Best Health Products For Back to School

Going back to school after a long summer break is exciting. Starting a new school year means a fresh start for your kids to get good grades, make perfect attendance and meet new friends. Going back to school also means germs, lots and lots of germs. Keep your kids in school and out of the doctor’s office with these best health products for back to school. You can never be too prepared.

Best Health Products For Back To School

Ryan’s World Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Mouthwash

Best Health Products For Back To School

Do your kids love Ryan’s World as much as ours do, but drag their feet when it comes to brushing their teeth? We all have enough going on without having to fight over how long it takes to get rid of funky morning breath. Give your kids something to look forward to with Colgate Kids’ newest line of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash designed by Ryan himself. The battery-powered kids toothbrush lies flat to allow children to easily apply toothpaste, while the fluoride (sugar-free and gluten-free) toothpaste features a mild bubble fruit flavor that kids will love. Add in his bubble fruit-flavored fluoride mouthwash and your kids will be ready for anything school throws at them!


Best Health Products For Back To School

Crystal’s Mineral Enriched Deodorant is an aluminum and paraben-free alternative to the unnatural product you have been using on your underarms. Unlike other natural deodorants, this one gently glides onto your skin while moisturizing your underarms, instead of crumbling on contact. This powerful deodorant comes in two different scents, Mountain Fresh and Freshly Minted, that last 24 hours. Crystal cares about the environment, so their Mineral Enriched Deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free with environmentally-friendly packaging. Whether your day is spent outdoors or in the office, this deodorant keeps you smelling fresh, while keeping your skin and the environment safe.


Beyond all the best health products and school supplies, make sure you stock up the medicine cabinet with natural solutions to help with those dreaded colds and coughs that will inevitably come home with your child at some point during the year. Oilogic has you covered with their Essential Oil Roll-On Bundle. In addition, Oilogic has launched 2 NEW products, just in time for the new school year to help kids focus and reduce anxiety naturally.

Oilogic’s convenient Essential Oils are clear of synthetics and impurities, making their products a safe and effective prescription alternative for adults, children, and babies. Oilogic Essential Oils are already blended and diluted so there’s no mixing involved, it’s easy to use and ready to go.

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The Synergy Company

Best Health Products For Back To School

Be. Well. Nature can hold some powerful and sacred ingredients to feeling well and complete within your body. There’s a healing force within all of us and The Synergy Company has conveniently put that force into a bottle for it to radiate health all throughout your body. It’s pure, it’s potent, and it’s effective; feel the synergy for yourself. Stress less, boost and maintain a healthy immune system, and support healthy athletic performance and exercise recovery; now that’s pure synergy.

Rooted Shots

Best Health Products For Back To School

Wellness on the go, wellness on the fly, wellness during your busiest moments in life; wellness is available at your fingertips. Rooted Shots has made getting your daily dose of vitamin C painless and convenient. It has all the benefits of real foods in a wellness shot. Made with a surplus of superfoods that are custom blended so you get the most out of what you are drinking. Oh, and the taste is amazing!


Best Health Products For Back To School

Whether you wear it around your wrist, or stretch it around your phone or a water bottle, Bandits keep you from having to worry about damaging or losing your favorite jewelry, or needing to find a place to stash your house or car key. Made from non-fading, four-way stretch material, Bandits are comfortable to wear no matter what you’re doing.

The hidden zipper pocket makes them the perfect accessory for the gym, a trip to the beach, work, or any and every day. Since Bandits are made from swimsuit and scuba materials, they can be worn in the water or during your sweatiest workout with no need to worry about ruining them. With a dozen stylish patterns to choose from, your Bandit might just become your new go-to workout accessory. 

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Best Health Products For Back To School

Tailor your gut health in correlation to your environment and the seasons. This is the way to maximize your body’s immunity to perform at its optimal levels as your health needs change; just like the seasons. Jetson’s probiotics are infused with selected seasonal strains of healthy bacteria to optimize your well-being, year-round. How perfectly balanced is that?

Zarbee’s Naturals

Best Health Products For Back To School

With the passing of each new school year, it brings with it new germs. Vitamins and minerals can offer immune support and promote healthy growth amongst of kiddos and should be at the top of your best health products shopping list. Zarbee’s Naturals is just the brand to pump up the health of your kiddos this school season. They offer a variety of multivitamins and elderberry to help set your kiddo up for success this year.

Hemp Theory

Best Health Products For Back To School

If you’re like us, you have mixed feelings about going back to school. Sure, the kids are going to be occupied again for most of the day, but they’ll return home with homework and the promise of a weekly test that is enough to send anyone to the nuthouse, even more so if you have a child (or more than one child) that requires a little extra help. Some moms choose a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax, but there are other options worth exploring.

The Honest Marijuana Company recently launched a new Hemp Theory line of hemp-based products that contain cannabinoids and provide a bevy of calming, pain-relieving benefits. The line features hemp honey, hemp oil extract tincture, hemp gummies, and hemp pain relief cream. All of these products are free of THC (they don’t have any psychoactive effects) and feature Nanobidiol technology, so they have a high bioavailability that ensures they provide an ultra-quick and clean onset of effects. While we don’t recommend that you give any of these products to your kids, a drop of hemp extract under your tongue is a great way to take the edge off after a long day. This is one of the best health products when your stress levels seem out of control.

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iHealth Forehead Thermometer

Best Health Products For Back To School

Do you want to make sure your children stay healthy this school year? Make sure you have all the necessary best health products and equipment to detect a fever before it takes your whole house down. The sooner you know, the sooner you can head to the doctor and get those kids back in school. The iHealth Forehead Thermometer has 3 ultra-sensitive sensors, provides an instant reading and is perfect for use on babies, kids, and adults.


Best Health Products For Back To School

Grabease uses children’s desire for independence and builds on it with their new, BPA-free Double Sided Toothbrush. The easy grip makes for easy maneuvering, and the double-sided brush ensures that both top and bottom rows of teeth will be brushed! This toothbrush is also safer for small children to use independently because there is a choke protection barrier which doubles as a grip. Once your baby has decided they can do it all by themselves, it is the perfect time to help them take control of their dental hygiene. The best health products for kids to help keep their teeth clean are essential!

Essentia Water

Best Health Products For Back To School

Essentia Water is definitely a summer workout must-have! The bottle has a nice sleek design, and it can be delivered to your door! The bottles come in different sizes so you will be able to find the perfect one to fit your needs. The taste is great and it is extremely hydrating especially after an intense summer workout! Add Essentia Water to your best health products shopping list this school year.


Keep your family healthy, happy, and in school this year. Whether you are rehydrating after a workout or making sure your kids are brushing and flossing their way to a beautiful smile, you will want to make sure you have these best health care products on your back to school shopping list this school year.

Best Health Products For Back To School



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