You can never go wrong with Valentine’s Day gifts that sparkle. Giving the gift of jewelry allows you to create a memory that will be shared and remembered every time she pulls it out of her jewelry box. From the dazzling to the unique, we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day picks that your love will cherish every day of the year.

Tribe Love Necklace by Isabelle Grace Jewelry

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Show the mother of your children how much she is loved this Valentine’s Day with a handmade, personalized necklace representing every member of your tribe. Isabelle Grace’s Tribe Love Necklace symbolizes that there is strength in numbers and represents each one of your family members with a little gold nugget.

The tree of life that serves as the base of this piece portrays the connection between all forms of creation, especially lovers, spouses, fathers, mothers, and children. No matter how many there are in your little (or big) family tree, this necklace captures the beauty and grace in the roots you have laid and the branches you have grown together.

Surprise your love this Valentine’s Day with this custom piece celebrating life, love, and family.

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The Tribe Love Necklace includes a customizable embellished chain available in gold or silver and in three different lengths. Represent each member of your tribe with a tiny gold nugget (up to 11 family members) and personalize the piece with your family name, initials, or a special date (up to 20 characters). Additional charms and colored stones are available to make this a truly custom piece.

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A delicate, hand-crafted keepsake that will last a lifetime is the perfect gift for your love this Valentine’s Day.

About Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Isabelle Grace creates handmade, sustainable, custom jewelry pieces meant to celebrate life’s many memories and milestones. Made from recycled metals (when possible) your one-of-a-kind item is crafted by local artisans in the USA to be a lifetime keepsake. Items from the Isabelle Grace collection can be inscribed with special words, custom initials, names, or dates and can be further personalized with additional charms and semi-precious stones to tell your story. Isabelle Grace offers enduring quality in their beautiful accessories that are effortless, elegant, and timeless.

Bad habit Minimizer Wristband by Pavlok

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The only spark of love this Valentine’s Day should come from your beloved. However, if you both have a naughty bad habit to break, perhaps this time, your Valentine will get you a Pavlok. The Pavlok is an award winning wearable device that releases a mild electric stimulus to help you reduce cravings, break bad habits, and increase your productivity. Now that’s sexy.

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The Pavlok + Wristband assists you to be mindful to get you focused on your goals. It’s like sorcery for your lizard brain making you more aware. You’ll simply pick your bad habit, then follow the setup instructions based on their algorithmic magic or opt for custom settings.

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Options? Of course! It can trigger vibrations or loving reminder-zaps with the press of a button, on a timer, or even when you goof off online. Remember, bad habits die hard because they feel good. Adding the zap stops that reward loop so you can get on your way to being a habit master of loving productivity in your life that feels so much better!

Perfect gift for the game changers who want a bit of pizazz to keep them on track.

About Pavlok

PAVLOK is a product of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. At BTG, they help people change their habits. To do so, they’re creating apps, wearables, technology, and more – all designed to help their users get control of their behavior.


Pavlok + Wristband


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Bracelets by Silver and Sage

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While you can almost never go wrong with a jewelry purchase for the most loving holiday of the year, you need to keep in mind who you are buying for. Not everybody is looking for something that screams glitz and glamour. Oftentimes moms and busy women are looking for something that can be worn and loved all day and everyday. Silver and Sage offers beautiful, meaningful, and grounding products that serve many purposes to the wearer. With their wide selection you are sure to find something that will please your Valentine. Valentines Day Glistening Jewelry Gifts 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families Silver and Sage’s jewelry offers a wearable reflection of both their spirit and of their life’s own journey. You can spend time choosing bracelets that will suite, inspire, and advocate for the wearer. Some of our favorite collections this season include the Ground to Grow grouping and the Good Hamsa Bracelet.

The Good Hamsa bracelet is a symbol of protection. The hamsa is said to encourage both prosperity and good fortune. It is adorned with a delicate 18kt gold-plated hamsa charm surrounded by poppy jasper, faceted smoky quartz, and brass. The Ground to Grow collection features five beautiful bracelets with faceted smoky quartz stones. These stones are said to offer grounding, protection, and connection. Valentines Day Glistening Jewelry Gifts 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for the woman looking for meaningful jewelry that encourages inner peace.

About Silver and Sage

Silver and Sage came to conception in 2011 and has since been making beautiful and natural jewelry designs. They craft gorgeous bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and malas. Their jewelry is meant to be both meaningful and reflective for the wearer. Lead designer and founder, Logan Mauldin, has had a love for jewelry from a young age. She spent her younger years accompanying her mother on jewelry buying trips around the world. Her own creative roots blossomed and she was able to intertwine her passion for yoga, nature, and travel.

Logan is still able to travel the world, building relationships with the artisans who manufacture her exclusive Silver & Sage designs. Silver & Sage designs are hand-made in Scottsdale, Arizona using a carefully curated assortment of natural stones, organic elements, and charms. They are known for their balance of symbolism with naturally inspired elements. Their designs are more than mere accessories. They inspire each wearer to tell their own unique story.

Good Hamsa | Ground to Grow


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LOVE necklace by Chamilia

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“Wear a symbol of what you treasure most” with Chamilia’s Treasure Collection. Inspired by ancient coins and sculpted entirely from the finest metals – sterling silver with 14 karat gold electroplated frame – the Treasure Collection necklaces boast classic and delicate charm. The pendant is reversible, so you can wear your symbol word or flip the gold frame to reveal an engraved hummingbird.

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You can choose Family, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, or Love – making this beautiful necklace the perfect gift for all of the special women in your life. The Treasure Collection necklaces will become their favorite and most cherished piece of jewelry.

Perfect gift for any special woman in your life – your mother, daughter, sister, friend, or lover.

About Chamilia

Chamilia’s line of interchangeable jewelry includes a dream assortment of charms, beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and lockets to inspire your creativity. From bangles to leather wrap bracelets to necklaces and beyond, choose what best represents you and then let your story be told! Chamilia charms and jewelry inspire creative self expression, and make the perfect personalized gifts for the special people in your life.


LOVE Treasure Necklace


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Bracelets for Your Girl Squad by 31 Bits

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This year, celebrate girl power and treat your best girls to a Valentine from 31 Bits. This Pack of 5 Valentines will let you show your girlfriends that you love them. You can feel great giving this gift knowing that your purchase empowers people to rise out of poverty. These bracelets are handmade in Uganda and Bali, providing meaningful work and income to women in impoverished areas.

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The beads are made from recycled paper and are perfect for stacking with other bracelets. The paper beads that make up the Valentine bracelets are made in Uganda from rolled up paper, sealed with a water-based varnish. Each Valentine bracelet features a single strand adorned with either a heart or “XO” charm and they are affixed to pretty cards with sweet Valentine messages like “You’re The Cat’s Meow” or “Cheers To My Bestie.” Valentine’s Day is so much more than a romantic holiday. It is a day to show love to anyone. There is nothing as empowering as the love between good friends who support each other. You have your girls who would do anything for you and you would do anything for them. Let them know with a sweet Valentine bracelet from 31 Bits.

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Perfect gift for taking over the world with your girl squad.

About 31 Bits

31 Bits is a company that cares and changes the world. Started by a group of college friends after an eye opening trip to Uganda, this company makes “Fashion for Good.” They empower artisans in impoverished parts of the world and they empower us as consumers to be able to buy products that do good. Their jewelry is crafted by hand by skilled artisans in Uganda and Indonesia. Each bead is unique because it is handmade with love. 31 Bits offers fair wages, dignified working conditions, and counseling, health care, and educational support for the artisans, and you help them continue this very important mission with your purchase. Don’t just shop, shop to change lives.


Pack of 5 Valentines


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Inspirational Necklace by Beth Quinn Designs

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Sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration, and this is why we love Beth Quinn Designs. Each handcrafted piece features a powerful quote meant to inspire your days. The Brave Wings necklace features a 25mm charm with a touch of silver glitter surrounding the message, “with brave wings she flies,” and we love how empowering this statement is. The glitter is added by hand to each charm, then capped off with glass, and each piece is unique to its owner. Alongside the quote charm is a delicate silver wing – the perfect touch to this beautiful statement necklace.

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The Brave Wings necklace‘s eye-catching design is sure to garner many compliments and inquiries, and with Beth Quinn Design’s wide array of inspirational jewelry, you can find the statement necklace that matches your own taste. This necklace is available with 18, 22, or 30-inch cable link chain, and you can choose from gunmetal, silver, or antique brass finishes. The best part of this distinctively designed necklace is having this inspirational statement around your neck, there to remind you each day of your strength.

Perfect gift for the mom who loves her jewelry to inspire her.

About Beth Quinn Designs

Beth Quinn loved creating beautiful things since childhood, and grew up in a home where her father was a skilled metal worker. After he passed away in 2001, she inherited all of his tools and Beth Quinn Designs was born. Each piece is handcrafted, inspired by family, and meant to last.

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