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The brand name “Dyson” is sure to dredge up the warm fuzzies in many clean house obsessed moms. At least it does for us. If you’re addicted to Dyson, and crave the newest and greatest technology, read on to hear about our experience with the brand new, robotic vacuum on the market: the Dyson 360 Eye.

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All About Dyson

Back in 1978, James Dyson was frustrated with his vacuum cleaner. He noted the loss in suction, caused by dirt and hair getting clogged in the bag, thus creating a vacuum that wasn’t functioning properly. Having just built an industrial cyclone tower in his factory that used centrifugal force to separate paint particles from the air, he wanted to see if that same technology could easily transition into a vacuum cleaner. Five years later, and 5,127 prototypes later, he invented the world’s first bagless vacuum. 

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Now, Dyson is present in more than 65 countries across the world, and has grown from a one-engineer operation to staffing over 1,000 engineers, worldwide. The core of its operation is engineers and scientists, always improving, inventing, and staying ahead of the curve ball, releasing top-notch products that work great and last.

Additionally, the James Dyson Foundation does its part to engineer the future. James is passionate about developing engineers in today’s youth, and encouraging them to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The foundation is a charitable organization that supports students and teachers through educational programs and teaching materials.

All About the Dyson 360 Eye

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The Dyson 360 Eye is an impressive machine inside a small body. While there has been much outcry for an automatic robotic vacuum from the legendary vacuum brand, the Dyson 360 Eye was worth the wait. The patented, high speed motor with Radial Root Technology and a full sized brush bar has the technology intended for full sized vacuums, inside one compact machine. It cleans evenly and thoroughly on every single flooring type, from hardwood or laminate, to carpeting and tile. The red nylon bristles dive deep into carpet fibers to remove ground-in dirt, while the darker colored carbon fiber filaments are soft and create an anti-static action to help remove the finest dust particles from your hard surface flooring.

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The digital motor inside spins up to 78,000 RPMs and delivers twice the suction of any other robot vacuum. Despite its compact size, it’s extremely powerful. It also has Dyson’s most compact cyclone technology yet.

Instead of wheels, the Dyson 360 Eye uses continuous tank tracks, which create a super-strong traction across all floors, and helps overcome obstacles such as area rugs or doormats, that other robot vacuums may struggle or get tangled up in. The bagless technology carries over into the 360 Eye, and the dust canister is large and extremely easy to clean. You simply press the button to release it on the top and slide it out. It holds 0.3 gallons, so you have to empty it less often. 

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Daily Mom Spotlight: Dyson 360 Eye Robot 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Dyson 360 Eye is unique in that it is an impressive cleaning machine and it has innovative technology that surpasses that of other robot vacuums. The name 360 Eye comes from the vacuum’s unique 360 degree vision program. This program scans your floors in all directions so as to constantly observe and interpret its surroundings, searching for any particles left on your floors. It also uses this technology to create a map of your home creating the most efficient cleaning path during its cycle.

The Dyson 360 Eye is truly a “set-it and forget-it” robot vacuum. Not only does it clean various floor surfaces seamlessly using its traction tracks, but it also returns itself to its docking stage to recharge once it is done cleaning. And you don’t even have to be home to get it started – the 360 Eye is enabled with wi-fi so you can use the Dyson Link app to schedule a start time, analyze data, and check for any issues the machine might be having.

Features We Love

The Dyson 360 Eye is an innovative vacuum robot that has features you can’t find on other robot vacuums. Between its cleaning power and its unique technology, it is a vacuum you know you can trust to get the job done. 

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  • Powerful suction – At 78,000 RPMs it has twice the suction of other robot vacuums
  • Full sized vacuum brush – Allows for better and more thorough cleaning
  • Bagless 0.3 gallon debris tank – Easier to empty; empty less often
  • Tank Tracks – Instead of traditional wheels, the tank tracks allow for better maneuverability over tough terrains like area rugs
  • 360 degree visual program – Give the vacuum a wide range of observation to notice areas that need to be cleaned and any obstacles
  • Automatic docking and charging – Once it’s done cleaning it will return itself to its docking station to recharge
  • Dyson Link app – The Dyson 360 Eye is a wi-fi enabled robot vacuum, giving you the ability to schedule and manage cleaning sessions, and analyze data.

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From one mom to another: Even though I am a stay at home mom that also works from home as well, that doesn’t mean that I always want to be cleaning. Having a robotic vacuum in my home has changed my family’s life and has allowed me to relax and know that even if I’m spending the day at the beach with the kids, my home’s cleanliness standards don’t ever have to budge. I love the ability to track the vacuum’s progress remotely via the app. What’s more is that I cannot stop raving about the suction power of the Dyson 360 Eye. I place it on my upstairs floor, where it is predominately carpeted bedrooms and tiled bathrooms. When I return from my morning errands, I am greeted with perfectly straight vacuum lines across my carpet (which is amazing, if you’re a clean freak, like me!) While many other robotic vacuums do an effective job sweeping the floor and removing debris, I really feel that the Dyson 360 Eye vacuums the floor, and removes the dirt from inside the carpet. Instead of vacuuming my upstairs area every other day, I now take that hour+ time to hang out and partake in the activities I give my children to keep them busy, rather than observe.

The Dyson 360 Eye gives families the peace of mind that the monotonous chore of vacuuming will be done while busy schedules are being managed. This robot vacuum has unique features and technology that ensures your floors will be cleaned spotlessly and efficiently even when you’re away from home. It’s a great addition to a busy (and maybe sometimes messy) household.

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