Get A Good Night’s Sleep: Create A Sacred Sleeping Space With The Mint Mattress From Tuft & Needle

Families have spent a lot of time inside the home for well over a year, and for some, the bed has transformed into a classroom, an office, a play area, the laundry mat, and a lunchroom. Of course, this is all in addition to being the place intended for getting a good night’s sleep to earn our rest and rejuvenation. Summer provides families with time to create beautiful memories and take adventures together, but if you are sleeping in the same place you’re living every day, your rest can begin to feel like work.

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In order to reclaim your sacred sleeping space, and finally achieve the good night’s sleep of which you are so deserving, then refreshing your bed has to start from the ground and work its way up. Your bed’s foundation is built upon the perfect mattress selection, and this is the pivotal choice that will determine the quality of rest you will experience.

Everyone enjoys their day more if they’ve experienced a good night’s sleep. This summer, treat yourself to a lush sleeping place that will keep you cool, rested, and ready to enjoy your summer. By bringing a new mattress into your home, you are reclaiming this sacred space for your own revitalizing sleep and rest, and there is no better mattress to achieve this than the Mint Mattress by Tuft & Needle.

Mint Is Innovative

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Choosing the Mint Mattress means choosing much more than comfort or style. This mattress, like the mattresses that have come from Tuft & Needle before, is revolutionary. Designed with antimicrobial protection by HeiQ, which is embedded in the mattress cover fabric, eliminates harmful bacteria that can cause odor and affect the lifespan of your mattress. Because of this, you will not need to start searching for a new mattress in the next few years for common complaints like discomfort, bacteria, or unattractive odors. This technology keeps the fabric resistant to degradation which means your new mattress will have that “new mattress” feel for years to come.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Good Night's Sleep

The Mint Mattress boasts progressive support and luxurious comfort. This is attributed to the construction of this mattress. Feeling tense after a long day? The gel beads in this mattress stack on top of each other, combining to help soothe your tired body and help you feel cushioned and supportive. Additionally, four inches of extra-firm foam has been added around the bottom foam layer for extra edge support. Mint can literally stand its ground when it comes to comfort and construction and is supported by the good night’s sleep you are guaranteed with Mint.

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Mint Is Comfortable For Every Body

Daily Mom Parent Portal Good Night's Sleep

The challenge of mattress shopping with a partner who prefers firm to your soft or coils to your foam can be daunting, but Tuft & Needle makes this once stressful task a walk in the park. Mint uses technology to please both sleepers seeking a good night’s sleep. This mattress contains two comfort layers of T&N Adaptive® foam topped with a luxe knit cover. T&N Adaptive foam makes Mint unlike other foam or latex mattresses. It contours to allow for the body’s natural curves, alleviating hip and shoulder pain while absorbing movement and support and bouncing back quickly.

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Busy parents of young children often welcome these little visitors throughout the night, and the movement can be not only disruptive, but it can also impede your good night’s sleep. The T&N Adaptive foam avoids body impressions while it wicks heat and moisture away, so while your little ones get comfortable, you can still experience the rest that Mint promises. This mattress delivers on support and comfort without the price tag of a latex mattress.

While updating your sleeping space for summer, budgetary concerns may hinder style choices or even support choices. Thankfully, the Mint Mattress was designed to fit any room with any aesthetic in most bed frames. This includes everything from traditional box springs, frames, slats, platform beds, bunky boards, and even adjustable frames. Mint is not only oh-so comfortable for your body, it’s also comfortable for your budget and style.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be impossible, and with Tuft & Needle‘s Mint mattress, our bodies and minds can finally rest knowing that we are not only choosing a mattress for right now, but we are choosing the best mattress experience for years to come without the risk of bacteria build-up found in other mattresses, not to mention unbelievably luxurious comfort. Create your own sacred sleeping experience this summer with Tuft & Needle.

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