12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles to Challenge the Mind & Relax the Soul

Adult jigsaw puzzles, you know the ones with 500 pieces or more, can be a way to relax by yourself, as well as bring the family together. In this topsy turvy world, most of us need a dose of both relaxation and quality family time. Working on a jigsaw puzzle brings a sense of accomplishment, as you escape the daily routine to focus on finding the next missing piece. A puzzle on the dining room table or on a coffee table in the family room is a standing invitation for the family to put down their phones and sit for a moment – together. This makes the perfect time for conversations and laughter.

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

In addition, adult jigsaw puzzles boast benefits for everyone. Jigsaw puzzles work both the right and left sides of the brain. The short-term memory of a puzzler improves as mental speed and thought processes increase. Problem-solving skills and the ability to collaborate and work in a team also grow as you do more puzzles. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of putting together adult jigsaw puzzles today is for stress relief. Focusing on the puzzle image as you search for pieces blocks thoughts of daily life, work, and the stresses of the world around us.

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For most of us, solving an adult jigsaw puzzle alone or with family and friends brings joy, excitement, and accomplishment. There are so many puzzle designs on Amazon alone. You can find a puzzle for yourself or one to give as a gift designed with animals, movie themes, art, hobbies, or just about any other interest.

Top Adult Jigsaw Puzzles On Amazon

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

How do you pick an adult jigsaw puzzle on Amazon? Decide what image you want to put together on the puzzle and search. Have a budget in mind. Puzzles can range from less than $10 all the way up. Then, of course, check the Amazon reviews to see which puzzles lock together nicely, do not have a lot of puzzle dust, and, boast vibrant, high-resolution images. You also can check out Jigsaw Junkies, which is a “puzzle blog by and for puzzle fans.” Jigsaw Junkies features puzzle brand comparisons so you can be sure to purchase quality puzzles.

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles with Animal Themes

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

Ravensburger Tropical Waters 500-piece jigsaw puzzle uses Softclick technology so the pieces fit together perfectly. The Tropical Waters puzzle is a beautiful underwater scene in a coral reef with vibrant tropical fish and graceful sea turtles. Ravensburger adult jigsaw puzzles boast anti-glare surfaces and ensure that all of their pieces have a unique shape.

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Does your family love cats? The 1,000-piece multi-color 9 Lives puzzle by Heye will keep you purring as you put each piece of the high-end recycled cardboard puzzle into place. This adorable puzzle features the portrait of a cat decked out in spectacular colors and pop art designs. At the top, it says, “I’d Spend All 9 Lives With You.”

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles with Movie Themes

“The Movies” puzzle illustrated by James Mellett will bring the whole family together. The 1,000-piece White Mountain Puzzle features a collage of iconic memorabilia and characters ranging from the gates of Jurassic Park and Wilson the Volleyball to Harry Potter, Godzilla, Black Widow and so many more. The puzzle is great to work on in a group because of the mini-scenes that can be put together and then combined. The puzzle boasts unique-shaped pieces for added fun.

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

The Disney/Pixar Movie Poster puzzle features favorites like Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Incredibles. Get ready for a family challenge with the 2,000 pieces to put together. It’s the perfect adult jigsaw puzzle, made by Ceaco, to put together with loved ones because everyone can work on their favorite movie poster and then combine them.

Art Themed Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

American artist, Thomas Kinkade, known as the painter of light, has been a mainstream popular artist for years. He paints beautiful landscape and lake scenes, as well as movie scenes like Disney. Many of his paintings have been turned into adult jigsaw puzzles. For prolific puzzlers, the “Thomas Kinkade 8 in 1 Multi-Pack Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set” just might keep you busy for a bit. The Ceaco puzzle bundle features two round 300-piece puzzles, four 550-piece puzzles, one 750-piece puzzle, and one 1,000-piece puzzle. Each adult jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful scene – a church, a lighthouse, a waterfall, a bridge, each bringing one of Kinkade’s paintings to life.

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

The 1,000-piece Vincent Van Gogh “Irises” puzzle by Pomegranate brings the masterpiece to life in your own home. VanGogh’s Irises painting sold for $54 million in 1987 and is on display at The Getty Center in Los Angeles. Pomegranate is known for high-quality adult jigsaw puzzles that feature many works of fine art. They are made of 100 percent recyclable material.

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles Related to Your Favorite Hobbies

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

Adult jigsaw puzzles are one of those gifts you can get someone when you don’t know what else to get them. If you know a book lover, the “Great American Novels” puzzle by Re-Marks will be a great way to spend some time together. The 1,000-piece puzzle features 24 classic literary covers from Little Women and Huckleberry Finn to The Color Purple and The Great Gatsby.

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More and more families have enjoyed outdoor activities and camping. The 500-piece “Old Campground” puzzle by Bits & Pieces is a great way to share some time at a picnic table. The Old Campground adult jigsaw puzzle features a beautiful retro camper parked at a peaceful lake. No two die-cut pieces are alike in any Bits & Pieces Puzzle.

Think Differently With 3D Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

Maybe you haven’t traveled much in the last year and a half but you can dream when you are putting together three-dimensional adult jigsaw puzzles. Ravensburger “3-dimensional Eiffel Tower and 3D Empire State Building” puzzle pack literally brings Paris and New York to you. The puzzles feature 216 Easyclick Technology plastic pieces that “click” together. No glue is needed for these skyscrapers to stand tall on display for a very long time.

If you love the World of Harry Potter, you may want to try your hand at building a 3-dimensional version of the Burrow Weasley Family Home. The 415-piece puzzle by WREBBIT 3D boasts sturdy foam pieces that help you build the Weasley home without any glue. WREBBIT 3D makes three-dimensional puzzles that everyone will love with themes ranging from FRIENDS, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, castles, and more.

Pandemic Themed Adult Jigsaw Puzzles Are Really a Thing?

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

Adult jigsaw puzzles have gained popularity as more people have stayed home and practiced social distancing. The “Buncha Masks” and “TP Hoarding” bundle of puzzles by Funwares are a tongue-in-cheek way to cope with this difficult time. Did you ever think you would have to worry about being able to buy toilet paper or coordinating your mask to your outfit?

The “Covid 19 Global Pandemic News Headline” puzzle is what it is with glaring headlines like “Unprecedented” and “Events Canceled.” The 300-piece wooden puzzle is by FBIIIOU.

12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul

It’s amazing that an adult jigsaw puzzle can help you sharpen your mind while helping you relax. Puzzles also can fill alone time or bring friends and family together. Puzzles are a mystery themselves so open a box, dump out the pieces, and get to puzzling over where each and every piece fits for that final, fabulous masterpiece.

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12 Adult Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge The Mind & Relax The Soul
Carla J. Eskew
Carla J. Eskew
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