Fun and Educational Spring Reads for Moms

Looking for some new reading material for spring? We are huge book worms and love a good read, whether it’s to gain more knowledge on a subject or for entertainment’s sake. If you’re looking for some good reads for the spring and summer months, you’ll love our latest list of finds.

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The 5 Minute Facial Workout

Fun And Educational Spring Reads For Moms 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If your body muscles need exercise to thrive, why not your facial muscles? The title of this book is intriguing, and the information and exercises provided are substantial. Working out your facial muscles are not only vital, they are also beneficial, as any workout can be. How, you say? According to author,  Catherine Pez, there are more than 50 muscles making up the structure of our face and by dedicating 5 minutes a day to those muscles can help battle aging and exhaustion. You might not be thinking about aging yet, but you’ll love that these “facial gymnastics” will strengthen our muscles for the future. The workouts all come with clear instructions and pictures for us visual learners, so there is no guessing what needs to be done.




The Pregnancy Puzzle Book

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Are you suffering from “pregnancy/mommy brain” or just boredom? This is a great activity book to get you through those 40+ weeks. Doing puzzles is another type of workout, except this time, it’s for your brain. We know how hormones are, and this book is filled with crosswords, anagrams, soundalikes, wordplays, cryptograms, logic puzzles, word pairs and more, all with a pregnancy theme to help you combat pregnancy brain. It is the perfect book to get your through pregnancy and if you’re not pregnant it makes a great gift for a mommy to be.




How to Fit A Car Seat on a Camel (And Other Misadventures of Traveling With Kids)

Fun And Educational Spring Reads For Moms 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Are you wondering what it is like to travel with toddler? Or are you a mom that has had to deal with a toddler during long trips on the road or air? This book will have you laughing and relating with the funny tales of travelling with kids. Once upon a time, the author was a 30 something married gal that travelled with the New York Times Magazine and enjoyed every minute of her adventures,  but she is now travelling chaotically with kids. The book will have you laughing hysterically on so many levels and perhaps it will give you some tips along the way, or just peace of mind that you are not the only one having to sing different renditions of the same song for hours.



The Good Mother Myth

Fun And Educational Spring Reads For Moms 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Good Mother Myth was by far our favorite read. The book is filled with short stories of  “imperfect” moms striving to be the best for their little ones and learning along the ways that what works for another might not be the best mothering strategy for them, and to be “imperfect” is absolutely alright in these times of a social media obsessed society. Forwarded by Christy Turlington Burns and co-authored by some talented female writers such as: Jessica Valenti, Sharon Lerner, Soraya Chemaly, Amber Dusick, and more, this book will have you relating, and perhaps being less hard on yourself, while trying to be the “ideal” mom. The short stories alternate between being funny and heart wrenching, but they all are filled with an honest and realistic perspective on motherhood.



The 3 Day Reset


If you are looking for a book to get you on the path to “clean” and healthy eating, look no further than The 3 Day Reset by Pooja Mottl. Pooja is a professionally trained natural foods chef, healthy eating coach and healthy living expert, who educates and empowers individuals with eye-opening information to set them in the right direction.  However, this is not a recipe book, even though it contains some wonderful recipes to try, but it is a book to break you free from processed foods without feeling deprived and get you to eat whole and minimally processed foods for a longer, happier life. There are a total of 10 resets to beat your cravings for ingredients such as sugar, wheat, salt and chocolate, and each reset takes just 72 hours to complete.




We hope you enjoy these reads as much as we did and if you are looking for more titles check out: Mommy’s Summer Reading List.

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