Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry – those are the “typical” gifts when one thinks about Valentine’s Day. But usually the special man in your life isn’t quite into those things. Romantic gestures can go both ways, and that’s why Daily Mom has found some of the most unique and thoughtful gifts to give to your one and only to show him how much you love him. From handcrafted watches and personalized signs to more practical gifts like silicone wedding bands, Daily Mom has plenty of ideas to help give the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Wood Watch by Original Grain

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When it comes to men’s watches there are many options to choose from, and it can be difficult to find a watch that really stands out with a unique design . . . so let us cut through the crowd and help you out. We are obsessed with the entire collection of signature wooden and stainless steel watches by Original Grain. They are gorgeous statement pieces that offer an original look that will fit anyone’’s style.

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We are particularly drawn to The Barrel. Made of reclaimed American oak barrels that were once used to store bourbon, this watch will be both a timepiece and a conversation piece. The brushed espresso stainless steel is the perfect accent to complement the wood. We also love how versatile this style is. Whether your man is in a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt, this watch will be the perfect fit.

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The 47mm face is a great size, featuring a water resistant mineral crystal glass cover. Time is kept by Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement. Built to last and stylish, “The Barrel” watch will become an everyday essential for the man in your life.

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The watch arrives in a beautiful, engraved wood box for gifting. Ready to buy one for a gift (or for yourself)? Be sure to use discount code: “dailymom” for 15% off!

Perfect gift for the man who loves a gift that is both fashionable and functional.

About Original Grain

Original Grain started as a project on Kickstarter in 2013. Founders Jasem Dulany, Ryan Beltran, and A.J. Beltran were three regular guys who grew up together and used their experiences in the Pacific Northwest and Hong Kong to design these watches. Each watch is handcrafted from a variety of sustainably sourced hardwood from around the world. For every watch sold, Original Grain plants ten trees, in order to provide both food and jobs for thousands of people around the globe.


The Barrel 47mm in Whiskey/Espresso


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Leather Apple Product Accessories by Mujjo

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Whether running to school drop-off/pickup or sports practice, what dad isn’t grabbing his iPhone and wallet as he dashes out the door? Why not spoil your partner in parenting with a beautiful, leather wallet case to both protect his iPhone and make life a little simpler so his wallet and phone are always in the same place. This is Mujjo’s iPhone 7 Plus wallet case in black. With sleek, slim pockets that are designed to fit 2-3 essential cards, this case helps Dad eliminate some of the bulk in his pocket. With this beautifully crafted leather case, he’ll feel your love and appreciation all year long.

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As Dad runs back and forth from the office, make sure his Macbook is protected with this 13″ Macbook Sleeve. Carefully crafted from high-quality felt and vegetable-tanned leather, this sleeve will securely carry his Macbook while on the go.

Perfect gift for the busy, hard-working dad.


Mujjo is a company that takes the usability and care of your Apple products seriously. Their flagship product, which quickly gained popularity, was their knitted winter gloves that work on touchscreens. These gloves feature a unique combination of wool felt and high quality leather. In the spring of 2012, they released their first Macbook sleeve. Their brand focuses on a very intentional and detail oriented approach to high-quality, sleek design. You can see the craftsmanship in their products. Their products make the perfect gift for the quality-conscious love of your life.

Interactive Light Bulbs by Sengled

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Lighten up the mood and turn up the music… all at once with a slight of hand. How hot is that? The simplicity and ease of using light and sound comes in this powerhouse package by Sengled. A revolutionary bluetooth speaker sound system built right into your light bulb. Your home audio and setting the mood has never been easier. Turn it on and turn it up.

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The Pulse Link Starter Kit features two Pulse satellite bulbs and one link adapter. Use your starter kit to connect the Link to your TV (via the included 3.5mm aux cable) or your mobile device (via Bluetooth®) and enjoy surround sound through the two Pulse satellite bulbs faster than you can say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Each bulb has a JBL® speaker hidden inside, producing invisible high-quality sound in plain sight. Use your Pulse Link to broadcast audio through your TV or mobile device – toggling between the two using the Sengled Pulse App. You’ll have full control over the lighting (dimming features) and speakers; since they work independently, your desires for setting the perfect mood is only a dial away.

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Once your box arrives, set up is literally a quick screw (- in that is)! The bulbs are already paired and ready to go. Remember, this is just the beginning, baby! Two bulbs will get you started, however, when you are ready for the full force of lights and audio action, connect up to six more satellite bulbs (for a total of eight) to not only work independently of the lighting, but to give you surround sound capabilities; no wires, remote controls, or power cords required.

Perfect gift for mood creators who love sound and functional lighting capabilities.

About Sengled

With a strong focus on the daily lives of people, Sengled is dedicated to the idea that the light bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better. Sengled constantly innovates; the company currently holds nearly 200 patents and has more than 10 years of experience in the LED illumination research, development, and manufacturing sector. Their products are built with simplicity, aesthetics, and ease-of-use in mind. You’ll appreciate the quality of all their products, and their attention to detail ensures that the bulbs not only look great, but are built to last. That’s why they offer a 30 day return policy and one-year warranty for every bulb they sell.


Pulse Link Starter Kit


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Personalized Wood Sign by Script & Style

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In our experience, men rarely care about receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t tap into their sentimental heart with a personalized gift such as this wooden sign that shows how much we love them for all that they do for our families.

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Create a one of a kind piece of art using your most memorable dates. This particular wooden sign says, “First we had each other, now we have everything,” and includes your wedding date along with your children’s names and birth dates.

Several sizes and color pallets are available, each made of 0.75″ thick birch wood (although the wood backgrounds are printed wood textures – they are not actual wood slats or pallet boards), and it arrives ready to hang from the installed metal hardware with vinyl bumpers to protect your walls from damage.

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Perfect gift to show Dad and your family how much they all mean to you.

About Script & Style

Script & Style is your go to shop for personalized family name signs, personalized canvas wall art, custom quotes on canvas, personalized picture frames, and personalized burlap signs. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect personalized wedding, anniversary gift, or Valentine’s gift, they have a great selection of personalized wood last name signs and personalized canvas wall art that will not only make a memorable gift, but also one that will be cherished for years. All of their personalized products are of the highest quality, and are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Silicone Rings by Qalo

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Rings have been a long tradition in Valentine gift giving, but make this year’s ring purchase both fashionable and functional with silicone rings by Qalo. Made for those who take fitness to the next level, work with their hands, or simply have a love for the outdoors, Qalo silicone rings are there to show that love and commitment are still a big part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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For your man this Valentine’s Day, show your love by gifting the classic Men’s Black Q2X Silicone Ring. Produced in various styles, this Q2X silicone is resistant to oil, gas, and other solvents that your man comes in contact with, whether on the job or while enjoying a favorite hobby. This ring is not only heat resistant up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, but also non-conductive and resistant to household and automotive chemicals. This Men’s Black Q2X Silicone Ring features an embossed hammer and pick, but Qalo offers other various styles such as US Army, kettlebells, multi-colored, and even the option to be personalized in the interior – be sure to add that special note to your loved one!

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For the woman in your life, Qalo also makes the perfectly fitted silicone ring, featuring the same functions as the mens, but with a thinner style and multiple bright and colorful options. The Women’s “Ava” Purple Sparkle Ring is a medical grade silicone wedding ring that not only provides comfort and function for the active woman, but this specific style ring also provides awareness and charity donations to the Jessie Rees Foundation, helping kids fight cancer.

Perfect gift for the committed couple that enjoys life together in all of its dirt and rigor!

About Qalo

This company was started in 2012 by two newly married men on the hunt for a comfortable, non-metal wedding ring that could be safely worn in any situation, yet still showing commitment to their wives. Thus, Qalo was born. Believing in quality, health, love, and a passion for the great outdoors, Qalo silicone rings aim to help those in achieving the best that life has to offer.

Real Wood Covers and Accessories by Toast

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So many men spend a good chunk of their day indoors and on the phone. What better way to show your man he’s loved than with a rustic feeling, real wood cover for his phone and a stand so he can see all those important messages when they pop up. This cover is the Ebony iPhone 7 Plus cover, and the real wood scent is intoxicating. The universal phone stand pictured, comes with stick-on spacers that allow you to customize your stand to the exact specifications of your phone.

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Buy him this simple, no-frills stick-on cover, or customize it for him with one of their many amazing, eye-catching etching options. Nearly every smart phone has a cover option with Toast, whether your man is partial to Apple or a Droid. Applying the cover couldn’t be easier with a peel off sticky backing; just peel, line up, and press on for a one-of-a-kind phone. This cover, with its slim, intricate styling and real wood veneer, will not only look sharp but protect his phone from scratches because particles that can easily get trapped within traditional cases can’t get in this one.

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Perfect gift to remind Dad how much you love him every day.

About Toast

Toast is your go to shop for all things wood and phone related. They are a Portland, Oregon based company that’s dedicated to quality products and quality of life for all. Founded in January 2012 as a Kickstarter Project, this crowdsource backed company is very thankful for all the support they have received. The name Toast came from the idea that all their products would be laser burned, and what other thing that we all love is essentially burned? Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one for just about any event, these covers are perfect for anyone who carries a smartphone.

Impress your man this Valentine’s Day with a gift straight from the heart. Whether you go romantic or practical, your special guy will love the effort you put into making the day a little bit about him, too. Our gift guides are here to help you find the perfect gift for every person during every holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!

Don’t forget to stay up to date with Daily Mom this Valentine’s Day. We have several amazing gift guides, so you are sure to find the perfect gift for all your loved ones. Also, make sure you check us out on social media so you don’t miss any of the fun.

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