A Complete Family? Not Yet, Says Big Sister, Chloe

She’s one of the “bigs” but more importantly, my right-hand, underpaid high executive, number 1 daughter. Meet Chloe, she’s the first daughter of our nine children. The morning after I gave birth to our firstborn, Ian (link to his story), I held his little body, looked into his eyes and declared, “I want a little girl.” The overwhelming love I felt for my son, I wanted to yet experience that again. And so, we were blessed with our daughter just a few 19 months later. This makes a family of three…so far. Our 17 years with Chloeana Marie couldn’t have been more blessed. Not only has she grown into a young woman who is selflessly engaged with her family and own pursuits in life, she’s been the kind of daughter who seems more like a best friend that needs a bit of direction, wisdom, and training every now and again. Sometimes, I completely don’t understand her feelings and interests in life, and yet, I love her for her uniqueness in what God has created.

Where this child got this love of crocheting and knitting from, I have no clue, it just looks like a ball of yarn to me.

A Complete Family? Not Yet, Says Big Sister, Chloe 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

I like how big my family is; we’re just so comfortable with each other that I feel like we’re not the type of siblings that will stop talking to each other after we’re all grown up and have left home. Though, I’m not sure about my other brother, he’s weird.

Chloe’s that kind of girl who seems pretty nice and sweet, crocheting away, adoring and loving on babies. Next thing you know, she’s butchering chickens, her hands all up in gore and ready to kick you in the head if you dare mess with any of her brothers. Yup, my crunchy-farm girl, black belt. I’m so proud!

A Complete Family? Not Yet, Says Big Sister, Chloe 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Whatever we may have going on, Chloe’s in. Whether it be a cross-country trip, or helping mom during a water-birth – she’s there. She’s all for the “big family-little space” concept. Meaning, we can all be huddled (yes all 11 of us) in a lounge chair and couch and have all the comfort of space and each other even though there’s still over 3000 sq ft of house to be in.

Like any of us, she enjoys her space. Though she loves the big family, she also loves her alone time. The occasional noise and hustle and bustle of people coming and going, fighting or bickering, or simply just the chatter of 10 other people can be a bit much.

So when she escapes, the noise dies down the peace of knitting, creating, and listening to music is her “ahhhh” place.

Escape she may try –  because in this digital age – we’re all connected and for the most part she can never fully escape us!

Emoticons, antics, requests, and just plain, family happenings all occur daily in the family group chat.

I hate it! LOL. My family always finds me and it seems like there’s always something that needs to be done – as I am one of the trusted “bigs”.

We rely on Chloe a lot. I try to give her her space when I know life seems to be wearing her done – and likewise, she knows when to step in when I look like I’m at my wit’s end!

However, as much as she may want her alone time, there’s time away from one little LaBrune she rarely resits; and that’s her baby sister, Qwyn. With her Betty Boop Eyes, and infectious cheeky-smile, she manages to always spare time with the one who always listens with nothing but pure adoration for her eldest sister.

A Complete Family? Not Yet, Says Big Sister, Chloe 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

I love it. This big family, I want one of my own.

A Complete Family? Not Yet, Says Big Sister, Chloe 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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