Popular Home Security Systems You Can Use to Protect Your Property

While we’re always happy to see spring arrive and bring the warmer weather and sunny days with it, there can be a bit of a potential downside to the nicer temperatures. As things heat up and it’s more pleasant to be out and about, burglars, and other people with various types of nefarious motives, also become more active. As a result, it’s beneficial to think about home security system cost options to help protect your property and keep criminals and other undesirables away. 

However, with so many different products now on the market, it can be rather tough trying to decide which home security system cost will be the best option for you and your family’s needs. While it’s wise to use an experienced contractor to install the product you buy, such as one of these Riverside security firms, you also have to make sure you select the right items to start with. To narrow things down, read on for some popular home security systems you can consider buying today. 

4 Home Security System Cost Options

Ring Alarm Security Kit 

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If you’re looking for a quality, entry-level option that won’t break the bank but will still protect your property effectively, check out the Ring Alarm Security Kit. The five-piece starter kit can be purchased for $199 and includes all the key things you need: a base station, motion detector, contact sensor, keypad and range extender. There are other components you can add on as you see fit, or you can upgrade to a more comprehensive kit that features ten or 14 pieces in total. 

Ring is popular not just for its price, either. It is easy to set up and will give you all the basics in one solution, without requiring you to pay extra for a subscription plan. However, if you’d like to get professional monitoring and have access to video recordings for longer, there is a low monthly fee you can pay (this is contract free).  

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Nest Secure 

Nest Secure is one of the most popular home security systems on the market these days. Unlike Ring it is a higher-priced choice, but for the additional money (charges start at $548 for the alarm system with doorbell, Nest Guard hub, two fob-like tags, and two sensors) you do get what is considered one of the best high-end DIY selections available. 

You can pay extra for cameras and various other expansion options if you’d like, plus there are numerous ways to arm and disarm the product, which is handy. Furthermore, Nest’s sensors do more than just monitor if a door is open or closed, so you do get more for your money. Also, being a part of the Google company now, it’s no surprise that Nest provides not only its own app and a passcode, but integration with Google Assistant, too. 

SimpliSafe Home Security 

daily mom parent portal home security system cost

Another one of the most popular and affordable home security system cost options is SimpliSafe Home Security. Protecting over three million Americans to date, this standalone option is quick to set up and use, and is “simpli” wonderful because there’s really only one key device to learn how to use, plus a security code keypad that goes along with it. No contracts need to be entered into, nor are phone lines a prerequisite. 

Prices are affordable, too. The base package costs $229 (it’s best for apartments and small homes), while the most popular package, the middle of the road one, is $259 and is suitable for larger spaces. If you want extra features, opt for one of the higher-priced packages which comes with additional sensors and extra features such as smoke detection. Regardless, though, everything still works through the main hub, keeping things nice and simple. 

SimpliSafe has received more than 40,000 reviews over the years on Google and Amazon, and it has twice been named the winner of CNET’s Editors’ Choice for Home Security. The tech firm gives a 60-day guarantee for its product so you can try it out and return it if you’re not wowed by the device. Plus, the latest version is actually 50 percent the size of the original yet boasts double the range and volume, and is five times faster.  

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Abode Starter Kit 

A good all-round option that’s comprehensive yet affordable, and DIY but offering professional-grade home security, is the Abode Starter Kit. This system provides solid performance day in and day out; works well with other smart-home devices; and has monitoring and hardware devices which will scale according to your needs. It’s also easy to install and use. The company’s kits cost from $249, and don’t require users to be locked into contracts. 


Use one of the home security system cost options listed above, or another top option that you have researched well, and you will be better able to ward off burglars. This will help to keep yourself, your family, your pets and your belongings safe over the coming weeks and months. 


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daily mom parent portal home security system cost



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