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In the past, home security meant locks and alarms. It was all about keeping the bad guys out and keeping our stuff safe while we were gone. The meaning of home security has definitely evolved, and keeping our homes secure isn’t just about the stuff anymore. Home security is staying up to date on the status of your home, and the people in it, while you’re away. Up until now, tracking the status of your home was a little complicated (and expensive). You could have professionals install cameras and sensors, and pay a monthly fee for monitoring, or you could go the DIY route, but lose out on the professional monitoring service. With advancements in technology, there is a new solution for home security that will keep your home safe without breaking the bank.

Monitor Your Home with LG

Monitoring Your Home Security With Lg 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

DIY, Professionally!

An LG Smart Security All-In-One home monitoring device simplifies home monitoring. You get the ease of DIY set-up, and can choose to add on the security of professional monitoring through ADT. This device is packed with features, but there are a few that made this security system stand out as the one that will be perfect for your family. In one small, modern-looking device, you get a security hub that helps you to stay connected to the things that matter the most. The LG Smart Security device allows you the option of connecting to professional security monitoring through ADT. You can subscribe to ADT Canopy on a month to month basis, with no contract, allowing you to subscribe exactly when you need it and cancel with no penalty. There are several packages available that allow for video storage and intruder detection. ADT offers a free 60-day trial for both with the purchase of an LG Smart Security!

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Keep An Eye on Your Most Precious Treasures

Wondering how the kids are doing for the babysitter? No problem! The device allows for a 130 degree field of view in the room where it’s set up. View secure, live-stream footage in super sharp, full 1080p HD video. You can also use it to communicate remotely with your family through the built-in two way intercom. Even if nothing is wrong, it is so fun to just say hi to your kids. We love this idea for an older child who takes the bus home and is alone for a little while after school. LG allows you to say hello from anywhere, allowing your child to feel connected and not so alone until you get off work. Your voice could be comforting to a young child with a babysitter for the first time. If you have pets that like to destroy your house when you are gone, go ahead and tell them to “cut it out!” through the intercom.

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Avoid Costly Home Repairs

All homeowners have nightmares about a catastrophic event happening in the home while they are gone. Can you imagine coming home from work to find that your hot water heater busted and flooded your entire house? What happens if you are traveling during the winter and a pipe freezes and bursts? Accidents like that left unattended for hours (or longer) would leave you with more than a mess to clean up. You would be dealing with seriously expensive home restorations. Using the ADT Canopy-LG Smart Security app, you can customize settings and receive warnings if the conditions in your house change (temperature, humidity, etc.). If there’s a serious change in your home, like moisture, you will get notified. No more worries about frozen pipes or floods while you’re gone.

Lights On, Lights Off

The LG Smart Security device also serves as a hub for other smart home devices. We added the GE Smart Switch and use the ADT Canopy app to turn lights on and off remotely. This is so helpful for keeping your home secure when you are out late or out of town. No one will know you aren’t home if the lights come on at night. With the Z-Wave support, you can add contact sensors, select thermostats, and certain smart locks. BONUS: LG Smart Security is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices!

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With a minimal set up, optional monitoring, and all the smart features created by LG, you can leave your home and feel confident that everything is safe and secure. You won’t miss a thing, including anything happening with a nanny watching your kids or an indoor flood from a busted pipe. You can stay in control of your castle with the innovations from LG!


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