12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes for Easter

Springtime is here and that means it’s almost time for some adorable Easter treats! We’ve compiled some of the cutest (and easiest!) recipes for Easter on the Internet for you and the kiddos to enjoy. These snacks not only taste great, but will also give your Easter table a burst of sunshine, color, and of course, bunnies! Now let’s hop to it, and hunt for some new recipes for Easter!

Colorful & Creative Recipes for Easter

Brownie Batter White Chocolate Bark by The Chunky Chef 

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

This delicious treat has everything! It is easy to make, bright and beautiful! Homemade Brownie Batter White Chocolate Bark will leave your little ones and guests speechless, with all of its colors and swirls. Just grab the candy melts of your choice (in multiple colors), plus white chocolate, milk chocolate, brownie mix, and some bright, bold add-ins, like chocolate eggs, confetti, and sprinkles. Capture the essence of spring with every bite in fun-filled recipes for Easter like this one!  

Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies By My Kitchen Craze 

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

Bunnies and eggs aren’t the only stars of the show! These Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies are vibrant and beautiful. You’ll need a base of sugar cookie dough, plus Hershey kisses and pink, yellow, blue, and purple sugar crystals. Roll out the dough, coat in colored sugar crystals, and bake. As soon as you remove from the oven, add one perfect Hershey kiss and let cookies cool. Set these cuties out, along with your carrots, for the Easter Bunny this year! 

Easter Poke Cake Recipes for Easter by Passion for Savings

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

This Easter Poke Cake is a beauty to behold! It has everything you would want in a cake — a festive rainbow on the inside, filled with rich vanilla pudding, and sweet whipped vanilla icing, topped with colorful confetti sprinkles. This cake is sweet, delicious, and fluffy like a cloud on a gorgeous spring day!

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Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups by SugarHero

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

Speaking of clouds…what goes on top of them? Rainbows! These Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups allow you to literally taste the rainbow. With their creamy, fruity layers, generous whipped cream, and sprinkles, these dreamy little desserts are sure to capture stares on the Easter table. The vibrant colors of these recipes for Easter are incredibly Insta-worthy as well!

Easter Nest Oreos by The Partiologist

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

These stunning Easter Nest Oreos are adorable and so easy to make! You will need Oreos, blue melting chocolate, candy-coated sunflower seeds, and chocolate icing. The custom robin’s egg blue color takes the look to another level, don’t you think? What a sweet little dessert, perfect for sharing with your favorite peeps!

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Bunny-tastic Recipes for Easter

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls by Ally’s Sweet and Savory Food

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

OK, are you ready for this one? Ally’s Sweet and Savory Food has the cheat code for your next amazing Easter breakfast… it’s jumbo-sized Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls! Art skills are not required to pull off these adorable Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls. Pop a tube of cinnamon rolls and carefully reshape using this photo as your guide. Bake as usual and for some added fun and flair, drizzle on icing decoratively and top with your favorite spring sprinkles. This is one you can have on the table before your second cup of coffee take effect!

Bunny Butt Cake Pops by Moms & Munchkins 

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

These charming little bunny booties are perfectly edible and a breeze to make. First, whip up a batch of cake pops, using your favorite recipe. (We like to bake a standard sheet cake, combine it with a small tub of icing, and roll it into balls.) When done, pipe these adorable little paws using white and pink chocolate and let them harden. Attach to the cake pop, along with a melty marshmallow tail. These Bunny Butt Cake Pops are sure to blow the tails off your guests!  

PEEPS® Giant Spring Chocolate Chip Cookie by Betty Crocker Kitchens

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

This PEEPS® Giant Spring Chocolate Chip Cookie is sure to brighten your day! To make these easy recipes for Easter, you’ll need chocolate chip cookie dough, PEEPS, jelly beans, pink, green, and yellow icing, and confetti sprinkles. Simply bake your giant cookie and let your imagination (or your kiddos’!) take flight. After all, a chocolate chip cookie makes a great canvas!

Rabbit Bunny Rolls for Easter by Dessert First

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

No sweet tooth? No problem! These adorable Rabbit Bunny Rolls are here to spruce up your Easter meal! They make the perfect side for brunch, lunch, or dinner, and pair well with all of the other recipes for Easter on the dessert table. Choose to make your dough from scratch using this wonderful recipe, or use our preferred time-saving hack – prepared dinner rolls from the refrigerator section of the grocery store! (Shhh… no one has to know!)

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Easy Recipes for Easter for Kids

Spring Flower Pretzel Bites by Princess Pinky Girl

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

Enjoy these Spring Flower Pretzel Bites in beautiful pastel hues – they are salty, sweet, and yummy! These adorable flowers are edible, unlike most others, and they are really easy to make. All you need are candy melts, pastel M&M’s, and pretzels. They are the perfect snack to partake in on a bright and sunny spring day. (P.S. Treat mom to these on Mother’s Day, or swap out the pastels for Valentine M&Ms to give your sweetheart a bouquet of candy flowers!)

Easter Crunch Bars by Buns in my Oven

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

These sweet, sticky, and chocolatey Easter Crunch Bars are awesome treats to enjoy while waiting for that furry, floppy-eared friend with a cottontail, two big teeth, and chubby cheeks. To make these simple cereal bars, you will need marshmallows, M&M’s, confetti sprinkles, and Chex cereal. Melt the marshmallows, mix it all together, then press, cool, and cut, and you get these awesome and tasty recipes for Easter.

Easter Bunny Pudding Cups Craft by Crayons and Cravings 

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

We use the phrase “recipes for Easter” loosely on this one, but hear us out! Sometimes you just need a creative and portable snack for that potluck, youth group, or daycare party. These cute little Easter Bunny Pudding Cups do the trick. “Ingredients” include small pink pom-poms, pink pipe cleaners, googly eyes, hot glue, scissors, and craft foam – and of course, pudding cups! Surprise the kids with these cute little snacks and watch their eyes light up, or get them involved in helping you make them on a craft-filled weekend afternoon!  

BONUS: A Fun Edible Fashion Accessory for Easter!

Jelly Bean Bracelets By Kids Activities Blog 

12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

We discovered these cute Jelly Bean Bracelets while exploring recipes for Easter, and just couldn’t resist sharing them with you. While not considered actual recipes for Easter, they are the perfect fashion accessory this season, plus, they are edible and delicious! Easy to make, these bracelets only require jelly beans, string, and a needle. String the jelly beans, (being careful not to poke yourself!) tie, and your jellybean bracelet is complete!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun collection of recipes for Easter. Which ones are you planning to try? We think you’ll agree that all look colorful, adorable, and delicious! The best part is, we’ve specifically selected recipes for Easter that are easy to make. After all, the Easter bunny isn’t the only one who’s busy filling baskets, hiding Easter eggs, and scheduling surprises this season. Right, mamas?!

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12 Charming & Incredibly Easy Recipes For Easter

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