Places to Visit: Mono Lakes & Alien Like Structures

Mono Lake, California is a desert lake that delivers unique views and will not disappoint. With an amazing ecosystem and rich history, you will be sorry if you miss this destination while traveling in California. While you are planning your trip, check out these incredible photos to see why this lake is like no lake you’ve ever seen before. 

What makes Mono Lake a place you must visit? As you can see here, it doesn’t look like what you imagine when you think of a lake. The alien like structures all around Mono Lake are called tufa. Tufa is a type of limestone, formed from evaporating carbonate minerals.

The tufa look like something from another planet. They form when the minerals in the lake evaporate faster than the water is replenished by rain.

The water in Mono Lake is alkaline from high levels of salt. This is because there is no outlet for this desert lake, allowing the salt to accumulate.

You feel like you are walking through ancient ruins when you find yourself face to face with tufa formations of Mono Lake.

The tufa towers can be found throughout the lake, on the shore, and forming little island like deposits in the gorgeous blue-green water.

These Californian views are unlike any in the world: open skies, powerful mountains, crystal, salty waters and the sculpture like tufa. 

Mono Lake has 2 islands and lots of small formations of the tufa throughout the water.

You will truly feel like you are on an adventure when visiting Mono Lake. It feels like you have landed on the moon as you walk through the tufa. 

Because of the lake’s hypersalinity and high alkalinity, fish cannot survive in the water. However, Mono Lake is home to plankton, shrimp and alkali flies.

Stop to take in all that Mono Lake is, with all your senses. See all the colors, feel the sand beneath your feet, smell the salty air, and hear the quiet winds and water. 

Mono Lake is part of the Mono Basin, which was formed over 5 million years ago by geological forces.

Mono Lake and its surrounding area is a rich, natural environment in California that includes the life in the lake, migratory birds and plant life.

We hope you are convinced that you need to add Mono Lake to your list of places you must visit. The alien like tufa draw you in and the views all around the lake are mesmerizing. Pack your camera and get ready to take it all in. California offers so many amazing places like Mono Lake.

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Photo Credit: Elena Ollick – @everyavenuegirl

Source: Wikipedia

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