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Many parents get in a diaper rut and don’t realize that their initial choice in diapers might not have been the best. Someone gifts you big boxes of a certain brand at your baby shower and you just stick with that brand for consistency’s sake. You are on a tight budget and automatically assume a store brand is the best way to save money. If there is a quality diaper on the store shelves that can save you money and keep your kid dry and prevent leaks, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Change your diaper buying habits and you will be pleasantly surprised how much cash you will keep in your wallet and how great the new diapers perform.


Break Up with Your Old Brand

There are lots of reasons parents use a certain brand of diapers. Many of us use one brand and never buy anything else. Millennial parents tend to be more brand loyal than other generations. In fact, a recent study found that just over half of Millennials reported being “extremely loyal or quite loyal to their favorite brands.” Let’s be real though, all humans are creatures of habit. We find comfort in our routines and doing things the same way and that also applies to our consumer habits.

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Why not shake things up a little and dump your old diaper brand? If you are buying an expensive, trendy brand because of claims of organic materials or cute prints, you are paying too much for diapers that are not really any better than traditional disposables. If you buy the cheapest store brand on the shelf, you are most likely sacrificing performance and your baby is waking up wet in the middle of the night or you are going through multiple wardrobe changes from leaks. Overspending for no reason or having leaky diapers are both great reasons to change your diaper spending habits.

Give Luvs a Chance

Luvs Diapers have been around for a long time. They aren’t trendy and expensive. They aren’t some sketchy generic brand that doesn’t work. Luvs is the perfect balance of reasonable prices and high quality. Luvs Diapers are a good choice for all babies. There really is #MoreToLuv with this brand. This isn’t complicated. You can find them in pretty much any store. It’s a simple change to make but the outcome of changing to Luvs is huge!

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The Price is RightLuvs has always been a money saving brand but take a walk into your favorite store and we bet you will notice that their prices are even lower for a limited time! You don’t have to buy ineffective store brand diapers to save money. That’s not actually a good use of your hard earned dollars if the diapers don’t even work! If you are paying the premium prices on a trendy brand of diaper, ask yourself “why?” Do you really need seasonal, whimsical prints on a diaper? The diapers are covered by clothes most of the time before you baby poops or pees in them and you toss them in the diaper pail. You might as well toss some of your money in that pail too. It is kind of the same thing. Luvs has even lower prices now, allowing you to take that extra money from your diaper budget and invest in somewhere else, like on organic fruits and veggies to make baby food!

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Keep The Baby Comfy and Clean – A wet baby is an uncomfortable, grumpy baby. Nobody wants that! If your baby can’t stay dry overnight, she will be awake more. Awake more = less sleep. Less sleep = more coffee needed in the morning. Now you are spending more on coffee to stay awake! Ha! But seriously, a diaper should be comfortable for baby and stop leaks. If it doesn’t do those things, you are not really saving money because the diaper is not doing what you are paying it to do. Luvs have serious leak protection built in, money back guaranteed type of protection! In fact, Luvs NightLock Plus locks away wetness faster than Huggies Snug & Dry.*

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Make this change in your diaper buying habits and you will see a noticeable difference in the amount of money you spend on diapers and you will be so pleased with how well they work! This change is one of those changes that you will make and wonder why it took you so long to get to this point! As a parent, you should always be learning and growing as your child is learning and growing. Don’t get stuck in a rut or feel like you have to keep doing things the same way. When you are presented with new information, apply that to your life if it affords you some improvement. You can do better when it comes to diapers with Luvs!

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*Size 4 LuvsNightLock plus SuperAbsorbent vs. Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra; 50 mls of fluid, with pressure simulating weight of an average size 4 child.

Sources: Study: Millennials Are the Most Brand-Loyal Generation

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