10 of the Best Champagne Cocktails For New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve would not be complete without a sparkling glass of bubbly champagne. But, if you don’t like the taste of straight champagne, or maybe you prefer something a little fancier like cocktails instead of a glass of champagne, you may be asking yourself “What mixes well with champagne?”, or “What is good to add to champagne?”.

Well, we’ve certainly answered those questions and more in our round-up of 10 recipes of the best champagne cocktails to help you ring in the New Year. These recipes taste so good, you may want to try them all!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails

Why Do We Drink Champagne On New Year’s?

Champagne is a bubbly drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is traditionally associated with celebrations, especially at the start of a new year. From ancient Roman traditions to modern-day celebrations, champagne has been enjoyed on New Year’s Eve for hundreds of years. The light and airy taste of champagne is perfect for a festive occasion.

As the clock strikes midnight, champagne is often used to toast the start of a new year and the hope for a better future. The bubbles of the champagne symbolize a bubbling enthusiasm and joy to kick off the new year. Additionally, its effervescence and sparkle are a symbol of good luck and cheer, while the sound of popping champagne corks is a fun and festive way to welcome the new year! Drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve is also a way to bring friends and family together and enjoy a luxurious moment of joy.

Why Make Champagne Cocktails?

Champagne cocktails are a fabulous way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Not only are they incredibly festive and fun, but they are also incredibly easy to make. Plus they’re great for those who just aren’t as keen on the taste of straight champagne or sparkling wine.

There is no need to be a master mixologist to make the best champagne cocktails, and adding your own unique twist can be a fun way to make the celebrations even more special – whether it’s going with a specific color scheme for the occasion. Furthermore, having a few champagne cocktails on hand is a great way to ensure everyone can have a drink at midnight and truly enjoy the start of the New Year.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails For New Year’s Eve

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails

1. Gold Royale Cocktail by Cooking with Curls

This is definitely one of the best champagne cocktails just for the shear fact that it incorporates gold flakes floating inside it! I mean that has to be good luck, right? That being said, the taste of this cocktail is just as impressive as its appearance. It’s bubbly, crisp, and delicately sweet, making it the perfect champagne cocktail to toast the new year.

Plus, can any other drink be any more luxurious and special? One of the best champagne cocktails, this drink is made with Goldschlager, a type of cinnamon schnapps that is infused with gold flakes. The liquor has a strong, spicy cinnamon and sweet flavor, with a hint of alcohol and a slight warmth on the way down. The gold flakes are just added, yet beautiful, fun! Goldschlager is a unique way to glitz up one of the best champagne cocktails, and its sweet and spicy flavor is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who tastes it. Here’s to a great new year with this amazing champagne cocktail!

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2. Whiskey Champagne Cocktail by Ann’s Entitled Life

If something a little stronger like straight whiskey is more your style, indulge in this whiskey champagne cocktail recipe garnished with fresh strawberries. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a celebratory toast for any special occasion. This fun and delicious cocktail is will not only be a conversation starter at your next party, but with its bright flavor, you can’t go wrong serving it to the entire party. You can easily adjust the whiskey amount to make it stronger or weaker depending on your preference, then erve it as a signature cocktail. Your guests will be glad you did.

3. Champagne Margaritas by The Kitchen is My Playground

You can’t go wrong combining margarita ingredients with champagne. Making a margarita-champagne cocktail can be a totally creative experience! Play around with ratios and ingredients to get the combination that’s just right. Maybe try adding a bit of fresh lime juice for a zesty kick or a splash of orange liqueur for a hint of sweetness. You can even experiment with different types of champagne to find the one that you like best. No matter how you choose to make this special drink, the result will be a truly unique cocktail experience.

4. Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail by The Kitchen is My Playground

If you enjoy a sweet champagne cocktail recipe, this one is for you. The cinnamon-sugared rim takes it to another level. This sweet champagne cocktail recipe comes together quickly and is not only delicious but also visually stunning. It’s the perfect addition to any special occasion and will definitely impress your guests. Make sure to prepare the cinnamon-sugared rim ahead of time for the best result. Once you try it, you’ll see why this champagne cocktail is so special.

5. Strawberry Champagne by Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

This champagne cocktail is easy and simple with only four ingredients. The pink Moscato champagne gives the cocktail a beautiful colorand the the slight sweetness of this champagne adds a delightful flavor to the drink. It’s the perfect addition to any social gathering with the strawberry puree. Garnish the champagne cocktail with some fresh fruit or an edible flower if desired. Serve chilled and enjoy!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails

6. Sparkling Shiraz Cocktail with Dark Chocolate Coated Cacao Nibs by Nomageddon

Chocolate and wine, what could be better? These two make a great pair. Not only do they taste great together, but they can also be paired in ways to bring out each other’s flavors. Adding a little extra sweetness and tartness to the chocolate can help deepen the flavor and add complexity to the wine. Similarly, the chocolate can bring out the fruitiness in the wine and make it taste fuller.

With a bit of experimentation and planning, the idea of chocolate and wine can become an unforgettable treat. And this champagne cocktail is so good that everyone will “ooh and ahh” and embarrassingly lick their glasses to savor every nib.

7. Cranberry Prosecco Fizz by Tipsy Tuesday

This unique champagne cocktail uses brandied cranberries. The brandied cranberries provide a combination of tartness and sweetness to the cocktail that really helps to balance the flavors. Plus they also add a bright and fun color to the drink, making it a festive beverage perfect for any holiday celebration – like New Years Eve! The cranberries can also be served on the side as a garnish, adding a nice touch to the presentation.

8. Chambord Royale by Cooking With Curls

Chambord is a black raspberry liquor from France that provides a smooth, well-balanced flavor. It’s the perfect addition to a variety of drinks, from classic cocktails like the Kir Royale to more modern options like an Arnold Palmer spritz. This versatile nature allows for a variety of options when creating drinks, making it a staple for any home mixologist. No matter what type of drink you’re making, Chambord provides a delightful sweetness and balance that can take it to the next level. So try it in one of our favorite and best champagne cocktails for a delightful drink!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails

9. Grapefruit Sparkler by The Life Jolie

Grapefruit is known for both its sweet and sour taste. Rich in antioxidants, this grapefruit champagne cocktail is a fruity festive drink to celebrate the new year! Not only will it add a delightful taste to your celebration, but you can also feel good knowing that you’re getting all the health benefits of the antioxidants in the grapefruit. So why not start off the new year with a sparkling toast to health and happiness?

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails

10. Champagne Moscow Mule by Home Made Interest

The Moscow Mule is such a classic and versatile drink that you can find all types of versions of it. You can try out the classic recipe or mix it up with different ingredients such as mint leaves, lychee, ginger beer, lime juice, or even different types of alcohol – like champagne! Plus, it’s an incredibly easy to make cocktail, so you can enjoy a Moscow Mule anytime you want! If you have a deep love for Moscow Mules, this is one of the best champagne cocktails that’ll just hit the spot.

There’s beer and wine at most parties, but with so many champagne cocktail options, why only drink straight champagne on New Year’s? If you’re hosting a party, be sure to offer up an array of add-ins and encourage your guests to get creative. Or if you want to save on the extras, create a signature champagne cocktail at midnight. This will also help keep your champagne costs down and let you splurge with a more expensive variety. Whatever you decide to go with, pop that bubbly and start celebrating!



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Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Champagne Cocktails
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