2017 Baby Show Preview with Baby DeeDee


There’s a seriously cool event about to happen in Anaheim, California: the JPMA Baby Show 2017! This world class trade show features the best of the best when it comes to products for families. This show combines an educational conference, trade show, and consumer day. The JPMA Baby Show runs May 9-13th. Like most trade shows, it is for industry insiders, but on May 13th there is a consumer day at the show! If you are in the Anaheim area, come check it out for yourself on May 13th.

We have some amazing brands that we will feature from the show. 2,000 to 3,000 attendees will be there, and our Managing Editor, Elena, is one of them. Elena is going to go live on Daily Mom’s Facebook from the JPMA Baby Show next week. Elena will have a special Facebook live event with the cool people from Baby Deedee, and we hope you will join us to check out their products and ask questions. In the meantime, here is a preview of what Baby Deedee is all about so you can get excited about what they will present at the JPMA Baby Show.

Bringing your new baby home for the first time comes with quite a few expectations, with lack of sleep being one of them. But every new parent wants to make sure they are practicing safe sleep, and Baby Deedee has products to help parents do just that. From their quilted onesies to their sleep sacks, Baby Deedee is committed to creating products that help keep baby sleeping safely and comfortably, as well as give peace of mind to the new mamas and daddies that their little one is safe.

New at Baby Deedee for 2017

Baby Deedee knows how important it is to have babies sleeping safely and comfortably. It is widely known that loose blankets, coverings, and toys are not safe to keep in a baby’s crib for sleep. However, many parents often feel that their little ones are not comfortable without some sort of covering. Sleep sacks and cozy pajamas like the ones from Baby Deedee help to eliminate this worry. Created by a mom of three, their products are easy to use, help prevent SIDS, and keep everyone sleeping soundly at night.

Sleep Nest

The Sleep Nest is Baby Deedee’s original sleep sack. Made from 100% cotton, this breathable yet warm wearable blanket will keep your little one cozy all night. Its quilted duvet style liner ensures that your baby will stay toasty on those winter nights with a recommended room temperature of 64 to 74 degrees.

The Sleep Nest is easy to put on a squirmy baby, too – the closure straps at the top makes it easy to snap onto your sleepy bug, and the reverse zipper makes it safer for them while in bed.

Sleep Nest Lite

If you are looking for something a little lighter for your little one to wear during warmer seasons, the Sleep Nest Lite is the wearable blanket you’ve been searching for. It is made with two layers of 100% cotton to ensure that baby has a peaceful night’s sleep.

It is perfect for an air conditioned home where your little one loves to be cozy but doesn’t need the extra quilted duvet of the original Sleep Nest.

Sleep Nest Teddy

The Sleep Nest Teddy is the same cozy cocoon nest that promotes a restful night’s sleep as the other products in the Sleep Nest line, but the Teddy offers a unique faux fur exterior that adds to the coziness of this wearable blanket.

The interior is lined with premium Indian cotton, ensuring that the fabric is still breathable under warm conditions. Like the original Sleep Nest, the Teddy is made for winter or colder seasons with a recommended room temperature of 64 to 74 degrees.

Sleepsie Quilted

If wearable blankets aren’t your baby’s thing, Baby Deedee also offers pajamas that will keep your little one comfortable all night long. Much like the original Sleep Nest, the Sleepsie Quilted is quilted for an extra layer of warmth but is still made from 100% breathable cotton.

It is snug-fitting so as to avoid harmful flame retardants used on other sleeper pajamas. The feet of the pajamas have non-skid soles so your walker can move around safe when they are awake, as well as a zipper on the inside of the leg for easy diaper changes.

Sleepsie Long Sleeve

Sometimes temperatures call for a little less layering, and Baby Deedee has you (and your baby) covered. Their Sleepsie Long Sleeve pajamas are perfect for warmer weather. It is made of high-quality Indian jersey cotton, making the material breathable and softer with each wash.

It has the same convenient high-quality Y2K leg zippers as the Sleepsie Quilted, making diaper changes convenient, even if baby is sleeping. This sweet romper is perfect for all seasons, keeping little toes out to help heat escape and to allow baby to scoot around when they are awake.

Sleepsie Short Sleeve

The Sleepsie Short Sleeve is the same basic design as Baby Deedee’s long sleeve design, but gives you the option of something a little cooler on especially hot days. They are also made with double layer high-quality Indian jersey cotton and are snug fitting.

This romper is great for all seasons – just layer with Baby Deedee’s other sleepsies or Sleep Nests to keep cozy during sleep.

Baby Deedee Booties

One of the most difficult things to find in terms of baby attire are socks and booties that don’t fall off! Say goodbye to middle of the night cries because baby’s left sock fell off. Booties by Baby Deedee are brand new to their product line but you will be clambering to get a pair.

Made with a unique two snap design, these booties are made so they won’t fall off. Their non-slip soles will ensure that baby doesn’t fall down either! They are made from ultra-soft faux sherpa and are perfect for winter weather.

Sleep Kicker

At some point your little one will want to graduate from a wearable blanket. But even for the older little ones, loose blankets aren’t the safest. That’s why Baby Deedee created the Sleep Kicker – a blanket that your toddler can’t kick off. The feet and arms are exposed with this sleeper, letting more heat escape and keeping your little one cool at night. It is made from premium quality Indian fleece and is a bit looser so that your always-moving toddler can move easier while awake while still staying cozy at night.

Keeping baby cozy at night is every parent’s wish. Baby Deedee’s Sleep Nests and Sleepsies not only keep baby safe by preventing the need for loose blankets but they also promote peaceful sleep. Products like Baby Deedee’s help prevent SIDS with the American Academy of Pediatrics even recommending the use of wearable blankets. Safe and comfortable sleep is the the best parents can ask for when trying to ensure their little ones get the rest they need.

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