Party Snacks That Will Be the Hit of The Holiday Season

Whoever said that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, erroneously left out half the population. Safe to assume that yummy party snacks are the way to everyone’s hearts this holiday season. If you are not sure what you are looking for, look no further, we have everything you are looking for, and those party snacks that you will want to snag for yourself this holiday season; think advent wine calendar, the best in sauces, and more!

Graham + Fisk’s

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Who says advents calendars are just for kids?! Not us! This is truly the gift that keeps giving and will get your wino friend through the season with a can of wine every day. Each box has a mix of 24 cans of wine, featuring 6 cans of each of the following-rose wines with bubbles, white wine with bubbles red, and white wine. You can even gift to yourself and we promise not to tell! This is one party snack that will keep giving.


Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

SKORDO offers your favorite individual herbs and spices in a variety of sizes, so you can stock up or build your own gift basket for the chef in your life. Sweet Basil, Greek Oregano, and French Lavender are popular herbs for seasoning delicious dinners.

If you have not cooked with French Lavender, it adds a sweet floral flavor that works with sweet and savory dishes. Add it to chicken, roasted lamb, or potatoes. Or pair lavender with blackberries and ice cream, or even a cocktail. SKORDO spices are gluten-free, additive-free, and vegan. SKORDO also offers cookbooks and recipe kits that make unique gifts.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

The Fresh Catch box set of spice blends lets the seafood chef in your family cook up a variety of amazing dishes. The set includes ¼-cup jars of Maple Salmon Rub, Lemon Herb Fish Seasoning, Gulf Seafood Blend, and Asian Sesame Tuna Rub. The Lemon Herb Fish Seasoning is perfect for fish and shellfish. You can sprinkle it or cook it with spice seasoning and olive oil to sear in the flavors. The Gulf Seafood blend gives your catch a bit of a kick since it is the perfect combination of mustard powder, onion, garlic, ancho Chile powder, white pepper, ginger, cayenne pepper, coriander, and cumin. Your seafood dinner can’t help but be delicious.

The Indian Curries box set lets you enjoy cooking traditional Indian dishes without finding each and every spice needed for the recipe because it’s already in the blend. The set contains ¼-cup jars of Madras Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Rogan Josh Curry Powder, and Vindaloo Curry. Each curry blend is gluten-free and vegan. Rogan Josh Curry is quite popular. It is perfect for making Indian lamb stew. Vindaloo Curry Powder is very spicy and can be used to season everything from rice, and sauces to chicken and seafood.

Secret Island

The 12 Pack of Atlantic Salmon shipped right to your door makes holiday cooking a breeze. The high-quality, flash-frozen, 6-ounce portions make the perfect gift for the seafood lover this holiday season. Secret Island salmon is flash-frozen at peak freshness to lock in moisture and flavor. Secret Island Salmon sustainably sources its seafood from Chiloé, an island off the Patagonian coast in Southern Chile. Secret Island is a certified Best Aquaculture Practices company. You can even set up a subscription with Secret Island for yourself or your loved one so fresh, delicious salmon can always be on the dinner menu.

Bear Mountain BBQ Woods

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you should stop barbecuing. Fill the cold air in your backyard with the fragrance of one of Bear Mountain BBQ’s wood pellets. They’ll make every bite mouth-watering. And the best part is all of the Bear Mountain Pellets can be used with any pellet, gas, charcoal, electric grill, or smoker. Check out our favorite flavors!

Give your favorite chicken dishes a subtle and sweet flavor when you grill using the Apple BBQ Wood Pellets. Don’t forget to serve that dish with a side of delicious veggies. We love grilling our veggies with the Cherry BBQ Wood Pellets. Give your mushrooms, bell peppers, and squash a fruity and sweet flavor! For seafood nights, toss your favorite fish – like salmon – onto the grill and cook it over the Alder BBQ Wood Pellets. The Alder pellets will infuse the salmon with a sweet and smokey flavor!

If you’re looking through all of the different pellets on Bourbon Mountain BBQ’s website and feeling overwhelmed by all the scrumptious choices, we’ve got the perfect recommendation for you. Add the Bourbon BBQ Craft Blends™ to your shopping cart. It’s quite possibly the most versatile wood pellet on their list and works well with poultry, pork, and ribs.

Fix and Fogg

Having maintained their quality and taste for years, Fix and Fogg has received a tremendous amount of awards for making the best nut butters ever. Not just in the area of origin: New Zealand, but all around the world, Fix & Fogg has been the people’s top pick and preferred go-to brand for delectable and healthy nut butters. The care and effort they put into their product are what differentiates them.

This is why you are going to come out on top as the best gifter ever this year! You can get their nut butter bundle in versatile flavors like Almond, oat, choc berry, peanut, and everything butter. We recommend trying all of them before you get a gift set for your friends – you won’t regret it!

Now, if you are allergic to nuts and want to enjoy a nut-free and vegan-friendly option, you’ll love the Fix and Fogg Cookie Butter. One spoonful is enough to give you the dopamine fix you have been craving. Eat it with pancakes, drizzled on desserts, or add it to your smoothies for a delectable treat this holiday. You’re welcome.

Catan Pisco

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Enjoy the holidays with a Chilean cocktail this holiday season to pair with your party snacks. The Catan Pisco Monkey Tail Kit makes a great gift or a reason to host the neighbors for a holiday get-together. Pisco tastes as if vodka and tequila had a baby. It can only be legally made in Chile and Peru. Pisco is a spirit distilled 100 percent from grapes but it most definitely is not a wine at 40 percent alcohol.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Catan Pisco boasts notes of berries, peaches, tangerine, and melon, as well as whispers of magnolia, orange blossom, and rose water. Catan Pisco is made in Chile, which is where the founder Catalina Gaete-Bentz was born. She launched the first American pisco brand in the United States in 2018. Catan Pisco won the gold medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competiton.   

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If you are looking for wonderfully authentic chips and salsa, look no further than Que Rico Chips and Salsa Variety Mix. The non-GMO, gluten-free chips and flavorful salsas are created to be as authentic to Mexico as possible. The chips and salsa mix work fantastic with any meal you are making. And, of course, who doesn’t love chips and salsa as a delicious part of their party snacks?

The Que Rico Chips and Salsa Variety Mix is a terrific hostess gift. The Roasted Tomatillo Pasilla Salsa boasts the perfect blend of garlic, onion, and jalapeno. The Smoky Chipotle Red Salsa features a smoky kick and a hint of lime. The Cuatro Chiles Taqueria Salsa brings the heat with four peppers: ancho, serrano, chile de Arbol, and chile.

This mild Roasted Tomatillo and Jalapeno Salsa is wonderful. It is a fantastic and flavorful salsa. This salsa is a mild smoky salsa with a great hit of peppers and smoke. This tangy salsa is made of tomatillos and anaheim peppers that add pizazz to anything from chips to eggs. 

The Cilantro Lime Rice is super delicious and easy to make. The rice comes in a bag ready to cook in the microwave. You just squeeze it a little bit, add a two-inch slit, microwave for 90 seconds, and then enjoy your freshly made cilantro rice. The Cilantro Lime Rice is a terrific side dish for Taco Tuesday or your holiday dinner.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

SOMOS has a ready-to-go black bean meal, too. The gluten-free Mexican Black Beans take just 90 seconds of time to make in the microwave. The beans are seasoned with garlic and onion. They are the perfect side dish for a busy weeknight or to add to your holiday table.


When it comes to the ultimate snack, you can’t really beat peanuts from Hubs.  These Hubs Virginia peanuts are tasty, healthy, packed with protein, and respected as the country’s oldest specialty peanut brand. This family and female-owned business offer over a dozen tantalizing flavors with something for everyone on your holiday list. 

Get the party started with the classic Salted Peanut snack. These extra-large Virginia peanuts have incredible crunchiness and flavor. No matter what way you describe them, Hubs Virginia peanuts are outrageous. Whether they’re termed artisanal, homecooked, blister-fried, water-blanched, or just unbelievable, you’ll love them. It is packaged in a reusable vacuum-sealed tin, locking in the freshness.

A health nut’s dream, the unsalted Virginia peanuts are free from cholesterol and gluten, full of vitamins and nutrients, and low in glycemic index. Every health nut on your list will be enjoying this healthy snack, plus it is the perfect addition to your party snacks.

With all these crunchy flavors to indulge your snack cravings, every hour of your holiday festivities will be a delight. With its sweet and savory combination of Original Hubs Salted, Hubs Honey Kissed, and traditional snacks, this Happy Hour Mix will be a great addition to any holiday party snacks lineup.

Make your holiday party an event to remember with delicious Hubs peanuts. These mouthwatering peanuts are special treats that will have your guests asking for more, which makes them the perfect party snacks.


Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

One of the best gifts you can give is one that not only gives to the recipient but one that gives back to communities that need it. Kula eradicates poverty through the development of entrepreneurs in Rwanda’s coffee communities. By buying their coffee like the Village to Village blend, you get a taste of the distinctive profiles of Rwandan coffee along with supporting their initiative. It’s a win-win.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

For those who like cold coffee they even have the Kula Iced Blend. It’s made for sipping over ice with a blend of light and dark roasts.

Our favorite is the Of Land & Women Blend collection which highlights the interconnectedness between the women who work with Kula and the land they cultivate. Each bag sold funds 10 trees for a female coffee farmer in Rwanda so she can further protect her family, her livelihood, and her land. Buy gifts, and give back this holiday season.


We are surrounded by vending machines and co-workers who bring in donuts & cupcakes. It can be challenging when we get afternoon cravings and need something yummy but healthy! Sometimes the best solution is the most SIMPLE one, party snacks for all ages.

Keep SIMPLE bars in your desk drawer for those mid-day cravings. Each bar has no cane sugar, no sugar alcohol, no stevia, no brown rice syrup, and no artificial flavors. Instead, these delicious bars contain Allulose, which is a breakthrough sweetener that does not affect your blood sugar levels. It’s low in calories and tastes just like sugar. The Chocolate Sea Salt bar has 5g of protein and 7g of dietary fiber. This yummy bar is full of whole almonds, some crisps, and a drizzle of chocolate, giving a satisfying sweet and salty taste.

Another great flavor is the Almond & Dragonfruit bar which contains high-antioxidant dragonfruit and chia seeds. This delightful bar has a sweet taste that will keep you satisfied all day. SIMPLE bars are made with pure and natural ingredients that will boost your energy without the downfall sugar can bring. It’s time to get healthy the SIMPLE way. 

Silver Spring Foods

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Fall is for food, flavors, and fun, party snacks need the best condiments to go along with them. Why not combine them all in one amazing condiment? The Beer’n Brat mustard from Silver Spring Foods will have your taste buds dancing, whether you’re grilling burgers, brats, or just enjoying a soft pretzel. With freshly-ground horseradish and strong mustard, a dab of this will have your sinuses cleared and your mouth watering after just one bite.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Jenna Passaro of @sipbitego

Everyone loves everything bagel seasoning, so why not add it to your favorite condiment? The Everything Bagel Mustard is a necessity this fall. This mustard features a tangy blend of spices and seeds, featuring aromas that will add “zing” to all your favorite fall eats this season. Enhance your go-to dips and dressings for a fun new flavor that features this Everything Bagel Mustard.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

There’s just something about dill. The Dill Mustard brings a freshness to the plate that we can’t get enough of. This Scandanavian treat enhances the flavors of fish, hot dogs, and even salads, keeping your flavors fresh and savory. This mustard is perfect for folks who enjoy a bit of herb flavor in their food, or for people who just love pickles! This season, you and your food will absolutely fall for this Dill Mustard.

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The vegan Chilli Crisp Szechuan Chilli Oil is an excellent topping for any meal! The oil is a wonderful combination of heat and crunch that works on just about every single meal in need of some kick. The Chili Crisp Szechuan Chili Oil is packed with garlic and chilies, as well as toasted sesame seeds and Szechuan peppercorns. It can be mixed in a dish or spread or drizzled on everything from rice to pizza. The non-GMO WUJU chili oil is gluten-free, sugar-free, and MSG-free.

The agave-based Wuju hot sauces are a wonderful combination of sweet and hot. The Hot Sauce Sampler lets you try the WUJU Original Hot Sauce, as well as the WUJU extra hot sauce. The agave makes the hot sauces a bit thicker than traditional vinegar-based hot sauces. In addition, the agave tames the habanero peppers just a bit, along with some mango and orange juice. The low-sodium hot sauces provide plenty of kick for BBQ, chili, or any dish you want to “heat” up.

The Spicy Ginger Sauce can be enjoyed as a stir-fry sauce to cook vegetables and meat or as a dipping sauce. The Spicy Ginger Sauce is an agave-based sauce so it has a wonderful balance of sweet and hot. For those who love the ginger kick to their foods, you can even drizzle it on your salad or spice up a smoothie.

Dress It Up Dressing

Dress It Up Dressing brings award-winning quality to the salad dressing aisle for customers seeking convenience without compromise. Whether you are whipping up a salad or firing up the grill – the variety pack has you covered. Offering 4-proven winners ready to Dress Up your meals. With a range of flavors, these sous-chefs in a bottle make it easy to make a meal that feels gourmet. Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and vegetarian, with low or no-sugar, and made with recognizable ingredients – this gift won’t disappoint.

Get Dressed Up for the holidays this season with Dress It Up Dressing’s top-selling four-pack. Great taste is on everyone’s list. These proven winners will be the ultimate culinary accessory for your favorite foodie this holiday season. Give the gift of health, flavor, and style – you will be thanked many times over for the time and effort saved!

Not Just

Enjoy three amazing sauces in the Pasta People Pack to make dinnertime decadent. The 10 Veggie Pasta Sauce is made with, yes, 10 veggies (tomatoes, onions, peppers, golden beets, zucchini, carrots, celery, spinach, basil, and garlic), zero added sugar and spices. It’s perfect for enchilada sauce, a chili starter, or on pasta.

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

The rich Creamy Basil Sauce is made with the same 10 veggies but with more basil and added cashew butter. Simply put – delicious. Round out your meal plan with the Tomato Pesto sauce, which brings smokey depth to dinner since it is made with roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.

Lemon Miso Salad Dressing can be used for salads or as a marinade for the main course. Who doesn’t love a wonderfully marinated chicken? This dressing goes great on everything from noodles to greens. The gluten-free dressing bursts with the perfect blend of lemon and ginger.

Happy Grub

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

You don’t need long, confusing directions and endless ingredients to make breakfast delicious and nutritious! Just add water, shake, and squeeze! Use Happy Grub’s pancake mix to feed your family something they’ll love, without hassle or mess. Made with only natural ingredients and organic, this baking mix is also great for waffles, cupcakes, muffins, and more! The variety pack includes the following flavors: buttermilk, banana, whole wheat, and apple cinnamon.

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Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Kodiak’s Baking Variety Pack offers sweet treats with healthy perks! Your family will love the brownie, muffin, and bread mixes. While they’re chowing down, their bodies will get all the nourishments that protein and 100% whole grains have to offer!

The Biscotti Company

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

For the crispy, crunchy treat-lover, a beautiful trio of cookies from artisan bakery The Biscotti Company is the perfect party snack to pair with coffee. Crafted using the owner and head baker’s 200-year-old family recipe, this biscotti is authentic, yet original, and absolutely delicious. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, the variety pack includes the handcrafted flavors of vanilla biscotti with the additions of Chocolate Almond, Dark Chocolate & Orange, and Almond ingredients.

Congo Tropicals

Congo Tropicals’ Plantain Chips are sugar-free vegetables found in tropical regions. Nutritionally high in fiber, potassium, energy, and low in cholesterol, plantain chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips. Containing an abundance of vitamins and minerals, they are truly the hidden superfood. The 12-pack Mixed Case includes:

  • 4 Congo Plantain Chips: Salted. 5 oz.
  • 4 Congo Plantain Chips: Garlic. 4.5 oz.
  • 4 Congo Plantain Chips: Ripe/Maduro. 4.5 oz. 

Disco Sauce

Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Disco Sauce will put the snap on your funky chicken. The all-natural hot sauce adds a flavor punch with sweet notes dancing behind the fire. It is made with the perfect “Disco pepper blend,” orange juice, and pineapple. It pairs well with breakfast, BBQ, seafood, and spicy cocktails.


Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season

Did you know Santa can put ice cream in your Christmas stocking? Well, at least he can put HIJINX Homemade Ice Cream Mix in your stocking! HIJINX Homemade Ice Cream Mix is an ice cream adventure that lets you make any kind of ice cream in a blender. Add marshmallows, chocolate chips, pinot noir, or whatever ingredients you want to create your signature ice cream. Mix the HIJINX mix with milk and your flavor ingredients in the blender. Freeze, and enjoy!

This holiday season gift and bring the hostess what everyone wants most, food! The best party snacks are not only meant to share but to delight everyone this season, sharing is caring. Share the best in sauces, sides, and beverages for all this year.

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Party Snacks That Will Be The Hit Of The Holiday Season



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