A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration of the Emerson Resort & Spa

Is it a bit cliché to say that girls need a spa day? Yes, it is, isn’t it? But, who cares, because not only are clichés tried and true, some of them are (dare we say) absolutely necessary. When it comes to having a spa day, whether you are in town or you want to reconnect with nature and spend some alone time outside of the bustling city, we found that the Emerson Resort & Spa fit the bill quite nicely – we’ll take this ultra-necessary “cliché” any day!

3 Reasons A Spa Day Should be a Weekend Getaway

Life can have its rough and tough seasons and with the culmination of the past year and a half – it hasn’t been anywhere near advantageous to busy and overwhelmed women. Whether you are juggling the kids all day (and night) long, masking at work, feeling suffocated and drained, getting a food-like substance on the table for everyone to just stop asking what’s for dinner every second after 4 PM, you need an intentional spa day like none other. However, let’s extend a spa “day” to multiple days because, well, why the heck not?

Reconnect with Nature at the Emerson Resort & Spa

A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration Of The Emerson Resort & Spa
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Upon entering the beautiful resort, it’s like you’re transported into an unreal mini-universe that lovingly shelters you from the outside world. In the midst of Tremper, NY, don’t be surprised if you can’t get a signal, because, it’ll probably be your saving grace to literally have zero access to the outside world. Of course, they aren’t savages in Tremper, so they will definitely still give you the WI-FI password (for emergencies remember).

When you want to experience a spa day, upon entering the facilities, there’s a sense of beauty, a subtleness that makes you want to breathe deeper and stop for a moment. It’s one thing to go to a strip mall and give yourself a 90-minute “spa” massage and walk out feeling a bit more relaxed – just before you start your commute back home that is. It’s a whole other realm to walk into an oasis and when you walk out… you’re still in the peaceful oasis – no commute necessary!

Of course, where you stay, matters. You’ll want the room to roam and explore, while still feeling like it’s home away from home. The Emerson Resort & Spa does not disappoint. With their loft-style, log-cabin flare, you truly feel like you’re glamping. It’s the kind of room that makes you take a deeper breath and a more relaxed posture as you take the moment of being in the moment. Life is too fast, so slow down a bit and breathe – even deeper.

Life is crazy, stressful fast, and if you don’t allow yourself the time to stop, to literally stop checking your phone, stop checking on your emails that serve someone else, to stop and give yourself a moment of peace – then what’s the point of a spa day or some self-care rituals that only last mere minutes?

It’s time to step out of the city and into the Catskills of New York. Make your planned spa day last a weekend or a full week – whatever you do, by staying at the Emerson Resort & Spa, you give yourself that opportunity to fully engage with the present moment. Make time to stop on your terms (hypothetically) and embrace these serene moments when no one is demanding your time and attention.

Indulge Your Senses NOT Another Notification

It’s one thing to take time away and give yourself a full night’s sleep and it’s quite another to go exploring! Not too far off from the Emerson Resort & Spa is the nature-loving and outdoor venture, Railway Express. It’s the subtle tummy-flop of excitement that gets you prepared for this magical, historic Ulster and Delaware Railroad that transports you along the Esopus Creek and the woods of the Catskill Mountains.

A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration Of The Emerson Resort & Spa

Bring your cell phone – for videos and snapshots, because even though you won’t have service to answer any non-essential business calls or emails that can certainly wait, you’ll want to capture some candid moments as you ride the 8-mile excursion with the electric pedal assistance to get you through the journey. Appropriate for all ages, get ready for a fun 2.5 hours of being in the moment!

Don’t Forget to Eat During Every Spa Day You Enjoy

One definitely has a need to eat and the Emerson Resort & Spa has several options for everyone in your party. Grab some small bites at the Spa Bites for a quick – no, no, for a lovely snack that will surely please your palate, your need for just a small bite to eat, and your eyes. Don’t rush, because there’s nothing to rush off to if you are planning a spa day, a venture day, or a simple relaxation kind of day.

In the evening, dine at the Woodnotes Grille for an array of drinks, meals that please, and an ambiance that makes you want to stay all evening long. The signature restaurant at the Emerson Resort & Spa serves up locally sourced ingredients for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner while dining alongside Esopus Creek.

An Excuse for the Whole Family to Disconnect

A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration Of The Emerson Resort & Spa
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There’s something about intentionally letting go of the dings, rings, and notification pings that allows your shoulders to drop and finally relax. Smartphone addiction is real and acknowledging that you need a break, is the first step. Remember, go beyond just planning a spa day and be intentional to be outdoors; go for a walk, read up on the history of the Catskill area, and heck, take a look at the world’s largest Kaleidoscope! Rotate, create, and lose yourself in the mesmerizing designs, colors, and textures.

Take a walk down memory lane as you feel yourself go on a field trip to learn about native plant species, pollinating meadows, streamside ecology, and flood mitigation as you stroll peacefully down the Brookside Wander path. Mother Nature does a magnificent job giving you her own spa day experience as your senses take in the beauty of the native vegetation and how the stabilization along the streams and banks benefit the community as a whole.

A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration Of The Emerson Resort & Spa

You see, a typical spa day may not stimulate your mind, your senses, and feelings of doing good for the environment around you but with Emerson Resort & Spa you will experience all this and more! This is the time to discover more of you in harmony with Mother Earth while resting comfortably at the Emerson Resort & Spa.

Emerson Resort & Spa
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Nature and fresh air as your backdrop to a spa day getaway are truly therapeutic, contagious for the whole family, and necessary. The hustle and bustle of everyday life are so stressful, people think decompressing and taking time for themselves is bad! Those “guilty” feelings creep up because it took someone longer than 3.8 seconds to return a text! So, yes, necessary seems pretty accurate that a spa day, one at the Emerson Resort & Spa for a weekend getaway, is the way to go; for you and the family too!

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A Swoon-Worthy Spa Day & Exploration Of The Emerson Resort & Spa



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