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Before you become a parent you think, “I’ll just catch up on sleep whenever the baby is sleeping.” However, once they arrive you quickly realize that it isn’t so easy to relax when you’re given the chance because you are constantly worrying about baby. Are they too hot or too cold? What if I don’t hear them when they wake up? These are all normal first time parent concerns. Luckily, there are some amazing baby monitors out there, like the VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video Monitor, that allow us to rest easy knowing that our baby truly is safe and sound.

Baby Monitor Guide: VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

More Than Just a Monitor

What makes the VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor stand out from other video monitors on the market are the additional features. It not only lets you keep an eye on your baby at all times with full color monitoring in light rooms and infrared LED monitoring in the dark, but it has the capability to monitor up to 4 rooms (with additional cameras) at once, talk back to your baby from the parental unit, it tells you the temperature in your baby’s room, and plays five calming lullabies to lull your little one off to dreamland!

Multi-Camera Capability

  • Do you have more than one child or multiple rooms that your baby plays/naps in? No problem! The VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor allows you to have a split screen view of up to 4 rooms on the parental unit (with the purchase of additional cameras). So, if you have a baby napping in one room and a toddler playing in another, you can easily keep an eye on both of them while cooking in the kitchen. The only downside to the split-screen mode is that you can’t receive sound monitoring from any of the rooms, only video.

Parental Talk-Back

  • Let your child hear you loud and clear from the camera unit of the VTech monitor by pressing the “talk” button on the parental monitor unit! Why would you use this feature? Well, maybe a little “shhh, shhh, shhh” or a favorite song would come in handy to get your baby back to sleep or a loud “get down!” would save you a trip up the stairs to tell your toddler to stop climbing on the dresser. It’s a nice little bonus feature to have.

Temperature Monitoring

  • Are you worried that your baby’s room is too hot or too cold? A temperature sensor on the camera of this monitor keeps track of the temp in baby’s room at all times. You can even set the parental unit up to notify you if the temperature drops below or rises above a certain temperature!


  • With a touch of a button on the camera unit of the VTech video monitor, you can play five relaxing lullabies for your little one. A nice way to help your baby drift off to sleep.
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Ease of Use

Straight out of the box, the VTech Safe & Sound Monitor is ready to use. Just pop in the rechargeable battery to the parental video unit (that has a 2.8 inch color LCD screen!) and plug it in. Then, set up the camera unit either on a table top with a view of the area you want to see, or easily mount it to the wall with the included wall mount and screws. Once installed, the camera can be swiveled up and down, side to side, and you can zoom in and out to get the best view of your little one possible. After both units are set up, just power them on and they will connect to each other, giving you clear on-screen image of your child.

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Video & Sound Quality

We found the video and sound quality of this VTech monitor to be exceptional. In a lit room the image quality is clear and in full color. At night, the image is in black and white, but you can still easily see movement and make out the features of your sleeping baby. In terms of sound, the parental unit will go silent after determining any white noise and only turn on once it detects a new sound. Pretty cool!

Baby Monitor Guide: VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor 5 Daily Mom Parents Portal

The investment for a video monitor is a little bit more than just a standard sound monitor, but it is so worth the peace of mind and comfort that it brings.

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