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Now that your baby is one, they’re more mobile, more vocal, and want more engaging playtime. They are outgrowing the teething toys and rattles from their infant days and are capable of manipulating more detailed playthings. We are delighted to feature a few the best toys for one year a old tot – why we love them and why they love them too!

Best Toys for a One Year Old

Push Along Peanut

By Lamaze

The Push Along Peanut elephant by Lamaze is a mobile stuffed animal so it instantly stands out from the pile of stuffed friends that don’t do much else but sit. The bead filled wheels roll easily and make a fun bead-tumbling noise as they roll. This is perfect for the still crawling one year old to push all across the room. Even once they’re walking they will love to squat down and give the elephant a push! True to all Lamaze toys, the elephant features crinkle fabric, black and white details as well as pops of color and pattern. Younger babies will love to explore this toy even before they can push it!


Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider

By Hasbro


This little Walk N’ Roll Rider “motorbike” by Playskool is a scooting toy that doubles as a push toy. With the seat down, your little mover can use their legs to pull the bike forward. Until they’re ready to try that, the seat lifts up and becomes a handle, turning the bike into a fun push toy that rolls with ease to delight your nearly or newly walking kiddo! The bike plays a mix of recognizable radio hits like “Ticket to Ride” with a kid friendly makeover and classic kid favorites like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It also responds to the child’s movement by continuing to play the music as they scoot along or twist the handlebars.  The bike encourages and invites them to work independently on their motor skills as they learn quickly how to climb on and off of the bike, push it, and eventually scoot it!




By B Toys

This playful Meowsic piano by B.Toys, shaped like a grinning kitty, is full of fun features to spark the musical interest of your budding musician! The piano has a variety of sounds the keys can make, from traditional piano to cute meowing kitty. Set a rhythm to play along to like jazz or salsa beats. The piano can also play a variety of songs on its own! For even more fun, hit the record button and compose a song with your little one the listen to the playback together! Show your one year old how to sing into the microphone and they won’t want to stop!
Developing their love of music (and how to make sounds and rhythms on their own) at this age is so easy with the Meowsic piano! It is bright and inviting and so easy for them to experiment with the cause and effect of the sounds as they play away with the keys and various buttons along the sides. Of course, it’s even better when played together, so your little one can observe your careful use of the keys to make little tunes. Before you know it they’ll be sitting down to compose a song all on their own.



Musical Train

by Boikido

The musical train by Boikido will entertain your child for hours upon hours. We love a toy that serves multiple purposes and helps your child develop various skills. The Musical Train is a fun, colorful train that will look adorable being pulled behind your little one. When your little one is ready to stop the push and pull fun of the train they can enjoy the musical sounds of the different instruments on each train car.

The train features a xylophone, hanging bells, a shiny cymbal, and two drumsticks. Don’t worry mom, none of the instruments are loud enough to drive you crazy. Each makes soft music when tapped with the accompanying stick.

This Boikido train obviously works on gross motor skills but your determined little one can also develop their fine motor skills. Each train car latches together with a wooden bead and loop. This is the perfect task for the determined little toddler. Your child will love to rearrange the car order, push them individually, and pull the entire set.

And, like all Boikido products, the train is manufactured to not only meet U.S safety standards, but the stricter European standards as well. Boikido ensures that your little one will explore and learn in safety.

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  1. The Meowmusic thing is cool but Amazon has a note that it is a choking hazard and NOT for kids under age 3. Thoughts?

  2. I thought I had commented but it reloaded the comment box so who knows. Just wondering your thoughts on the Meowmusic thing not being for kids under age 3 because it is a choking hazard?

    • I am not sure why they say it’s not for kids under age 3 because there are no removable parts at all. I feel totally safe letting my one year old play with it (and she LOVES it). Perhaps the microphone – because it pulls out to reveal a small length of cord – they add the age 3 label as a precaution. Though it really isn’t long enough to wrap around anything but maybe a wrist or ankle if the child is totally unsupervised. Use your own judgement and just let your child play with it with your supervision!

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