How To: Deep Clean Your Dyson Vacuum

The chances are high that you use a vacuum to clean your carpets in your home on a regular basis. But have you ever stopped and thought about giving the vacuum itself a deep cleaning job? If you have a Dyson vacuum, we will show you all the tips and tricks to getting a deep clean – which, in turn, ensures a better cleaning job on your carpets!

Materials Needed:

  • Air Compressor, or a can of compressed air 
  • Water
  • Scissors or knife
  • Flathead Screwdriver 
  • Dish soap and paper towel

*Steps 1-5 should be done outside*

Step One:

Empty the canister of any debris. Remove the outer canister shell by pressing the button on the back between the two red pieces.

Step Two:

Open the bottom flap and remove the foam filter. Put aside for later.

Step Three:

Flip the vacuum upside down, and using a flathead screwdriver, remove the bottom roller cover. Use scissors to remove any hair that may be trapped on the roller. When clean, use the compressed air to blow out any dust or dirt trapped in visible spaces. Put roller cover back on.

Step Four:

Put cyclone part of the vacuum over a deep trashcan, and use the compressed air on every single tiny hole (this part is super messy! Beware!) Make sure that you turn the cyclone part over, and blow the air on the inside as well.

Step Five:

Clean the canister section using the compressed air.

*Gather the cyclone, canister, and sponge filter and move inside to water source.*

Step Six:

Run the sponge filter under water and squeeze until the water coming out is clear.

Step Seven:

Run water through the canister.

Step Eight:

Wash the canister thoroughly with dish soap.

Step Nine:

Use a damp paper towel to wipe off the cyclone section, and make sure that all the tiny holes are clean, and not plugged.

Step Ten:

Make sure that all sections that came into contact with water are laid out to completely dry. (At least 24 hours.) Leaving any form of moisture in the canister or cyclone part will cause dirt to clump in the holes, and make routine canister emptying much more difficult. Additionally, Dyson does not recommend running the cyclone section directly under running water!

Coral large separator

We suggest deep cleaning your vacuum once every 3-4 months. It will both elongate the life of your Dyson vacuum, as well as make sure that your carpeting is getting properly cleaned. Having any part of the cyclone clogged will not allow proper air circulation, and will, in turn, not allow the maximum amount of suction for your flooring.

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Photo Credits: The Memoirs of Megan

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    I am with Gina & Stacey ! I was ready to throw mine out because of the smell.It would gag you. “Nothing to lose”, so I took the tunnel part outsde and used the water hose to it.You would not believe what kind of filthy water came out of it! Amazing. I gave it a few days outside to dry and when I tried it out,it was like new! Desperate measure yes,but it was going into the garbage otherwise!


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    Elizabeth Davis


    How do you take off the house? I couldn’t believe what came out my vacuum! And I was wondering why my house wasn’t smelling fresh!!! Please get back to me!


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    We have a DC-19 and a DC-25 animal ball vacs. You forgot the “Dyson Stick” for step one. You may need a 12″ or so stick or similar to get out the hair that rapidly builds up in the upper point of the canister. It can be difficult to empty at times.
    When you empty the canister I suggest a dust mask due to the dust. If I’m using it for the whole house at once, I kow I’ll be dumping it several times. To keep down the dust, I spray water in the trash bin to keep the dust from previous cleanings down.
    I use the Dyson but I hate it! With a passion! By the time I’m done vacuuming, I’m in a foul mood what with battling the cord, the fact that one side cleans baseboard much better than the other meaning it takes two passes to get the baseboards truly clean and to use a crevice tool requires pulling out the unwieldy long metal tube and putting it back.


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    I have two Dyson DC41’s one is a multi-floor model and the other the animal model. Both work EXACTLY the same they just have different attachments according to there model. But i’ll tell you all something right now. When i got my re-furbished animal model on Ebay which mind you was an absolute steal and looks like a brand new model. What i was NOT expecting was the noxious odor coming from the machine while in use. So i emailed the seller who told me she had a cat and two dogs but barely used the machine. I thought too myself; “barely used the machine”…? Then why was the post hepa filter which is the circular disk that screws into the ball paneling part so FULL of animal hair…!!! Luckily i’m still under warranty from Dyson. So they were able to send me out two new filters the circular one as mentioned above. And the cone shaped one that goes on top. Also, along with the two new filters i received a new cyclone assembly and dust bin as well. So at this point i felt like i was getting a brand new vacuum. Since you can have a scratched up or fogged dust bin and it wouldn’t matter so long as your cyclone assembly is new. Considering that’s pretty much the guts of the vacuum besides the motor itself. This all said, i just was NOT expecting to smell this moldy animal hair like stink. So i thought too myself how can i get rid of this…? Well i’ve done just about everything one could do to resolve this issue. I sprayed the inside of the telescopic wand with Lysol, sprinkled baking soda/carpet freshener for pets and sucked that up. I even put scented “gel style” bath beads inside the cone-shaped filter that sits on top and inside of the cyclone assembly. And honestly that seemed to work for a bit but not so much anymore. So i’m basically at my wits end trying to solve this stinky issue. And my theory is that the smell is either coming from inside the ball itself. Or inside the cyclone tubes of the assembly. However, the only problem with that is i’m not sure how to go about taking those two parts apart. To check and see if there is any pet hair or otherwise causing this stink. It’s really baffling too me that all of my efforts thus far haven’t solved this issue. Since i am VERY vigilant about keep my machines super clean. For example, once or twice a month i take my gas leaf blower and blow out the entire cyclone assembly. Now that may sound odd but let me just say it works TEN TIMES better then a bottle of compressed air…!!! Simply and obviously because of the stronger wind force to really blow everything out thoroughly. So in closing, if anyone out there has been through this with there Dyson’s. Or have any ideas on how to get rid of this awful smell for good PLEASE let me know ASAP. Because it’s an AWESOME machine that works flawlessly. But i really don’t want to pay in having it professionally serviced if i can help it. Especially, considering what they would charge me to clean it themselves. So if anyone has any good “ideas or suggestions” on how to get rid of this terrible odor i would GREATLY appreciate it. That all said, please email me at the following address below. Thank you.

    Regards, Tom


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