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Kids love bath time, especially when it is filled with bubbles, toys, and tons of fun! Make this nightly experience enjoyable and educational with bath toys that will incite the imagination, inspire creativity, and teach important skills. Babies, toddlers, and even older children will beg to take a bath until their fingers and toes are wrinkled and pruned just to play with these awesome toys loved by our own Daily Kids!


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Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Bath Toys

Build and design with the Boon Jellies that will stick to just about anything, including each other! These colorful jellyfish can stack and suction, allowing your child to create different colorful shapes and structures all while playing in the tub.

Tomy Foam Cone Factory

With easy to attach suction cups, the Tomy Foam Cone Factory inspires imaginative play as your child whips up ice cream cones from bubble bath, complete with a pretend sprinkle shaker. Perfect for promoting collaborative play and refining motor skills, the ice cream factory will keep kids engaged and enjoying bath time for years to come.

HABA Bathtub Ball Track Play Set

In either the bathtub or shower, send a ball whizzing down a track with the HABA Bathtub Ball Track Play Set. Children have the ability to move the track around as they play, creating their own designs and using trial and error to see if the ball makes it down the track. With 3 sets of track, a paddle wheel, ball and ladle for pouring or catching, kids can use their creativity and their eye-hand coordination to play a variety of games. Made of phthalate-free PVC, this set is a safe and sturdy tub toy perfect for toddlers and even older kids.

Learning Resources Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles

Color and shape recognition, along with fine motor skills are just a some of the educational concepts that will be explored and developed in your tiny tot as the Learning Resources Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles join them in the tub. With different color shells featuring a variety of shapes, children will spend time separating and then searching for the matching shell to fit each turtle. Made with mold resistant plastic, these turtles will last each dip, dive and splash in either the tub or water table making learning fun!

Boon Marco Light Up Diver

The Marco light up bath toy is fun for all ages as it peeks at kids from just below the water line. Bobbing in the tub is Marco’s favorite thing to do and with his color-changing, water-activated light, children will love searching for him especially in a tub full of bubbles!

Playgro Bath Fun Toy Gift Pack

Ideal for the littlest ones, the Playgro Bath Fun Toy Gift Pack is a favorite full of brightly colored, engaging bath toys to keep babies and toddlers entertained. With a variety of colorful seaside creatures such as ducks, frogs and octopus great for grasping, a soft padded bath book with plenty of pictures, and stacking cups perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, this set has it all. This set will delight baby in the bathtub and even comes with a bath net for easy clean-up and simple storage.

HABA Bubble Bunny Bath Game

For some rainy day or indoor fun without water, the Bubble Bunny Bath Game is fun for toddlers and young children. Help bunny take a bath with this match and memory game great for ages 2 and up. With a large rolling die and bright colors and pictures, this game has 3 variations of play. Encouraging fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, as well as concentration and language development, this first board game will teach children to follow rules and allows for both rule-based and free play.

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop

Featuring an extra large scoop, adhesive strips for easy-mounting, and large air holes for drying, the Boon Frog Pod makes bath time clean up simple and quick. Stop bending over the bath trying to fish toys out of the tub all while drying a slippery, squirming toddler. Allow the Frog Pod to do the heavy lifting! Just scoop, store and organize all of your children’s bath time toys right up on the wall. Extend the life of your child’s water toys by reducing mold and mildew, keep your tub clean and dry, and enjoy your child’s bath time without all the fuss thanks to the Boon Frog Pod.

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