5 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Were Multipurpose

Why spend money buying a ton of different beauty products when you don’t really need all of them? We think your makeup should work as hard as you do, which is why we’re sharing some tricks on how to use your makeup to its full potential. Stop wasting money and lighten up your makeup bag — learn how to get the most out of your beauty products using these tips and tricks.


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Bronzer is a great multipurpose makeup product. Typically, bronzer is known for warming up the face to give a naturally sun kissed glow. A matte bronzer, like this one from Too Faced, can also be used in contouring the face to give it more dimension. Apply it in the hollows of your cheeks to enhance your cheekbone and give your face more structure. Apply it on the perimeter of your face to add a slimming effect, or on the sides of your nose to make it look smaller and straighter.

In addition, bronzer can work as eye shadow. When creating a dramatic smokey eye look, use it as your transition color — the color on the edge of your smokey eye that helps blend the dark eyeshadow out so you don’t have any harsh edges. You can also apply it to the outer corners of your eyes to give them some dimension while still looking natural if you’re going with a light face of makeup.

Depending on your hair color, you can also try using matte bronzer as a brow powder. Apply it as you usually would, with a small angled brush. Use small strokes to create the look of hairs for the most natural look. Apply more if you are going for a strong brow look.

Lip Balm

5 Beauty Products You Didn'T Know Were Multipurpose 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Try using a natural lip balm, such as Burt’s Bees. The beeswax conditions the skin and the Vitamin E moisturizes. We all know moisturizing slows the look of aging, so why not use this moisturizing product on your eyes? Close your eyes and apply it liberally under your eyes and on your lids, being careful not to get it in your actual eye. You can even gently sweep your fingers over your lash line to condition your eyelashes. Go to bed and wake up with super soft, moisturized skin and lashes!

Just as lip balm nourishes your lips, it can also be used to treat and prevent rough cuticles. The vitamin E in lip balm helps soften and moisturize the dry skin, keeping your nails looking nice and well taken care of. 


5 Beauty Products You Didn'T Know Were Multipurpose 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The next item on the list is something everyone has in their makeup collection — foundation. Foundation, in both powder and liquid forms, is generally used to even out skin tone and act as a base for the rest of your makeup. By using different shades, it can also be used to highlight and contour the face.

  • To highlight, find a foundation two to three shades lighter than your natural skin tone. The coverage level is up to you and what you are most comfortable with, but a full coverage foundation will do the best job in covering dark circles. Apply it in an upside down triangle under your eyes to brighten the face and hide dark circles. It will also give the face a nice lifting effect. Apply also to the high points on your face — your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, on your cupid’s bow and chin — to bring more light to the face.
  • To contour with foundation, choose a foundation two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply in the hollows of your cheeks to make your cheek bones appear more prominent. Apply on the perimeter of your face for a slimming effect, or on the sides of your nose to make it appear smaller and straighter.

Try using a foundation like the pressed powder from Jane Iredale, which contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide — two ingredients that act as sunscreen. Of course nothing beats a proper sunscreen, but if we can get some daily sun protection while looking beautiful, why not take advantage of it! SPF can help prevent sun damage and premature aging, so keep that in mind when choosing your next foundation.

Dry Shampoo

5 Beauty Products You Didn'T Know Were Multipurpose 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Dry shampoo is known for soaking up excess oil in hair, but its purpose isn’t limited to just that. If you find yourself with limp hair, spray a bit of dry shampoo to give your tresses some volume and texture without looking greasy. If your hair is fine and won’t hold a style, whether it be curls or a braid, try using dry shampoo to give your hair some grip. It makes it easier to style without the stickiness or buildup you sometimes get with hair spray. 

Dry shampoo can also be used to help cover overgrown roots. If you’re in a bind and can’t touch up your coloring, try spraying dry shampoo on your dark roots to lighten them, making them closer to your dyed hair color and less noticeable. This works with blonde or light hair, but if you have dark hair try using this tinted one by Klorane specifically made for brunettes.


5 Beauty Products You Didn'T Know Were Multipurpose 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Mascara is the perfect alternative to eyeliner. It’s safe to put near your eyes since it’s an eyelash product, and it comes in colors that would normally be used as an eyeliner. If your eyeliner is dried up or you ran out, dip a small flat brush in your mascara and apply it as you would a gel liner.

In a pinch, mascara can also be used as a brow product. You’ll need a small flat brush to apply it in a way that looks natural. Dip your brush in the mascara and apply it with small strokes to mimic the look of natural hairs.

These multipurpose beauty products are makeup collection essentials. They can save you money since you are buying fewer products and can also be great for travel. If you’re tired of over packing and carrying extra weight in your suitcase, choose multipurpose items to lighten your load!

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