start family game nights and have some wholesome fun together, or whip it out during a long plane ride. You will be sure to have a great time laughing and getting awkward with phrases like “For the science fair I made Vampire Bunnies” or “Dear substitute teacher, will you please stop farting in the school lunch room.”

Dr. Ohhira Probiotics

If traveling does anything (besides allow you to see the amazing wonders of the world) it is get you in contact with lots of germs. Airplane seats, train seats, doors, and tourist spots are hot beds for illnesses, especially when you are traveling to foreign countries. One of the best ways to stay on top of your travel game is to arm yourself with immune boosting probiotics before, during, and after your travel.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are exactly what a traveler needs before getting on a plane or train and heading to a foreign land. Between contact illnesses and food born illnesses, you are susceptible to getting sick- and nothing is worse than having to sit in a hotel room instead of enjoying your adventure because you are sick. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics contain 12 strains of probiotic bacteria to help maintain gut health and immune support. They are fermented for over 3 years, giving the bacteria adequate time to grow and flourish, and giving you the best chance of fighting off illness.

All of the probiotics in Dr. Ohhira’s collection are made without preservatives, chemicals, or additives. They are safe for the whole family to take too. Here are some of our favorites for the avid travelers:

Reg’Activ Immune and Vitality

Reg’Activ Immune and Vitality provides the utmost in immune support. The Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 is paired with Lactobacillus braves KP08 which provides a boosted immune system as well as provides the support to balance it out. The ME-3 produces glutathione which provides antioxidant, detoxification, and immune system-supporting activities. This helps give you an all-around amazing increase in your immune system which will help fight off any nasty germs you may come in contact with during your travels.

Reg’Activ Cardio Wellness

If you are an active traveler- hiking, biking, swimming, climbing- your cardiovascular systems will be working in overdrive during your travels. But traveling also decreases your immune system, which paired with an overworked cardiovascular system can lead to illness. Prevent this with Reg’Activ Cardio Wellness. The Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 is paired with B vitamins, including Pantethine (B5), and Coenzyme Q10 (active form, Ubiquinol), which help to maintain cholesterol levels and support your heart muscle tissue growth leaving you with a healthy heart and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Propolis Plus

Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS is an all around wellness supplement that is easily incorporated with your daily diet. It is a once-a-day capsule that contains green propolis from Brazil along with flax oil and Omega-3, Dr. Ohhira’s 12 pre- and pro-biotic bacteria strains, Vitamin E, and astaxanthin. Together these ingredients help with whole body wellness including your immune system, digestive support, joint comfort, nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. If you take one supplement with you when you travel, it should be this one. But Propolis PLUS is also great for every day health and wellness, keeping you at your best whether you are traveling or gearing up for your next adventure.

Sugru Compression Mould

Ever had your phone cable tear with no replacement in sight? Or your favorite travel coffee mug break mid trip? How about your sunglasses break while in the middle of the rainforest? Or your flip flops tear while you’re walking on the beach? All of these things can be annoying, but they are even worse when you are traveling and far from home.

Sugru is a type of moldable glue that can fix all those problems- and more- during your travel. It is easy to take with you as it is packaged much like creative clay for your kids. Keep a pack in your travel carry on or your backpack for all those mishaps that you can’t plan for like glasses breaking or things tearing.

Fix your laptop charger, phone charger, or camera cord with Sugru. Repair holes in your tent or inflatable air mattress. Attach your GoPro to any surface so it captures what you see on your travels. Sugru has thousands of uses for tech, crafts, DIY projects, and home fixes that you will find yourself taking it wherever you go.




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Those who love travel love it with a passion. It is a fire that burns inside them; a desire they need to fulfill. There is nothing quite like seeing that passion grow in your child. However, there are a few things ever traveler, even the most experienced, have a few favorites that are a must-have. Daily Mom is always on the search for new and amazing travel items that make your trips easier and more fun.

Want more? Check out Daily Mom’s Travel section for destinations, places to stay, travel inspo, and more!




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