A Daily Itinerary Guide to Skiing in Oetztal, Tyrol

Oetztal is a small area at the base of the Swiss Alps, right across the Italian border. This guide to Oetztal, Tyrol will help you make the most out of your winter holiday. This small down is at the highest perch of the Tyrol area of mountains. Because of its high peak, the sun shines down gloriously on the snow dubbing it the “Diamond of Alps.” People from far and wide visit Oetztal in Tyrol during their winter months of November through April (which is also a longer tourism season than most due to its high altitude which gives them snow earlier and longer than most alpine areas), and it is a great place to vacation with your family for your winter European holiday.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

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If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do during your time there, here is a daily itinerary to Oetztal that breaks down exactly what you can do each day during your stay there.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

Where to Stay in Oetztal, Tyrol: Hotel Alpenland

Oetztal is a smaller village in the Tyrol mountains but when looking for a hotel in Tyrol you want something that is relaxing for you and your family after a long day of adventure on the slopes, as well as something offering the amenities you need. The Hotel Alpenland is a gorgeous hotel in Tyrol that offers rooms, suites, apartment-style accommodations, as well as holiday homes for those with larger groups. With restaurants on site, wellness spas, saunas, and recovery pools this oasis among the Austrian alps will be an amazing getaway full of adventure, relaxation, and luxury.

The Hotel Alpenland is a luxurious yet homey hotel in Tyrol that has both hotel rooms and apartment-style rooms for larger groups. It boasts gorgeous decor, modern amenities, and a relaxation lounge that is unlike any other you have experienced before.

The rooms in the Hotel Alpenland are styled in traditional Tyrolean decor with wood finishes and warm colors that bring harmony to the room. Along with the modern amenities that you need, you will feel warm and cozy after a long day on the slopes.

There are several options for wellness and recovery at Hotel Alpenland, making it a wonderful choice for those who love adventure – because you’re going to need to relax your sore muscles after a day out skiing or hiking. At the AlpenRelax you will find:

  • Traditional Finnish spa
  • Bio-Sauna for adults or for families
  • Aroma steam bath
  • Ice grotto
  • Kniepp Hot and Cold Basins
  • Sports or Relaxation Massage
  • Wellness lounge with water beds, fresh-air rooms, and infrared lounges
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

There is a full restaurant in the hotel as well, which offers a robust breakfast buffet and a four-course dinner menu. There are also several restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in the surrounding Obergurgl area.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

Guide to Oetztal, Tyrol: Day 1

There are several different locations in which you can fly into Tyrol, Austria and make your way to Oetztal. Once you have arrived at the airport, you can rent a vehicle to drive to your hotel in Tyrol or take a train.

The drive to Oetztal is nothing short of beautiful. The narrow winding roads take you along the several different rivers in the area while rising above you are the snow capped mountains. It is worth the drive.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

After a long day of travel, you will most likely be ready to take some time to relax and get settled.

Once you have checked in and settled in your room, it is a good idea to get yourself fitted for your rental gear at Scheiber so that you can hit the slopes bright and early the next day. The town of Oetztal is amazing, cute, and historic so take some of this free time to explore the shops and the Tyrol ski village.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

Finish off your evening with your first traditional Tyrol dinner at the Hotel Alpenland. You will be greeted with a four course meal complete with three entree options, an appetizer buffet, and a salad buffet. Once you have eaten your fill of delicious food you can head up to your comfortable room for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Guide to Oetztal, Tyrol: Day 2

Start off your day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel breakfast buffet. With options like various yogurts, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, teas, and sweet pastries you will have no problem finding something for everyone in the family. It’s a perfect way to fuel up before you hit the slopes.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

If you have little ones, Obergurgl ski school is a great way to get them integrated into the sport as well as learn valuable skills from a trained instructor. They have ski school for both children and adults, so if you have never been on the slopes you can learn as well (or even brush up on your skills).

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

Oetztal is known as the “Diamond of the Alps” because of its high altitude. As the sun shines down on the snow, it reflects so brightly that it can be almost blinding. But another great thing about it is that it offers fresh, powdery snow from November through April. The state of the art chairlifts around the mountain will take you back up for another run, while the Tyrol ski lodges at the tops of the mountains offer a place to sit and relax, and maybe even grab a meal.

For your first day on the slopes, you can have lunch at the top of the Oetztal mountain, Hohe Mut Alm. This lodge style restaurant is accessible from the mountain and is a perfect place to ski in and dine between runs. They have traditional Tyrolean meals made with seasonal foods from local sources, all perched atop a terrace with a panoramic view of the Otz Valley.

After a day of skiing, you can partake in some of the joys of relaxing at the hotel spa and relaxation lounge. With all the different options like hot and cold basins, steam baths, saunas, and massages, you will surely be able to relax your muscles after working them so hard on the slopes.

Guide to Oetztal, Tyrol: Day 3

After you’ve had another filling breakfast at the hotel restaurant’s buffet, send your kids out for another day of ski school to really hone their skills while you hit a few runs yourself. Meet up together for lunch at the Crosspoint Restaurant and Museum to which you can drive or chairlift up to. The restaurant features traditional Austrian and Italian cuisine expertly crafted by their chefs to provide the most authentic and delicious experience.

You can find amazing seafood locally sourced from the Tyrol rivers, along with craft beers, rich coffee, juices, and hand-picked wines from Italy and Austria.

Crosspoint is more than just a restaurant. It also holds a motorcycle museum in which you can see over 230 classic and modern motorcycles from 100 different manufacturers. The museum takes you through the history of motorcycles along with different defining moments for each brand.

Finish your day off with another delicious meal at the hotel restaurant. Once a week they feature international dining selections, so you are in for a real treat no matter when you visit.

Guide to Oetztal, Tyrol: Day 4

Today is your last day in Oetztal so start off by having one last buffet breakfast filled with traditional Austrian pastries and coffees at the hotel restaurant. Return your ski equipment, and get ready to enjoy one last day of relaxing at Europe’s famous thermal spas before you head home (or onto your next adventure).

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol
A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

The Aqua Dome thermal spa is the ultimate in relaxation, luxury, and fun for the entire family. With 12 pools, 7 saunas, and 4 different restaurants and bars, you will never want to leave. They have beauty and wellness options, fitness, relaxation treatments, and more. It is a wonderful way to finish off your holiday vacation before you begin your travels all over again.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

If a winter wonderland vacation full of adventure and relaxation is what you are looking for, look no further than Oetztal. This mountainous escape at the top of the Tyrol mountains is the perfect combination of outdoor activities with skiing, hiking, climbing and restorative relaxation with spas, saunas, wellness pools, and more.

Check out this article on Your Guide to a Ski Holiday in Obergurgl, Oetztal.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol



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