BBLÜV Gear For The Beach Baby

Children love to be outside in nature and the fresh air, but sometimes, the elements aren’t kid-friendly.  Parents, if you are planning a trip to the great outdoors, especially to the beach this spring break and summer, BBLÜV has the gear for the beach baby you need to help you enjoy every moment and make your trip as stress-free as possible.

Gear For The Beach Baby

BBLÜV offers a wide array of gear for the beach baby, ranging from play tents to watershoes. Each of these pieces is made with high-quality material, and great care has been taken to ensure that parents enjoy a stress-free setup and transportation. When it comes to outings with babies, BBLÜV products are an absolute must!

Sun Protection

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

The Sunkitö is designed to keep the bugs and harmful UVA/UVB rays from your little ones during your family fun. It is so lightweight and easy to set up it can be used for both indoor or outdoor fun. The pop-up system folds the tent and 3 poles neatly into the carry bag that is easily (and lightly) carried on your shoulder.

As parents we know that there is always a ton of gear to carry back and forth during outings, so having a tent that is SO compact and lightweight is a breath of fresh air!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

When open, this tent has mesh sides allowing for air-flow on each side. This is perfect for use at the beach because the tent won’t overheat from the hot sand, and air will constantly be moving through the mesh windows. The back mesh has an amazing roll-up window, so if the need for a nap arises, your sweetie can enjoy some cool air without the harsh glare of the sun. The mesh also protects the kiddos inside from critters and insects.

Shoes For Every Adventure

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

Once your sweet baby is on the run, it is time to add water shoes to the list of gear for the beach baby. Shoöz are adorable water shoes that are as comfortable as your baby’s favorite pair of socks. These soles are sturdy, yet flexible and non-slip, so they are strong enough to protect your baby’s delicate feet. Made with your child’s safety in mind, these water shoes help your child keep their traction on the sand, a pool deck, or anywhere their summer fun may take them. Shoöz are machine washable and dry quickly for non-stop adventures and excitement this spring and summer season.

Small Splashes

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

If your little one is a total beach baby, but isn’t quite ready to take on the waves, Arenä has your back! This pop-up beach pool is ideal for splashing fun on the hot beach. The soft, waterproof fabric is durable enough for even the most energetic babies to enjoy. After digging a shallow hole, Arenä’s base settles into the sand, creating a soft pool for your baby to cool down. Arenä comes with a collapsible bucket that makes fill-ups easy. Parents, we have lots of stuff to carry in the car, but this won’t add to any clutter! This system folds neatly into a carry bag and easily lays flat in the trunk or behind a seat for easy transportation.

Water Safety Gear That Grows With Your Child

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

For any parent, safety is the main concern when it comes to playing near any type of water, especially at the beach. BBLÜV has designed quality products for fun, but more importantly with your baby’s safety in mind. Näj is an evolving neoprene swim vest that can help parents teach water safety to their child for the first time. This vest provides gentle security and comfort, and the soft, neoprene fabric makes it comfortable to wear while also providing UPF 50+ sun protection.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby

This vest is easy to put on and take off, while the safety strap ensures that the vest will stay in place during use – even if your child gets excited in the water. Näj can also grow with your child. Parents can reduce the buoyancy of the vest by removing the floatation components as their child’s skill-level improves in and around the water, at a pace both the child and parents are comfortable with.

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Safety Tips For Fun In The Sun

Safety from the sun is something parents should consider whenever heading outdoors. Babies 6 months and under should be kept out of direct sunlight. Hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeve swimming shirts/rash guards are a great way to make sure your little one’s skin will stay healthy while enjoying the sun. Also, wearing sunscreen with a high SPF on all exposed skin, as well as avoiding sun exposure during the hottest time of the day (between 10AM and 4PM) can reduce the risk of sunburn for everyone in your party. Make sure you apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before you head outdoors so that it has time to start working.

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Water safety and preparation for a vacation spent near water are also key elements to consider as the weather warms. Depending on your children’s ages, safety can mean different things, but every parent can agree it is a priority. Investing in a high quality life-saving flotation device can give parents a greater sense of security, although nothing can take the place of adequate supervision at all times near water.

Even children who are strong swimmers can encounter trouble in the water in a short amount of time. Setting boundaries and rules for your family before your water fun keeps everyone on the same page and helps remind your kiddos to watch out for each other.

Children can drown in 1-2 inches of water, so setting up safety boundaries in the home before baby’s first trip to the water will help build your child’s respect for the water and enforce the boundaries you set up. Be sure to close toilet lids, keep a plug in the bath tub, and keep bathroom doors closed when not in use. Also, draining coolers and inflatable pools immediately can prevent a drowning accident.

Water safety is all about preparation. If you prepare your family ahead of time, they are sure to have a safe and fun time splashing! The American Academy of Pediatrics is a great resource for water safety advice, and can help ease your mind before your trip to the water.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby
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Whatever outings you have planned with your little ones this spring and summer, BBLÜV has you covered with gear for the beach baby that is both easy-to-use and easy-to-move, designed to keep your children safe while at play.


If you’re planning a trip to the beach, check out these safety tips before you go!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bblüv Gear For The Beach Baby



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