An Edible Easter Basket… Yum!

When it comes to the family Easter spread, why not leave the main meal to Grandma and the scrumptious sides to siblings! Everyone knows dessert is the best part of a holiday spread, and Easter is no different. This edible Easter basket will have everyone ooh’ing and aah’ing, and the best part is that you can make it as easy-peasy or over-the-top as you’d like.

This cupcake is adaptable to your cooking comfort, but doesn’t skimp on cuteness. Keep it simple and allow the taste of the cupcake to speak to your stomach, dress it up to let your inner kitchen goddess out, or make it a fun activity to do with the kids. Whatever you decide, the edible Easter basket will be a hit!

The Base

Are you short on time? Are you uncomfortable in the kitchen? Were you assigned dessert detail at the 11th hour and you’re reeling over what to bring? Make life easier and grab a mix. There is no shame in putting together something for your family, by getting a little help along the way.

Are you comfortable in the kitchen? Do you have a family favorite cake recipe? There is always Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. Honestly, the sky is the limit once you decide to bake a homemade cupcake. If you have a favorite, or want to try a new recipe, now is the time. Check out these Daily Mom approved classic cupcake recipes, in both chocolate and vanilla.


The best part of this easy-to-make Edible Easter Basket Cupcake is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can go to your local grocery store or favorite candy store, and choose what works best for your interest… and taste buds.

Whether you decide to incorporate fondant or candy toppings into your baked good, you will definitely want to start with a base of icing. Check out this simple buttercream frosting recipe to start building your edible Easter basket.

The idea behind the edible Easter basket is simple. Once you have your cupcake baked and your decorative base, the true fun begins. Below is a list of some of the ingredients you can use to personalize your edible Easter basket.

Easter Basket Toppings

Twizzler Pull ‘n Peel (for the basket handle)

Chocolate bunny (small)

Jelly beans

Cadbury mini eggs

Colored coconut (for basket grass)

Candy carrots

Peep rabbits


Instead of, or in addition to edible add-ons, pre-made purchased options are also something to consider putting on your cupcake. Some of our favorites include Peter Rabbit Party Pick Set, Bunny Ears Picks, and Easter Bunny Picks.

For fun cupcake liners, check out this cute yellow polka dot liner, Meri Meri Spring and Easter liner set, Peep covered liners, and this Peter Rabbit Easter Pack.

For all of your Easter needs, check out The Daily Mom Easter Essentials for Kids Guide 2017.

Photo credits: Mojitos & Munchkins

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