Top Favorite Holiday Treats You Need to Try This Season

We love nearly any excuse to have a treat. This holiday season, here at Daily Mom, there is no holding back on our top favorite holiday treats you must try before the ball drops into 2019. From sweet and savory to healthy and deliciously nutritious, there is a little something for everyone (picky eaters included).  

Mother Myricks Buttercrunch

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Crisp, buttery, and a toffee center with your choice of milk or dark chocolate, need we say more other than, yes, please! We love that it’s gluten free heaven in your mouth. Made from scratch just as if it came from grandmother’s kitchen with Vermont Cabot Creamery butter.

Buy it here: Mother Myricks Buttercrunch

Wandering Bear Coffee

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

A hot cup of joe can only go so far in the morning. Extend your holiday cheer with a cold brew that is just as satisfying and uplifting as its warm counterpart. Whether you need your coffee on tap or on the go, Wandering Bear Coffee has the perfect pack for any occasion you need. Let’s not forget that it is also there exactly when you need it with their convenient delivery service.  

Buy it here: Wandering Bear Coffee 

Baahtcha Tea

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There is no doubt that all of us could use a bit more energy and endurance this holiday season! When you grab some BAAHTCHA Tea, as the perfect stocking stuffer, everyone will enjoy some mental calm, a bit of detoxification, increased metabolism, and a fortified immune system, just to name a few! As a high-quality tea, you’ll enjoy the robust flavors that aren’t too sweet for your palate. We were impressed with the options to either have some traditional (aka ceremonial) BAAHTCHA Tea or the easy-to-add-our-food (aka culinary grade) BAAHTCHA Tea. You’ll have no problem pairing it with your favorite ingredients to enhance your favorite holiday dishes. With the delicious options to choose from and it’s GMO and pesticide free, we say this is definitely good tidings of cheer!

Buy it Here: BAAHTCHA Tea

Our/Los Angeles Vodka

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

Our Vodka is a global distillery that specializes in partially distilled and blended vodka using locally-sourced ingredients, giving each region of vodka its own unique taste. The Our/Los Angeles version is smooth and crisp with a light fruity note at the end. It can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into your favorite cocktail. The small, hand-sealed bottle gives Our Vodka its own distinct look and taste, making it a great gift for a hostess or to create crafty cocktails for your holiday party.

Buy it here: Coming soon! 

GimMe Health Organic Seaweed Snacks

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats

Holidays are full of indulging treats, but if you are a health nut you might want to side-step some of those sugary, yummy goodies for something a little bit healthier (at least some of the time). Seaweed chips and snacks from Gimme Health are the perfect alternative to snacking on those holiday cookies in your office break room. They give you that saltiness that you crave with different kicks of flavor to quell your hunger for just one more bite of brie. With several different options like classic seaweed or something a little different like seaweed chips, you are sure to find something you enjoy- and something that staves off those cravings.

Buy it here: GimMe Health Seaweed Snacks

Coolhaus Ice Cream

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

Nothing is as good as novelty ice cream, especially during the holidays. Even if it’s freezing outside, there is something special and comforting about curling up under a blanket to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Coolhaus Ice Cream is a specialty ice cream shop that ships right to your door. Using only natural and fresh ingredients, organic chocolate and cane sugar, and real milk, these chilly but sweet treats will become your new favorites. Their novelty ice cream “sammmies” have flavors like Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, and S’mores. Their pints come in flavors like Milkshake and Fries, Midnight Munchies, and Balsamic Fig and Marscapone. Classic or crazy, you will find a flavor for everyone on your list with Cool Haus.

Buy it here: Coolhaus

Garden Lites

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

We all know what it’s like- we get up during the holidays and there is a smorgasbord of treats to choose from in our kitchen. Leftover cookies, candies, and cakes are staring at us, willing us to just take one bite. But with Garden Lites muffins, you can stave off those cravings with a healthy and delicious veggie muffin. But these aren’t just any veggie muffins- with flavors like Double Chocolate, Ninja Power, and Blueberry Oat you won’t even feel like you’re eating a healthy breakfast or snack. But you will know. And that’s all that matters. 

Buy it here: Garden Lites

Community Coffee

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

There is nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning and having a fresh brewed cup of delicious coffee waiting for you. Community Coffee offers gourmet coffees, teas, and single serve cups for your daily or your holiday needs. Their coffee is sustainably sourced and blended to create a robust flavor. Community Coffee has flavors for every palette: a dark roast Espresso, a sweet Praline, a medium roast Holiday Jazz blend, and a holiday Peppermint Mocha blend. They offer single bags, single cups for your Keurig, or gift sets for the perfect boss, teacher, or hostess gift. 

Buy it here: Community Coffee

Emmy’s Organics Chocolate Treats

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

If you or someone on your gift list has allergies or is vegan but you want to get a sweet treat for their stocking or as a gift, Emmy’s Organics has you covered. These Double Chocolate Mint cookies are made with organic coconut, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate chips. They are vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. Their Dark Cacao Chocolate Macaroons are a chocolate lover’s dream- they taste just like the real deal without the additives or allergens. Emmy’s Organics is a must try this holiday season for you or a loved one (or both!).

Buy it here: Emmy’s Organics

Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

We all have someone on our holiday list that has a special sweet tooth (and it might be ourselves). Dave’s Sweet Tooth offers deliciously sweet, salty, and crunchy toffee in all different flavors so everyone on your list can be satisfied. Flavors include Peanut Butter Crunch, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Coffee Toffee, Vanilla Bean, and Milk Chocolate. The Mini Jar Variety Pack is a sure-fire way to try a little bit of each or for holiday gift baskets, hostess gifts, or stocking stuffers. But be careful- you’re going to want to keep a jar or two for yourself!

Buy it here: Dave’s Sweet Tooth

John and Kira’s Chocolates

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try

Nothing quite says, “I love you” or “thank you” like a box of gourmet chocolates. John and Kira’s Chocolates are just that- delicious and elegant gourmet chocolates that look so good you might not want to eat them (or at least you’ll want to take a picture for Instagram first). They have several different types of chocolates and gift box options available for the holidays including the Winter Forest Collection – a beautiful array of  chocolates with white chocolate mint, hazelnut-praline almond, or dark chocolate centers. It is the perfect gift for your chocolate loving sweetheart, boss, or hostess. Buy it here: John and Kira’s Chocolates


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Do you love flavored water but hate all the additives used to make it flavored? Even if it’s touted as “all-natural flavors” this isn’t always the case. Research, and 5th grade science class, tells us that what we taste is actually made up of 80% of what we smell. SZENT is a innovative way to create flavored water without adding anything to the actual water. The rings around the bottles are infused with essential oils so when you take a sip you will smell, and thereby actually taste, the scent of the ring. In flavors like Mint, Passionfruit, Tropical, and Tangerine you will be sure to find something that meets the requirements of your fine palette.

Buy it here: SZENT

Honey Stingers

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The holidays can’t keep you down, especially if your in the middle of training for a race or special event. With parties filled with sweet treats, it can be difficult to stave off those cravings. Honey Stingers are the perfect way to get that little boost of energy during your trainings or grab something sweet between parties so you don’t crave all those sugary treats. They have several different size and flavor options for whatever your activities are for the day including bars, gels, and cookies. 

Buy it here: Honey Stingers


Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats

If hot and spicy is the name of your game, then these jams and condiments from NouBess are for you. The condiments, spices, and jams are a healthy way to add a little kick to your meals. Each recipe is created with a Caribbean jerk flavor to bring the islands to your home- which is especially warming during the holidays. Their feature item, the Hot and Spicy Blend Dip and Condiment, comes in three delicious flavors: Hot and Spicy Original Herbs Blends, Hot and Spicy Pineapple Herbs Blend, and Hot and Spicy Mango and Herbs Blend. Add a little kick to your next holiday party with NouBess.

Buy it here: NouBess


Daily Mom Parents Portal Polaner

This holiday season start your mornings off right with a hot slice of buttery bread slathered in a thick, spreadable, non-gmo fruit jam. Whether looking to up your holiday gift basket game for friends, co-workers or neighbors, or party planning your annual shindig, Polaner jams and jellies are a great addition to the season. With just the right amount of sweet for spreading on toast, adding to your appetizer brie board, or using as the filling for your thumbprint cookies, this all fruit, non-gmo verified spread is a perfect addition this winter.

Buy it here: Polaner

The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge. Daily Mom has found all the delicious items for your foodie-loving soul- from sweet treats to delicious coffee all the way to healthy items to stave off some of those cravings. These items are perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts for loved ones, or even for yourself to say, “Hey, the holidays are rough. Here’s a treat. You’re awesome.”

Daily Mom Parent Portal Holiday Treats You Have To Try



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