Shop Your Closet for the Perfect Holiday Outfit

‪It’s that time of year where our schedules fill up with holiday parties, planning and shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. We spend more money than we anticipated, we buy extra presents and more food than we need. Only to find ourselves with nothing to wear because we have been too busy buying and preparing for others. The holiday party can be a buzz kill if you have nothing to wear. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your closet and with a couple items pull something together?  



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A skirt is a great starting place for a holiday look. The style and cut can really be whatever you have in your closet. If you have it, try for a bold print, sequins, fringe or leather. There is always a basic black pencil skirt or pleated skirt that can be the perfect bottom for your party attire.

White Top

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Any white top can work. Even a cotton t-shirt can be dressed up and worn for a holiday party. A blush or wine colored top would be another great option for this time of year. You can also add a cable knit sweater or a soft buffalo plaid. Just be sure you can stay warm. You can also add a leather jacket or a blazer to stay toasty.

Statement Accessory

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The options are endless: earrings, necklace, cocktail ring, or a bracelet stack. Choose one statement piece, like a necklace or bracelet. Be brave and mix your metals with your bracelet stack. Try including gold and silver bangles and beads. You can also pair statement earrings and an oversized cocktail ring. For a bold statement, choose a contrasting color from your top or dress.

Another option is adding a bold clutch. Metal, suede and fringe are all very popular options this season. A mixed media clutch with metal, leather, and a bit of sparkle could be the perfect addition to your holiday look.


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A great heel will finalize any holiday look. If all you have is simple styles, that’s okay. A classic black or nude pump is always  a good go-to. If you have a snake skin printed heel or a funky color to compliment your look, try them on. Another option for the holiday season is an over the knee suede boot or a cute ankle bootie. This is a bold statement for most, but it really does look fabulous for a big event.


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If all else fails break out the LBD, or a holiday inspired dress (we love the options at Melody Lane!), pair it with your statement accessory and a great contrasting colored heel and you are ready to go. Think fun color pairings and textures for this holiday season.

With a busy holiday season filled with parties and events, it’s nice to know you can check back into your closet for your outfits. Shopping your closet can be fun. Just be sure to plan ahead for those big nights and give yourself plenty of time to put pieces together. Clear your bed or a space on the floor and put together a few options for the season. When the night of your event creeps up you will be so thankful you planned ahead. Your wallet and your husband will thank you! 

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Photo Credits: Megan Ballard, The Fashionista Momma 

Megan Ballard
Megan Ballard
Megan is a California girl living in NYC with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and guinea pig. She blogs over at The Fashionista Momma about fashion, beauty and health for the busy mom.

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