Creating The Ultimate Room For Your Toddler


Are you in the midst of starting the emotional, and physical, transition of your young child out of the “nursery” and into a “big kid bedroom”? While we cannot stop the inevitable heartache of watching your baby take another step toward becoming a kid, we can help you decide what items should be on your radar to include in their bedroom, as well as some tips and tricks on how to ease the transition and make it as smooth as possible.

Creating The Ultimate Room For Your Toddler

Before you begin reading, check out this post on Tips for Transitioning Your Toddler From Crib To Bed for practical pointers.

One of the most valuable tips for transitioning your toddler is to get them excited. Children are simple learners. When in doubt, think MARS. MARS stands for: motivation, association, repetition, and senses. Knowing that simple acronym can help you along any major journey with your child, but we feel as if it especially pertains toward moving them into a big kid bed. The first way that children learn is through motivation. Motivation to ditch the crib is easy with a toddler or small child. Kids like picking out new things for themselves. They enjoy having a say and an opinion. Be prepared with a game plan if their opinion doesn’t coincide with yours. If you are hoping to maintain a theme in their room, don’t let them loose to wander the aisles and give them free reign of choice, because you may not appreciate it as much as they do (Elmo themed room, anyone?).



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When using bedding as a motivator, keep quality in mind. While a more expensive purchase may seem silly for a toddler with changing interests, think instead of the purchase as an investment. While a $20 comforter may be appealing, the internal filling is very important. Many comforters have cheap filling that will not hold up well with wear, or (especially) in the wash. Also, comforters trap allergens, and they can become worse over time inside the filling. Feathers are a luxurious option, however, they lack the ability to be washed in a regular home washing machine. Furthermore, feathers may be an allergen to some children. If you purchase a high quality comforter, and your child’s style changes over the years, you can update the look rather inexpensively by adding a fun duvet cover, throw pillows, or a coordinating quilt.

Product Recommendation

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We adore the Morgan & Milo Reversible Comforter and Sham set from Garnet Hill. Realistically, children may not jump out of bed every day eager to make their bed. The reversible nature of this comforter makes it look stylish, even when the bed isn’t made. Nothing is expected, or matchy-matchy with this set, and it’s the epitome of playful youth. The pure cotton comforter shell has lightweight, hypoallergenic Core-Loft™ fill. The comforter is piped with a fun neon green edging, and the shams feature neon green shoelace closure ties. The quality is impeccable and is sure to keep your “big kid” warm. Even parents will love to snuggle up with their children in this soft comforter during bedtime stories.


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Rather than focusing on having a matching “bed in a bag”, consider instead coordinating sets that can easily transition into another comforter or duvet as the child grows. Colorful patterns are always fun for a kid’s room, and having many different colors on the sheet allows you to easily change the overall color scheme in the future. Neutral sheets are also a good option, however, keep in mind that dirt will show more easily on white sheets, as will “accidents”. Thread count isn’t nearly as important for children, so this is one area that parents should let their children explore and have fun choosing, as sheets of any color and pattern are easily concealed with a comforter. If your child is insisting on character sheets, choose your battles and know that sheets are typically an inexpensive fix, and no parent can ever have too many sets of children’s sheets.

Product Recommendation

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The Morgan & Milo Percale bedding is a whimsical way to dress up the bed in stripes and dots. These 200 thread-count sheets feature fun multi-colored dots arranged in a striping pattern on a vanilla colored background. The bottom fitted sheet features elastic all the way around the edge, ensuring a perfectly snug fit at all times. The vast array of colors featured allow you to mix and match with patterns or color schemes easily, without it looking tacky or clashing.

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Organic Options:

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If you and your family are into natural products, you know how important it is to go organic when it comes to kids bedding, a place where they spend as much as 16 hours a day. Pesticides used in cotton or fire-retardants often used in conventional bedding can be dangerous if your child prefers sleeping on his stomach. To ensure that your children get the healthiest sleep possible, opt for organic bedding. Not only is truly organic bedding free of chemicals and made from organic materials, often it is comprised of wool which is ideal for those who benefit from thermal regulation at night. Wool helps keep the sleeper warm in the winters and cool in the summers due to its millions of tiny air pockets that reduce heat transfer or loss. Wool is also naturally moisture resistant, so those occasional night time accidents are going to be less messy than they would otherwise be.

Product Recommendation

GAIAM stocks everything from bedding to quilts to pillows and comforters. It’s not easy to find good bedding options when looking for larger beds, and GAIAM is a one stop shop when you are shopping for organic bedding.
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This beautifully made organic wool comforter is the best of the best. Made out of organic Merino wool and wrapped in 300 thread-count organic sateen cotton, it is finished without chemical softeners, dyes, or chlorine. It’s naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew and its dry warmth reduces the pain and aches associated with cold, wet weather, so your child can sleep comfortably all year round. For a slightly cheaper option, with the same wool properties, you can opt for an Everyday Wool Comforter. A matching wool pillow provides all the same great qualities as the bedding and makes a great add-on for your child’s new bedroom.

Mattress Pads:

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An absolute essential for your little one’s transition to a big kid bed is a waterproof mattress pad! Whether they are already potty training or will be in the near future it’s best to be prepared. A waterproof mattress pad will keep your mattress safe from bed wetting, vomiting and drink spills and also makes these accidents much easier to clean up. When shopping for a waterproof mattress pad be sure to check that the fabric it is made out of is a natural material like cotton. Many are made with vinyl or other materials that are very noisy to sleep on.

Product Recommendation

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Garnet Hill makes a Waterproof Mattress Pad that ensures your little one will have a peaceful sleep. Not only does it protect your mattress from accidents, it is made out of a 200 thread count cotton percale and doesn’t make any loud “crinkly” noises when your child moves around in bed. The stretchy, “expand-a-grip” sides allow for a good fit and keeps the pad in place.


It’s not always a fun thing to think about, but moving your child into an open bed can create extra worry for you. But even if they are a runner, a climber, or a roller, you can sleep soundly knowing that they are in a safe situation at all times with some additional accessories.

Side Rails:

Moving into a big kid bed is sometimes tricky for a toddler, because they move around in the bed so much and may struggle with falling out of the confines of their new bed because they no longer have a crib rail to hold them in securely. Typically, transitioning into a big kid bed goes hand in hand with the need to purchase your child some side rails for safety.

Product Recommendation

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We love these Hide Away Side Rails from One Step Ahead because they are the longest and tallest side rails on the market. They will feel safe and secure in bed with these rails, because they are 56″ long and 22″ high, which will safeguard your little one even if they are used with a very thick mattress. They attach with sturdy metal brackets and have an optional additional side rail available for purchase that connects securely with straps and rails underneath the mattress. If you’re looking for an affordable option, these rails are the perfect option for you.
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Product Recommendation

Sidelight_VestiduraKeeping budget in mind, if you’re a jetsetting family and you’re in the market for bed rails that are more versatile and sleek, this luxury siderail from Babyhome may be the ideal match for you.

The Babyhome Side Light is an excellent, and portable option for your child’s “big kid bed”. Even if you’re visiting a different city, you can relax knowing your toddler is safe and sound in bed. It has a removable and washable fabric and folds up small enough to take with you when you travel. These side rails have two-way hinges, allowing easy access to your child’s bed without needing to remove the rail. Safety straps that wrap around the box spring, or connect to another Babyhome side rail on the opposite side, allow you to breathe easy knowing that the rail is secure and won’t move out of place!

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The Babyhome Side Light has a mesh window so you don’t need to stand right over your child when checking on them. On the newest model, Babyhome has added an LED nightlight to the side rail for nighttime bed checks. Now you can sleep soundly knowing your child is safe with a rail that is 56″ long and 17 ⅛” high.

Panning Video Monitor:

Being able to have eyes and ears in their bedroom during the transition to big kid room is very important. You can quickly and easily peep in without disturbing them to make sure that they are sleeping soundly (in their bed and not on the floor!).

Product Recommendation

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The Motorola MBP36 will give you suburb photo quality to bring you reassurance that your little one is safe and sound when they are sleeping. Looking for your child with the easy panning feature with one camera, while also being able to look at their sibling in another bedroom easily, allows the Motorola MBP36  to grow and adapt with your specific family’s needs. Don’t have another child? Consider placing another camera in your toddler’s playroom so you can watch over them at all times, even if you’re not physically next to them.

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To read more about this monitor check out out this comprehensive post:

Baby Monitor Guide: Motorola MBP36


Motorola MBP36


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Association & Repetition come into play with your child and bedtime in setting a routine. Your routine may include reading a storybook, choosing a stuffed animal to snuggle with, turning on their nightlight, and starting up the humidifier. Be persistent and consistent with your routine, especially in the beginning. After a while, they will associate these things with bedtime and will look forward to doing them together with you. Letting them touch, see, smell, and experience certain objects will bring familiarity to bedtime. Let loose and have fun with meaningful accessories to incorporate into your bedtime routine.

Alarm Clock:

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One of the biggest challenges that comes with moving your toddler to a “big kid bed” can be getting them to actually stay in bed. A great way to get your child on a schedule that helps everyone feel more rested is to use a training clock that tells the child when it is time to sleep and when it is time to get up.

Product Recommendation

We adore the KID’Sleep Classic Training Alarm Clock by One Step Ahead because it is easy for a child to read: the sleeping bunny glows softly when it is time to sleep and the awake bunny lights up when it is time to get up. There’s also an alarm option when your child is ready for one.

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It may take your little one a bit of time to fall asleep in his or her big, new bed, especially the first few nights after making the transition from a crib. A projector can be a calming way to distract them from these new changes and help them settle down as they drift off.

Product Recommendation

The Twilight Carz by Cloud b is an adorable accessory for both boys or girls. The car nightlight projects soft, glowing stars as well as other shapes onto the walls and ceiling. It also got several different colors of light to choose from.

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Available in both a pink & purple coupe and red race car, the wheels move so it can be played with as a car.  The 45 minute auto shut-off ensures that it will not disrupt your child after they’ve fallen asleep. It is sure to become your child’s favorite bedtime companion!

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Twilight Carz


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Children who are in any sort of transition need to feel comforted. A few weeks before you plan to move them into their big kid bedroom, try bringing in some items into the crib to allow them to get used to them. Blankets, special stuffed animals, pillows and loveys are great products to introduce earlier, so your child will feel safe and secure, and there won’t be too much new stuff all at once. They will, in turn, associate those familiar feelings of comfort with bedtime after nights of repetition.

Soft security and cuddle blankets:

To make your child’s bedroom a more inviting place, make sure to include a snuggle blanket. A toddler who already grew out of receiving blankets will really appreciate a larger cuddle blanket that is soft, comfortable, and large enough to wrap up in as they grow.

Product Recommendation

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Saranoni  makes the most amazing luxurious blankets you will ever experience. From tiny mini blankets for newborns to adult home throws, Saranoni has hundreds of styles, designs and sizes for a perfect blanket experience. We are absolutely in love with the Swirl/Lush toddler to teen blankets that feature different textures and colors on each side. One side is a swirl weave that feels very soft, yet has some texture; the other side is a smooth soft fuzz that is perfect to touch even for people with texture issues.

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If you love the idea of a huge blanket to snuggle in with your toddler as you read them a night time book (or five), consider the Wave and Wild style in yellow and grey (what a beautiful combination!). It’s huge so all the family members can fit under it and features the same soft plush as the smaller blankets. No kid will resist running to their bedroom for bedtime when they know that they get mommy’s attention and warm snuggles under the softest blanket ever created.



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Humidifiers and air purifiers are functional items that can be beneficial to your child’s health and sleep. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun or stylish!
Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, the air inside homes tends to be dryer than it should be as a result of heating and cooling systems. Often even in high humidity climates, humidifiers are essential to provide comfort while sleeping. Humidifiers are also a great way to add essential oils to the air. Lavender helps promote relaxation and eucalyptus can help clear up stuffy noses. However, not all humidifiers can be used with essential oils and may clog.

Product Recommendation

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We love the brand new Duux Ultrasonic humidifier for the very reason that it can be used for aromatherapy. You can add drops of essential oils (diluted in carrier oil) directly into the basin. The Duux humidifier is also one of the most pleasant to use and look at humidifiers you will come across. Using ultrasonic mist, it is quiet and distributes just enough moisture to feel the difference but not enough to soak your shelves. It creates a cool mist within a second with a press of a button and is safe for little kids since there is no boiling water to deal with.

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The nightlight feature is very useful for when you need to check in on your child. It produces a soft, cool light that illuminates the room just enough to see, but not enough to wake up your child. Auto shut off, a large 1 liter water tank and filterless operation are among some of the other features that have us convinced that the Duux Ultrasonic Humidifier is the best option for a kid’s room.


Duux Humidifier


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Product Recommendation

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If you’re looking for a more youthful, whimsical, and fun accessory for your child’s room, look no further than a Crane “Mya The Monkey” Cool Mist Humidifier. The ultrasonic cool mist operation does not require a filter to use, meaning there is one less “part” for you to clean. This adorable humidifier is as quiet as a whisper, and can run up to 24 hours while moisturizing a room up to 250 sq ft. It also has an auto shutoff safety feature, meaning you’ll have less to worry about. With so many options, there is a Crane humidifier to fit any child’s room decor.

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Air Purifiers:

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Whether your little one is moving out of your room into her own or just restyling her room to fit her growing needs, you’ll want to make sure that every aspect of her new room is safe and clean. Dust and allergens float through the air, landing on and burrowing in bedding, carpets, soft toys and favorite blankets. In order to ensure your child sleeps well and stays healthy each night, the air in her bedroom must be clean and free of these nasty irritators.

Product Recommendation

This Duux air purifier will be the perfect addition to your little one’s new room. Its sleek and stylish body can be placed on her dresser or nightstand, and blends into any style of room decor beautifully. Don’t let its small stature fool you, though. This powerful device will deliver maximum air purification with its HEPA filter and built-in ionizer. The Duux air purifier has an oil tank to provide soothing aromatherapy, a luminous soft-glowing night light, and it works silently. With the Duux air purifier in your child’s new room, you can rest assured knowing she is resting peacefully in a healthy environment.

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Duux Air Purifier


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Soft bins:

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If it’s one thing your child probably has, it’s toys. Toys need to be stored, so why not choose to do it in a stylish way? Instead of adding in another chest or box with harsh corners, consider using a soft and flexible toy storage bin, making it inviting for young children to use them themselves, and you won’t have to worry about their fingers getting pinched.

Product Recommendation

Creating The Ultimate Room For Your Toddler 30 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

These Morgan & Milo Storage Bins from Garnet Hill are the perfect way to store your child’s favorite toys, while being stylish to boot! They hold their shape with lightweight foam and have a glam-glitter silver trim. You have the option to personalize the totes when ordering as well (who doesn’t love a love a little personalization?). These totes inspire organization in even the smallest of kids! They are perfect for toys, dress up clothes, shoes, and more! The chic cuff rolls up, making the Morgan & Milo Storage Bin truly customizable to store anything.

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Just for fun


Creating The Ultimate Room For Your Toddler 32 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Once in a while, you have to throw practicality out the window and go with something just because it’s cute or fun. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a gorgeous chandelier to hang from the ceiling to create the ultimate princess space, or your child is begging you for a race car tent for their bedroom. Make sure it’s something that your child loves, as they will be playing and sleeping in the bedroom, and the goal is to create a unique environment that suits their fun-loving personality.

Product Recommendation


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Create a truly magical place with the Rainforest Hideaway Canopy by One Step Ahead. Whether your goal is to hang it over the bed (make sure to only do so if your child is old enough, or responsible enough to not risk pulling it down) or to hang it from the ceiling to create a fun and whimsy reading nook, your girl will instantly adore stepping into this magical area of pretend and play. The canopy is beautifully decorated with faux banana leaves, tropical blooms, and enchanting vines. You have the option to personalize the canopy as well for an extra $6. The canopy is a massive 8′ tall, with hanging ties and tie backs allowing you to make one entrance, or many.

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Growth Chart:

Growth Chart 2

A great way to decorate your child’s bedroom while adding some fun and functionality is a custom growth chart attached to the wall that your toddler would use every morning to see just how much he has grown from all that good sleep. It can also serve as a great motivator for preschoolers to go to sleep at bedtime so that they would “grow faster”.

Product Recommendation

Growth Chart

Our favorite growth charts are made by ISeeMe and can easily fit any decor and personal style. Adding a custom touch by having a name printed on the top will make your child feel special, as well as make a cute keepsake when the kids go to college. Fun designs are positioned in a way that when a child reaches a certain height point, their height will correspond with a different illustration each time.


ISeeMe Growth Charts



We hope this guide has helped you discover some new and fun products that will help make the transition out of the nursery and into a big kid’s room a seamless one that is well received by both you and your child. Using MARS during this time will help; keep in mind that repetition may ultimately be the most difficult. There may not be one magical item that will inspire your active toddler to remain in the bed all night, every night. However, creating a fun and welcoming environment is ideal and your child will love their room for years to come… we promise!

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  1. I would highly recommend “My Tot Clock” available online though Amazon. It’s an awesome multi functional clock we can’t live without. It’s a regular clock face with numbers but changes colors to let kids know when it’s time to sleep (dark blue), wake (yellow), naptime (light blue), time out (red) and encouragement time (green). It has an alarm, plays bedtime stories and music or white noise. We began using it when our daughter was 1 yrs old and thought 4am was a good time for everyone to get up. It has been amazing! I don’t know how anyone with kids lives without it!

  2. Is there anyway you are read to change her bedding? 🙂 I have bought the Morgan and milo comforter but they are sold out of the shams 🙁 I have relentlessly been searching for them only to be unsuccessful!

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