DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

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We know craft stores and home good stores sell plenty of Valentine’s Day swag. And we know that Pinterest is chock full of awesome and beautiful DIY craft ideas for Valentine’s Day. But, what if you don’t have the time or the money for all that? Or maybe you’re just not that crafty! We’ve got some great ideas to help you decorate for Valentine’s Day quickly, easily and inexpensively. Make your house look pretty and festive with just a few things you probably have around your house already!


1. Valentine’s Day Candy in a Jar

Lovejar Collage

One of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate is by putting candy on display. Next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a few bags of Valentine’s Day candy. Colored M&Ms, festively wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, and Conversation Heart are our favorites, but any red or pink candy would look great! Then, round up a few pretty glass containers–like a mason jar or a vase or even a pretty glass mug– and fill them with the candy. Or, if you don’t like having all that candy around, try fruits like dried cranberries or dried strawberries. Then use it as a centerpiece on your kitchen table!

2. Red Candles

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If you have any red candles around the house, get them out! Tall, skinny ones, thicker ones, votive candles…any and all of them will look great on your kitchen table, kitchen counter or mantle for a pretty Valentine’s Day display.

3. Re-purpose Christmas Stuff

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Dig out anything red from your Christmas decor and give it a second life. Red table cloths and red placemats will make your table look festive all over again. And what about that red garland from your Christmas tree? It can be swagged from your mantle or hung in a doorway or above a window. Bonus points if you have any heart Christmas ornaments you can add to the display!

4. Love in a Picture Frame

Diy Valentine'S Day Decor 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

This idea is super easy and super cheap too! All you need is a picture frame (any size will do) and a Valentine’s Day gift bag or an old Valentine’s Day card — or even some Valentine’s Day wrapping paper.  Cut the gift bag/old card/wrapping paper to fit in the frame and frame it! Then set it up on the mantle or next to the rest of your Valentine’s Day display.

5. Use your kids blocks to spell out Be Mine or Love

Diy Valentine'S Day Decor 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For this cute and simple idea, head to your kids’ playroom and dig out their blocks.  Then, use the blocks to spell out words like Love, Amor, Be Mine, Heart or any other word that conveys love — and that you have the blocks for! This would look great on a kitchen counter with a pretty doily underneath (like our photo above) or on a mantle with some pretty red candles and a jar of your favorite candy.


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