Making Back to School Easier with Labels

Back to school is looming, and you’re probably thinking of the mountains of tasks you need to do to prepare for the return of your little ones to school, including the new stuff you have to buy. We feel your pain! But if you’re already dreading the time and money you will spend acquiring things, imagine how much worse you will feel when they go missing and need to be replaced? Luckily, there is a solution. There is a fabulous range of name labels and other personalized products that are not only stylish and fun, but they will also survive being wet, dropped, scratched… anything your child cares to throw at it. Well, almost anything…


Why is labeling so important?

You might feel like labeling adds to your already onerous to-do list, but we guarantee that it will spare you hassles in the long run. Here’s why:

  • Label it or lose it! Children possess the remarkable ability to lose things at the drop of a hat – sometimes literally! Throw in back to school time – with the chaos of many other children, new things to learn, and boisterous lunchtime fun – and you have a sure fire recipe for even more lost things… including dropped hats.
  • Stay out of the Lost and Found! Wading through other children’s jumpers and hats at the Lost and (not always) Found really isn’t the best or most enjoyable use of your spare time – especially if you come up empty-handed.
  • Stop wasting money! At least on losses that could’ve been easily prevented.
  • Prevent fights! Or at least reduce them. Labeling helps to remove the ambiguity of who owns what, especially important in an environment where everyone’s things look similar.

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Why are Stuck on You’s labels particularly awesome?

Two decades ago, a young mom had the clever idea of adding a familiar icon to name labels, to help her then pre-literate son recognize his belongings. When her seemingly simple request was met with blank looks from the local printer, a brilliant business idea was born. Further proof that necessity is the mother of invention!

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Stuck On You has since evolved into a one-stop shop for personalized products, loved and trusted by families in over 120 countries. Their personalized name labels are:

  • Easy to use. Just stick or iron on, then go!
  • Durable. Waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, scratch resistant, child resistant…
  • Safe. They use lead free, child-friendly inks.
  • Lovingly created by their amazing team of in-house graphic designers, with over 50 icons available.

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Stuck On You also has a range of other personalized products including:

Making Back To School Easier With Labels 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThey also offer value packs that incorporate a variety of the above products according to your family’s needs (for example, 0-5 Preschool Pack, School Kit, etc.).

Check out Stuck On You and let them help you live a more organized life full of beauty, color, and fun!

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Photo Credits: Stuck On You, Pixabay

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