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Raise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Children usually wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally. So many clothes are adorned with hearts, bows, and sweet sayings. Now, thanks to Nununu, your child can wear their attitude on their sleeve. Embrace their independence and let their inner rock star shine!

Raise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Nununu has incredible, gender neutral pieces. While you will find the occasional hint of pink the overall line is meant for every child, sizes 0-6y. Nununu is comprised of comfortable pieces that easily mix and match with each other and each features a bold, conversation starting, graphic.

Raise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 3 Daily Mom Parents PortalRaise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Each piece has a few details to complete the look. Fringed sleeves and pops of neon gives everything a care-free, rock star vibe. These urban designs let your little one stay up-to-date in the fashion world too!

Raise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 5 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Finally! Black clothes for baby! Black clothes make for a happy mom since stains are no trouble in this color.

In contrast, the summer line from Nununu features lightweight t-shirts that are sure to keep your little one cool and comfortable in warmer months, even in the darkest of hues.

Raise A Rock Star: Nununu 2013 6 Daily Mom Parents Portal

When shopping from Nununu, you can expect to find urban, rock star looks made of quality material in comfortable designs. As a trendy, or even daring, mom this is a line you have been dying to find.

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