5 Essentails to Pack when Traveling for a Race or Competition

Traveling and having all the essentials you need can be tough. Be prepared ahead of time by making sure you pack the things you need to compete at your best level. One of the worst things when trying to compete is not having the right essentials. These can cause more stress, more unexpected costs, or make performing subpar. Let’s be prepared, so check out some tips here to help you pack what you need and maybe some other new ideas to help when traveling.


1. Pack gear and clothing for all climates and weather changes.

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You may understand the typical weather patterns and climate of where you live, but that may not always be the same when traveling to compete in a different area. While being focused on competing, weather might take the back seat for things to be concerned about. Be prepared by looking at the weekly forecast to get an idea of temperature, wind speed, and rain in the area you will be traveling to. Here is an example of all-weather gear to pack to be ready for any unexpected weather (because we all know the weather predictions aren’t always correct).

  • Sun lotion
  • Wind breaker
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Rain jacket
  • All-weather shoes

2. A Water Bottle is essential to stay hydrated

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Water is so important. Bringing water into the airports is banned through security, but storing an empty bottle is completely allowed. Use the water fountains in the airport to fill up and save you lots of money on over-priced water. Sip by S’well bottles are great for keeping water cool all day long, and is better for our health and environment with the bottle being made from stainless steel instead of plastic. Sip by S’well bottles come in gorgeous colors and cute patterns. The lid screws on tightly so water won’t leak in your bag.

3. Pack sporting apparel and gear a few days before to make sure you don’t forget anything.

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Forgetting your gear or equipment for the sporting event can turn a fun trip into a disaster. Having to purchase new equipment may add unwanted costs and also make it harder to perform with new, unfamiliar gear. Double check that your equipment is packed, and then put it in an area that makes you not forget to bring it along. Have notes around the house to make sure you bring certain items with you. Try putting your car keys on top of the bag to make sure they leave the house with you.

4. Sleeping essentials or sleep routine must haves

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We all know how important sleep is, so making sure we sleep enough and get a good night’s rest before a competition is crucial for injury prevention and good performance. Try to keep your sleep schedule the same even when traveling. Think of your normal routine and make a list of what you need to bring with you. Some important sleep essentials include a humidifier, sleep mask, or essential oils. Check out this portable humidifier that’s great for traveling.

5. Bring a Foam Roller or lacrosse ball.

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When traveling, sitting can be hard to avoid. So, having some tools to help stretch and loosen tight muscles up before performing can do wonders on the way you feel on race day. A deep tissue foam roller will surely get out the tension. Keep a lacrosse ball in your carry-on bag. This is small to be able to use while traveling. Try sitting on it in different positions to release muscle tension. If a lacrosse ball is too intense, try using a tennis ball.

Check out Foam Rolling: A New Way To Stretch for more details on how to stretch in this way and more suggestions for rollers.

Traveling can be very difficult when you are out of your routine. These tips are great ways to keep you feeling great when traveling and competing in a sporting event. If you are new to a sporting event, check into signing up for a fun 5K race like The Color Vibe Run. If running isn’t something interesting for you, then check out beach volleyball leagues in the area (hint: the lowest level for play is BB division). Now go out there and have some fun staying healthy and fit.

5 Essentails To Pack When Traveling For A Race Or Competition 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you’re interested in running, check out 13 Benefits of Running.

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